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Anna I was told to read this book by my math teacher. He told me that it was good and I believed him. This book was better than good. It was amazing. It had so much meaning to me. I am one who loves to read, and like liesel, I too feel that words have so much power. When the mayors wife gave her the library, it was so overpowering. Max was my favorite. He was a jew who meant so much to Liesel. He showed her how to stand up for herself, and to not be a standover man. He told her so much that she wouldn't have been able to learn by herself. This book was better than good, it showed what it was like during the time period. It showed how hard germans, (not only jews) had it.

sam_i_be I adored this book as well. I recommend you also read Code Name Verity. It has nothing really to do with The Book Thief, bar being set in WWII, but they feel intrinsically similar, and CNV is definitely every bit as good as The Book Thief.

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