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The Ending???

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Ilana i'd love to get anyone's thoughts on the ending of this and the prelude to a next book that's implied. i wonder for myself actually if there's going to be any resolution or conclusion to it all with 'Amy' and her relationships, or if we're just going to get the other POV and continuation of 'his' story.

what i do have to say though is that one of the things that Lisa Renee Jones is great about is writing a story that has unexpected twists. while there were hints throughout that various folks were going to be involved, i was really happy to read about certain people coming up in unexpected places ...i.e. Meg.

anyone else have thoughts?

Melissa I am hoping Forsaken will be Chad's POV from both early life and then present, to fill in more of the secrets..... the way IP ended- I would assume we would be getting more Liam and Amy, but my thoughts are it will probably be a 4th book..... I just hope the wait for these books isn't too long!

Stacy I have to be honest, I am confused. I was really disappointed with the ending/epilogue of this book. To me the ending didn't explain anything. There are still so many unanswered questions. Or....maybe I missed something and need to reread. What are your thoughts about this or am I the only one that still doesn't understand what the hell is going on?

Melissa That is why I am guessing there will be another book- maybe after Forsaken? Unless Forsaken will also show the conclusion of Amy and Liam's story- there are still a ton of unanswered questions and after the visit with Liam and Amy with Mr. Smith at the end..... I was very confused

Saria I'm 100% agreed. I'm totally confused with the ending..even though the love story was intense,,I keep wondering myself...what is the conclusion in this story.

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Katherine Melissa wrote: "I am hoping Forsaken will be Chad's POV from both early life and then present, to fill in more of the secrets..... the way IP ended- I would assume we would be getting more Liam and Amy, but my tho..."

I'm planing on reading this book within this week but I keep seeing comments about Chad? Is he a new character? Or if he was in book 1 I don't remembered.....

Melissa Katherine~ Chad is Amy's brother.... in IP, we see some about him... and the Epilogue is a lead in to his book. I cannot tell when Forsaken will be released or if it is even written yet~ but I will say it left me with alot of questions

Dorothy Riepenhoff I feel the same, confused. I liked the direction of the story at first but then was a bit let down at the ending.

Courtney LaSalle I feel like this book had way tooo many loose ends. If it is the last book on Amy and Liam I will be pretty upset. Nothing was actually solved. I felt the ending was too abrupt.

Badass Lioness The ending was a WTH? to me. It was an unexpected twist. I did like it. However, finding out that the last book may be from Chad's POV disappointed me. I'd prefer his book be like the POV novellas from the Inside Out series, a side story. I think that it would add to the series to find out where he was this whole time when Amy thought he was dead. I'd still want a final book for Amy, revealing the secrets from the past.

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Tee I can see by the comments that I'm not the only one confused! thank goshness. Too many unanswered questions and slightly let down by the ending. It was such a... such a... meh ending.

Ilana it's funny because i feel like we were taken on a bunch of unresolved journeys, like you guys are all saying, and it'll be interesting to see what comes of it. i hate when we done get clear resolution, but maybe that's to leave things open on purpose - since what i've read from other authors is that to get a book deal, you're not always given the contract to support an entire series / plot outline in case 1 doesn't do well. maybe that was the intention here - it could be biz driven, even though she could self publish.

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Mary I'm really confused...Who was the guy with the pi symbol who was moving her...was that Chad or Jared or not revealed?

Was she really in danger in NY or did they jump the gun?

Since Meg was working the other side, Amy was in terrible danger in Denver.

Is the Pi connection to LIam just coincidental?

The criminal syndicate makes sense but the secret doesn't seem worth killing all the accessory players who didn't have any actual information on the secret...nor does it make sense to keep going after Amy when if she had known something, she would have used it.

The flashbacks and blackouts seem over the top considering she lived though one traumatic event....I was expecting the secret to be something darker she lived through like sex abuse/slavery given the extent of her psychological/mental breakdown.

It really bugged me that she took off with Meg, when it was an obvious trap, and she had no reason to trust her.

I also thought the erotic romance and mystery were better balanced in the Inside Out series. I thought the last love scene in this book was kind of ridiculous given what was going on with the drama at the time. People's lives are in danger, but it's time to get it on!

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