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Bekah Grey sat pleasantly by the fire reading. She was thrilled to be returning to Hogwarts after a long exhausting holiday with her critical pureblood family. Here she was freed from the vice that she often felt squeezed in at home.

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Reily (percabethlvrknowsall) | 19 comments Waking up, Lucy looked around and noticed the time. Getting her robes on, she walks down to the common room, and sees Grey, whom she had hardly talked to, sitting in front of the fire.
"Hello." Lucy said politely.

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Bekah Grey looked up from her reading. "Oh, Hello." She wasn't fond of being interrupted but she knew it would make people see her as more of a snob if she didn't. Plus, she didn't know this girl who, Grey knew for a fact, was only a year above herself. And all Grey knew was her name was Lucy.

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Reily (percabethlvrknowsall) | 19 comments "I'm Lucy." She said, staring at the fire. Lucy looked at the girl, staring at her auburn hair. Lucy's hair is similar, but more brownish.

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Bekah "Grey. It's nice to meet you," Grey said giving Lucy a small smile. She squirmed a bit in her chair and adjusted her robes to where they felt more comfortable. "So, are you a fifth year?"

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Reily (percabethlvrknowsall) | 19 comments "Yeah. And you're a fourth year?" Lucy asked, tying her shoes. And putting her hair up in its usual ponytail.

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Bekah "Uh-huh," Grey nodded. She looked around the quiet common room and tucked a stand of auburn hair behind her ear. "You take your OWLS this year don't you?"

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Reily (percabethlvrknowsall) | 19 comments "Yeah. The pressure is going to be hard, especially with Quidditch practice. I'm starving. Want to come with me to the Great Hall and get breakfast?" Lucy asked as her stomach grumbled a little bit.

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Bekah Grey pushed herself up off the couch as in answer. She started to the picture frame to go to the Great Hall. "Sorry I brought it up. What position do you play in Quiditch?"
-Exit Grey to Great Hall-

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