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Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood (cassiecrow) 1)the hunger games books
2) hush hush
3) city of bones
4)Morganvill Vampiers 1- 14
5)Devil's Kiss
6)Jessca's gide to dating on the dark side
8)Ever more
10)Bad Gril's dont die

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SHINY | 720 comments 1. The infernal Devices
1. The Mortal Instruments
3. Legend trilogy
4. Lorien Legacies
5. Divergent
6. The Hunger Games trilogy (book 1&2)

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SHINY | 720 comments OH! I ALMOST FORGOT TO ADD : The Darkest Powers Trilogy & Hush, Hush.

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Anky | 4 comments 1. Morganville Vampires(1-15)
1. Between the lines series
3. Thoughtless series
4. Wanted
5. Flat Out Love
6... & many more!

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Ebony 1:Percy Jackson and the Olympians
2:Mortal Instruments
3:Heroes of Olympus

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Ebony The book thief is getting pretty high up on my list. When I finish it I'll post whether or not it's a favorite

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I gave to choose one?????

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I still can't choose!

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There's just to many to choose from...

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1) Percy Jackson
2) Heroes of Olympus
3) Witch and Wizard series
4) Bartimaeus series
5) Mysterious Benedict Society series
6) Kane Chronicles
7) Maximum Ride series
8) Hush Hush

They're not listed in sequential order. I love them all the same.

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I FORGOT THE MALICE SERIES! There are only two books, but they are AWESOME!

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You have GOT to read them. They're part novel, part comic, and it's so cool how the book switches back and forth between our world and a comic world. The villain is special too. The series is TOTALLY original!

Captain L. J. Turner (alexandera_ann) | 5 comments 1.The Fault in Our Stars
2.Looking for Alaska
3.Percy Jackson Series
4.Heroes of Olympus series
5.Let it Snow
Not in that order

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I love TFIOS and looking for Alaska! And let it snow!

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Kez | 4 comments I'm not going to choose one, because favourites are ones I can read over and over, anytime and never get bored. In no particular order:
Gone with the wind
Harry potter(all)
Lord of the rings(all)
Interview with the vampire
Jamaica inn
Wuthering heights
Pride and prejudice
The lion, the witch and the wardrobe
Morganville vampires (all)
The wardstone chronicles
Beauty by Robin Mckinley
Jane Eyre
Darren shan series
Demonata series
The lucifer Box trilogy
Game of Thrones
I know there are more but my brain isn't in the mood to think of the all

Captain L. J. Turner (alexandera_ann) | 5 comments Sara (and fluffy!) wrote: "I love TFIOS and looking for Alaska! And let it snow!"

I just love John Green's books.

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Yeah me too!

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Dekotah Thompson | 8 comments umm, jeez.

right now my fave isEarthboundby Aprilynne Pike. Amazing.

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What's that about?

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Ebony The book thief was recently added to my list of favorite books. I felt the void after reading it

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I have to read that!

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Ebony You will probably cry. It's kind of sad at the end but it is very beautifully written. It's almost like poetry.

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Sounds good!

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Emily (tmi_lover26) | 3 comments *These are not in order of my favorite series*
1) Arcana Chronicles
2) The Infernal Devices
3) The Lunar Chronicles
4) Fever
5) Lux
6) Covenant
7) The Artists Triology
8) Undeniable
9) The Archers of Avalon
10) The Tale of Lunarmorte

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I love #2 and #3!!!

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FantasyFan J (ff101spch) | 195 comments Mod
Ebony wrote: "The book thief was recently added to my list of favorite books. I felt the void after reading it"

That book was so good. I cried. The movie comes out on DVD soon though. And Sara, you must read it.

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Ashley (Persephone the queen) | 4 comments Mine is Nightshade series

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Hedgehog Power (saint_haydene) Narnia,harry potter,warriors.

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Rhys (haydenrhys) 1) hunger games
2) catching fire
3) prisoners in promised land
4) all fall down
5) not a nickel to spare
6) the killing woods
7) stolen

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Bree (hahahahaha) | 13 comments I can't choose, all of my books are my children and I am not obligated to choose a favorite. But, if I had to I would choose, Cured by: Bethany Wiggins. The sequel to Stung.

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1. Left Behind the kids
2. The Boxcar Children
3. Animal Ark
4. Nancy Drew

message 47: by Amber (new)

Amber Martingale My all time favorite book? The one I return to again and again? H.G. Wells' THE WAR OF THE WORLDS.

message 48: by Rhys (new)

Rhys (haydenrhys) 1. Catching fire
2. Prisoners in promised land
3. The killing woods
4. Stolen
5. All fall down
6. Divergent

message 49: by Amber (new)

Amber Martingale Except for Divergent and Catching Fire, never heard of them.

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