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message 1: by Arthur, Live a little Give a lot (new)

Arthur | 554 comments Mod
These are stories that are ALWAYS less than 75 words. Today's topic is PLUG.

You may write your story to be a really short self story, personal mystery or experience. It can be anything

message 2: by Clare D' Lune (new)

Clare D' Lune "Mary, the stupid blender wont work!"

"What's wrong with it?" I yelled back from the living room.

"Its not blending!" Tom yelled back.

"Oh come on, what'd you do to it now?" I marched in the kitchen and inspected the broken blender. I paused when I found the problem and turned to look at Tom. "Its not plugged in, you moose."

He reached and plugged it in before I could stop him, spraying us both with a disgusting mixture of milk and jalapenos.

"Idiot," I hissed.

message 3: by Clare D' Lune (new)

Clare D' Lune whoops a little longer than 75, sorry...

message 4: by Catamorandi (new)

Catamorandi (wwwgoodreadscomprofilerandi) The man's car wouldn't start. He realized it was a bad sparkplug. He took it out without one to replace it. Then he noticed that the pitcher he keeps in the car was leaking. He had to find something to plug it up with. He thought of the sparkplug. He put it in the hole. The pitcher blew up. The man couldn't figure it out. Isn't that a sorry state of affairs?

message 5: by Clare D' Lune (new)

Clare D' Lune lol :) yes indeed..

message 6: by jeeves... (new)

jeeves... | 306 comments ((hahaaa, moose >.< luff that word. moose. moooose. :P ))

message 7: by ~Sunny~ (new)

~Sunny~ | 207 comments indeeeeeeed, moose iz entirely awesome :D

message 8: by ~Sunny~ (new)

~Sunny~ | 207 comments hahahahaha, clare, wowz, jalepenoes and milk?? that's icky!

message 9: by Clare D' Lune (new)

Clare D' Lune My grandpa does that, only he adds like apples, last nights salad, and maybe some chicken strips. lolz. its horrible.

message 10: by ~Sunny~ (new)

~Sunny~ | 207 comments >.< woooooooah that sounds terrible! O.o

message 11: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer | 24 comments "Adam you have to pull the plug or we both will drown."
"Mom i cant hold my breath long enough to swim down twelve feet. Why cant youdo it."
" Adam in case you havent noticed my leg is broken and my shirt is caught on the wall."
"Mom just get........Mom where did you go. MOM!! MOM!" Then i dove down as far as i could go but then I realized whats the point shes already dead and i wont be able to get all the water out fast enough t save my life. So i just let myself drown.

message 12: by Clare D' Lune (new)

Clare D' Lune :*(

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