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-Enter Gabriel-

Gabriel walked at a slow but purposeful pace through the main doors, restraining a yawn that threatened to make an appearance. Sleep hadn't been easy the past night. First day back in a fresh bed, after all. You never sleep easy then.
The Slytherin table, as usual, was rowdy and loud at one end and utterly silent upon the other. He made his way to the less noisy of the two and slid onto the bench, wasting no time in scooping eggs and sausage onto his plate and getting a glass of pumpkin juice. He couldn't wait for the mail this morning - Merry had promised to send a letter. Her handwriting was getting better every day, and he could finally distinguish her vs from her rs and her ds from her bs.

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-Enter Bryony-

Bryony entered the Great Hall. There was hardly anyone inside. Only some rowdy Slytherins and Gryffindors while the rest of the students were pretty quiet. Only two students sat at the Ravenclaw table. One boy and one girl who were whispering quietly to each other and blushing. Bryony rolled her eyes and sat down at the end of the table furthest from the couple. She scooped eggs, bacon, and toast onto her plate and she poured herself some pumpkin juice. Bryony ate slowly while she stared at the boy and girl as they continued to whisper to each other. She had always wished that she could have a friend of some kind to talk to. Bryony couldn't exactly just begin talking to her childhood imaginary friends whenever she wanted to without being thought of as mental. Bryony forced her eyes away from them and began staring at the Slytherin table where everyone was loud and chattering. It was something that she was glad not to be a part of. Something that wouldn't make her feel so bad about herself.

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Reily (percabethlvrknowsall) | 19 comments -Enter Lucy-
"I play Seeker." Lucy replied, grabbing a plate of eggs, bacon, and a bowl of juice. She poured herself a glass of water and sat down next to one of the only girls at the Gryffindor table at this hour. She said hello and then turned back to Grey then to continue their conversation.

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Bek -Enter Grey-
"Oh, cool. I have been playing Keeper. My father was the Keeper for he Slytherin team." She grabbed a glass of milk and followed beside Lucy.

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Bryony glanced at the girls that entered the room, but quickly looked back away. She pulled Hogwarts, A History out of her bag and began reading as she finished up her breakfast.

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Reily (percabethlvrknowsall) | 19 comments "Oh, your father was in Slytherin?" Lucy asked, a bit shocked. She didn't expect something like that. But she wouldn't judge Grey based on that.

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Bryony finished eating her breakfast and shut her book carefully, as if it were made of glass. She tucked it into her book bag and slid off of the bench. She began walking towards the tall, oak doors. Classes wouldn't be starting for another hour, so Bryony decided that she should take a trip to the library. As she walked, her foot caught on one of her shoe laces and she tumbled to the ground. Her books slipped out of her bag and her head hit the marble floor.

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Reily (percabethlvrknowsall) | 19 comments Lucy looked up from her food when she heard something fall. Staring the front, she saw a girl on the floor. Getting up, she runs over and falls to her knees, helping gather up the girls books. She glares at the Slytherins who were laughing.

"Here you go." Lucy said helping the girl up and handing her the books.

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Bryony sat up, rubbing her head and squeezing her eyes shut to hold back tears of pain. She opened her eyes again and saw a girl sitting on her knees in front of her gathering up her books. Bryony smiled shyly and took the books from Lucy and let the girl help Bryony up. She smoothed out her robes and replaced the books in her bag. "Thank you." Bryony said quietly, smiling shyly again. She felt embarrassed, very embarrassed and very self conscious. Bryony looked back at the laughing Slytherins and her face warmed up, blushing.

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Reily (percabethlvrknowsall) | 19 comments Lucy saw that the girl was embarrassed because the Slytherins were still laughing. Pulling out her wand, she pinted it at them.

"Oi! Stop laughing or I'll turn all of you into a fly so I can smash you." She said and then turned away.

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Bryony couldn't help but laugh at the Slytherin's terrified faces. "Thank you... again." Bryony quietly whispered to Lucy. "I don't think that I would ever be brave enough to yell at bullies." She felt her hands begin to sweat and her head spin. She knew that she had to get away from all of the students in the hall and the students coming into it. She had to get away to be somewhere alone and to calm down.

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Reily (percabethlvrknowsall) | 19 comments "No problem." Lucy laughed at the expressions of the terrified Slytherin's faces.
"Anything to shut them up makes me happy." She said, still laughing.

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Bryony smiled weakly and took in a deep breath. "Yeah, I am just happy when they aren't saying anything also." She agreed. Her anxiety was beginning to get worse as the Great Hall was filling up with students. She knew that she had to get out of there before she passed out. "Er... I better get going. There's a test that I have in class and I have to study." Bryony lied. She gave Lucy another smile and scurried out of the hall.

-Exit Bryony to Library-

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Reily (percabethlvrknowsall) | 19 comments How can there be a test on the first day? Lucy asked herself. She could tell the girl was nervous and left her be. Lucy walked back to Grey.
"So what class do you have first?" Lucy asked, pretending like nothing happened.

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Bek "Erm...I think Arithmacy. I'll have to check." She pulled out her schedule from the pockets other robes, very much thankful that Lucy hadn't revisited the 'Slytherin father's question. Grey too often let it slip. Then again, it wasn't her fault her family was pretty much full of prats.

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Reily (percabethlvrknowsall) | 19 comments Lucy pulled out her schedule, glancing at it.
"I have music first. Come on, we should go grab our stuff and head to our classes." Lucy said, getting up. She finished her water and then threw her trash away.

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Bek "Alright, then." Grey pushed up from the table and tossed her trash into the rubish bin. Looking at her schedule she examined the classes that she had for the day. With an exaggerated sigh she followed Lucy.

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Reily (percabethlvrknowsall) | 19 comments Lucy walked up to her dormitory and grabbed her bag, putting her wand in her robes.
"Ready?" she asked Grey.

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Bek Grey, who had been leaning against the stairway nodded. She felt in her bag to make sure that she had it. She smiled as her hands found the hard smooth ebony wand.

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Reily (percabethlvrknowsall) | 19 comments -Lucy exits to music room-
"See you later Grey."

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Bek "'Til then," Grey said with a small wave. She turned on her heel and went the opposite way to the Arithmacy classroom.
-Exit Grey to Arithmacy-

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Gabriel noticed his fellow housemates and a few others laughing at some poor lass who had tripped by the big doors. After a moment's hesitation he prepared to go up and help her but another girl was already there. He gave a rather blank but unmistakably irritated glare towards those who were making fun. They quieted down immediately, but that also may have been from the red-haired fire ball that was pointing a wand at them. Oof. Someone had a temper today, and it wasn't just the mockers.

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Reily (percabethlvrknowsall) | 19 comments Lucy realized that she forgot a book in the Great Hall show she went back in and noticed somebody staring at her. The person that was looking at was a boy, with dark stormy grey eyes and brown hair. Looking away, Lucy blushed and picked up her book, Quidditch Through The Ages, and starts walking towards the door. But before she could leave, her owl, Winter, cam flying through with a letter from her mother. Lucy petted her owl as she read the letter and rolled her eyes at her mother's formality. Lucy reread the letter as she continued to walk through the great hall.

The letter:
Dearest Lucille,
I will be visiting your grandmother in New York until after Thanksgiving. You can either stay at Hogwarts, or come over for Thanksgiving. Whatever you decide, please inform me by next week so I can make the proper arrangements.
Love, your mother

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