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Post your character here and take out all of the periods.

<.B>Name:<./B> First Middle (if any) Last

<.B>Gender:<./B> Male/Female

<.B>Blood Status:<./B> Muggleborn, Half-Blood, and Pureblood are most common, but other fractions are acceptable.

<.B>Age:<./B> 11-17
» <.I>Birthday:<./I> Day Month

<.B>House:<./B> Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin
» <.I>Year:<./I> Just type the number. Should correlate with age - age 11 is in Year 1, age 12 in Year 2, and so on.

<.B>Wand:<./B> This should be blank. Make sure the stuff below is legitimate, though. Google it. I'd rather you not use a picture for this.
» <.i>Wood<./i>:
» <.i>Core<./i>:
» <.i>Length<./i>:
» <.i>Flexibility<./i>:

<.B>Appearance:<./B> Full-body description of at least 1000 characters. A picture is alright. Don't worry about embedding it - just link. If you choose to use a picture, the description is still required.

<.B>Personality:<./B> At least 1500 characters.

<.B>Background:<./B> At least 1500 characters.

<.B>Family:<./B> List members of the family separated by commas. Names not required, but may be shared.

<.B>Other:<./B> Put something. Anything. Favorite food? Quirky obsession? Life-long dream?

<.B>Pet:<./B> State cat, toad, or owl. Optional. If you choose to not have a pet, erase this entire section.
» <.I>Name:<./I>
» <.I>Gender:<./I>
» <.I>Description:<./I> A linked image is acceptable. Include a written description about both the appearance and personality. Maybe you want to include some history about the pet?

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{Name:} Bryony Quinn Burman

{Gender:} Female

{Blood Status:} Muggleborn

{Age:} Fifteen [15]
» {Birthday:} 21st December

{House:} Ravenclaw
» {Year:} Fifth [5th]

» {Wood:} Aspen
» {Core:} Pixie Hair
» {Length:} 12 3/4 inches
» {Flexibility:} Suppliant

Bryony has lovely, long golden locks of hair that fall down to her waist in soft curls. She thinks that her hair makes her look dumb and hates it being in plain sight. Because of this, Bryony puts her hair in a braid or a crown of braids. That's why it is so wavy. Her eyes are what she considers her best feature. They are dark, forest green with flecks of silver and yellow in the iris. The iris is outlined in midnight blue, making them look even more unique. They are very large and outlined with long lashes. Her lashes are very pale so you can hardly see them. Bryony's brown eyebrows arch over her eyes almost perfectly. Sure they are slightly long, but she loves them. When she's bored and has a mirror of some sort with her, she will just stare at them while moving them. Bryony's nose is a big larger than what she would prefer, but it's lovely all the same. It has a balled tip and it's fairly slim. Freckles cover it. Her freckles are very pale, though. You would have to get really close to see them, but then she would ask you to step away. Bryony's cheeks are also coated with freckles, these ones are slightly darker, but only slightly. They are high boned and pale like the rest of her face. Bryony's lips are thin and chappy, not at all dark. Bryony's features are rather sharp and very pale. Makeup would make her look slightly prettier, but she hates it. Her face is heart shaped in a way, but very slim. Bryony's body, like her face, is also very slim and small. Sometimes it seems like she's younger than fifteen. She's 5'3" in height. Her hands and feet are small. Her legs and fingers, despite her small height, are very long. Her fingers work well with her love of playing violin and piano. While she's not wearing her robes Bryony will wear sweaters and floral skirts with converse. Her outfits always have a nice vintage-y feel to them.

{Personality:} Bryony has always been known as bookish, shy, plain, intelligent, bossy, and a know-it-all. But there is so much more to her personality than that. She is very shy, though. Talking to people gives her instant anxiety which she suffers on a daily bases. She's very introverted and would be the last person you would see try to be in the center of attention. She's antisocial and prefers the company of cats and books rather than actual human beings. Though she is very shy, she is not one to stutter while she speaks. She will speak quietly and fidget quite a bit though. She will play with her hands most of the time. Bryony finds that books are much better to be around than people. She's bookish, a massive bookworm. She spends half of her time reading book after book. Any book that comes under her nose she will pick it up and read it. "Books are my greatest of friends, the only things that are there for me when no one else is." Bryony will say anytime someone asks her why she likes reading so much. Not only does she enjoy reading, she also has a love of collecting books. Just the environment of loads of books around her feels nice. It's comforting. Bryony is very plain, yes. Her outfits are simple. Sweaters and floral skirts with her usual, old, and black converse. Her hairstyles are simple, odd, yes, but simple. Her face is bland. The most unusual and non-plain part about her are her eyes. Bryony's favourite things to do aren't unusual. She's very plain. Bryony is very intelligent. She actually skipped a year of school before she found out that she was a witch. Two years, actually. She went to preschool and already knew all of the letters in the alphabet, how to count to two hundred, and she already knew how to read most words. She skipped kindergarten and moved on to first grade. Once she got to fifth grade at the age of nine, she got to skip yet another year. She already knew percents and volume and pretty much everything that they taught her. She got to eighth grade when her owl came. Even as a witch she is one of the brightest. Bryony can indeed be a know-it-all. The only time that she isn't shy is when she is answering questions in class. Her hand is always the first one up and she will give all of the information that she knows on the subject. She'll get the best grades and tell everyone what she knows. She will correct people when they are wrong and won't eat her words until she is proven wrong, and that hardly ever happens. This fact about her makes her highly unlikable. Adding onto that, she is very bossy. Another way that she isn't exactly likable or shy. Bryony will practically force someone to get something right if they are wrong. She tells everyone what to do when it comes to classes. She acts like a mother to her siblings. She tries not to though! It's one of the habits that she is trying to break. But, like I have said before, Bryony is so much more. She is very creative. She thinks of amazing worlds to draw, sketch, paint, or even write. She daydreams about those worlds and characters that she makes. She pictures herself in these worlds and wishes that she could escape into them. Most of her ideas are inspired from the many books that she reads. Bryony is very clever and witty. She has many comebacks and jokes up her sleeve, she's just to shy to tell everyone. And, Bryony is an "eager-beaver". Always first to raise her hand, eager to impress the professor with her intelligence, eager to be one of the best. She's terrified of having flaws even though she has many. But, Bryony is quite proud of the person she is. Even though she has all of these flaws.

{Background:} Bryony's history is pretty normal. She was born in the North Shire of England. Her parents absolutely adored her from infancy, especially her big, pretty eyes. Bryony was raised in a tiny town, her house was practically in the middle of nowhere. Fields surrounded the tiny house and the nearest building was five miles away. But, everyone still considered their house part of the town. Naturally, Bryony had trouble making any friends because everyone was so far away from each other. She grew up in a quiet environment where she hardly spoke to anyone. In her free time--her family didn't have enough money for internet of any sort--she found a few of her now favourite hobbies. She read books that her father had gotten on his way home from work. Bryony wrote books that she was inspired to create after reading these books. She learned how to play violin and piano. Bryony even began to explore the fields that surrounded her. She made up friends, imaginary friends. Even as she grew older, these friends stuck with her. Her and her imaginary friends played with cats, played pretend, made up mysteries. Bryony became very creative and imaginative in her time of boredom. Creating new worlds and finding new hobbies. All of her hobbies took some imagination. Soon she found a love of painting. She started by just sketching her imaginary friends, cats, and family members. Then she began painting the fields around her. Soon she even painted characters in her stories, worlds that she made up, and even worlds inside of her favourite books. Bryony had few free time as she juggled all of these activities. But if she did have any time on her hands, she would study. This is what made her so intelligent. When she got her letter to Hogwarts, she was naturally very excited. At first, her parents had no clue whether to believe it or not. They flew to London, England and checked out Kingscross Station to find out that it was real after all.

Father | Articus Dax Burman | 44 | Bookshop Owner
Mother | Quinn Bry Burman | 40 | Painter
Sister | Tetra Tatum Burman | 3
Brother | Dax Articus Burman | 19 | Violin Teacher

{Other:} Bryony's quirks are biting her nails, collecting books, watching rain, reading books by candle light, and listening to her cats purr. She can speak English, Spanish, French, and Russian fluently. Her favourite subject at Muggle schools are English while at Hogwarts it is History of Magic. She's one of the few that finds it very interesting. She spends countless hours in the library and beside the Black Lake.

{Pet:} Bryony as a cat.
» {Name:} Sherlock
» {Gender:} Female
» {Description:} The name Sherlock stuck out to Bryony while she was reading a novel about him. Later that day, she found a beautiful black cat with misty blew eyes dying at the side of a dirt road. She took the cat in and, with the help of her father, nursed the cat back to health. Though the cat she found was female, Bryony still named her Sherlock. Sherlock has grown up to be two years old in human years and Bryony has had her since Sherlock was only one in human years.

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Name: Samantha Azure

Gender: Female

Blood Status: pureblood

Age: 12

» Birthday: 21st April

House: Gryffindor

» Year: 2nd year

<.B>Wand:<./B> This should be blank. Make sure the stuff below is legitimate, though. Google it. I'd rather you not use a picture for this.
» <.i>Wood<./i>:
» <.i>Core<./i>:
» <.i>Length<./i>:
» <.i>Flexibility<./i>:

<.B>Appearance:<./B> Full-body description of at least 1000 characters. A picture is alright. Don't worry about embedding it - just link. If you choose to use a picture, the description is still required.

<.B>Personality:<./B> At least 1500 characters.

<.B>Background:<./B> At least 1500 characters.

Family:Parents, twin brother, younger sister

<.B>Other:<./B> Put something. Anything. Favorite food? Quirky obsession? Life-long dream?

Pet: Owl
» <.I>Name:<./I>
» <.I>Gender:<./I>
» <.I>Description:<./I> A linked image is acceptable. Include a written description about both the appearance and personality. Maybe you want to include some history about the pet?

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Name: Grey Aravis Keynes

Gender: Female

Blood Status: Pureblood

Age: Fourteen{14}
» Birthday: 13th May

<.B>House:<./B> Gryffindor
» Year: Fourth {4}

» Wood: Ebony
» Core: Dragon
» Length: 12 ½ in.
» Flexibility: Hard


Grey's hair is a dark auburn. It has a bit of a natural wave making it nearly impossible for her to get it perfectly straight. She chooses to let it be rather than wrestle it everyday. When it is second day hair or very umid outside however, it becomes flat. She does not choose to have "second day" hair very often because if she does it appears very oily. See, her oil glands are more active than they should be. This is one of the things that she is most self conscious about.

Grey's eyes are a pale blue-green that almost appears, as her name says, grey. They have a certain glow to them that is, itself, quite unique. Her eyelashes are long and thick, a great contrast to her pale auburn eyebrows that is the same shade as her hair. Her freckles crossing her nose and upper cheeks upon her pale skin.

Grey stands at a moderate height of five feet, six inches tall. She has large strong legs from playing muggle 'futball.' Her arms are long and slender. She has little nubbed finger nails, but long elegant fingers. Her feet are big and awkward, giving her a sense of clumsiness. As aforementioned, her years as a 'futball' forward has made her more agile and light on her feet.

Personality: With acknowledgement to the stereotype of "redheads" being fiery, irratic, and hotheaded, Grey does qualify for what one might call a "redhead". She is passionate about what she believes and heartily defends it. She is forthright in what she says, not caring who you are. Her frankness has gotten her into quite a lot of trouble. Being a rich pureblood, her family has been able to bribe their way out.

On another hand, Grey can be very kind and understanding. She loves people and disagrees with the pureblood and muggleborn racism. Her whole family thinks she is a freak, thinking this way. She pretends not to care but it stings her inside. Any friends she makes are sure to be for life. She does not have friends who ditch her. Never has. But she does not have many friends because they judge her as a snob since she is a pureblood witch.

Grey is also passionatly curious. A pisces you might say. This curiosity has often led her to trouble. She is frighteningly bright making her question many things and search relentlessly for answers. Her brother ridiculed her for this, seeing her actions as "childish and illogical." But she had lost care for what her brother thought. She forced herself to. If she still did she knew she would never move on from the things he had said to hurt her.

Background: Grey was born to a wealthy pureblood family in the upper class of Westminster, London. She holds resemblance to almost none of her family, they all having light eyes and bleached blond hair. She was the black sheep in her family. As a pureblood, she grew up surrounded by magic but, also had a well rounded view of the muggle world. Her mother made sure that Grey was not entirely ignorant of muggles and their doings, even though her father and mother both saw themselves as above muggles. Grey formed a friendship with a little boy named Tom when she was seven. She kept it well hidden from her parents until she let it slip one year later. They grounded her and did not let her go anywhere except for school and family balls that her family was often invited to. During this time, Grey developed a hatred for what her family had told her as a child. She never understood why she was supposedly better than muggles just because of her being full-blood witch. She always went out of her way to oppose her family's view on muggles, especially when she came to Hogwarts. She saw Hogwarts as more of a home than her own was. She was used to living in her family mansion so Hogwarts was cozy and felt like a better home than she could have ever dreamed of. There she fit in more than with her own family.

Father- Zander Keynes
Mother- Susan Camberton Keynes
Brother- Hale Keynes

Other: Grey has a weird interest in the muggle history of ancient civilizations such as Greece. She has an interest in the mythology of the Greek gods and goddesses.

Pet: Owl
» Name: Athena
» Gender: Female
» Description: Grey had always had a cat. But it was more fond of her brother, Hale than her. So before she came into her first year at Hogwarts, she asked for an owl. She named it after the muggles goddess, Athena, because of her interest in ancient Greece. It has been the closest companion that Grey has ever had.

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Reily (percabethlvrknowsall) | 19 comments {Name} Lucille Anna Gray but prefers to be called Lucy

{Gender} Female

{Blood Status} Halfblood

{Age} 15
♥ Birthday: August 1

House: Gryffindor
♥ Fifth year

♥ Wood: Holly
♥ Core: Unicorn Tail Hair
♥ Length: 10 3/4 in
♥ Flexibility: not that flexible, but will bend slightly

Appearance: [image error]

Lucy has blue-green eyes that are mesmerizing and look like they can see into your soul. Her clothes that are not her school clothes, normally consist of the first thing her hands touch. She is very smile, barely reaching 5'3. She likes to dye her hair sometimes as well.

Personality: Lucy is a very interesting person. She can be quirky, or she can be secluded. She is very brave, and is not afraid to stand up to people. She loves animals, and is very intelligent. She is very likeable, but can also be rude at times, because that's just who she is. She loves to read and go out to Hogsmeade with her friends. She loves Quidditch, and loves being a seeker. Even though she is very brave and courageous, she is deathly afraid of spiders and ducks. She likes to keep the fact that she is terrified of ducks to herself and not tell anyone except her closest friends. She almost always has a big smile on her face, even when she is sad or angry. She also has a light, feathery laugh that is contagious. When she laughs or smiles, her green blue eyes light up. Lucy is also funny. She is also very confident in the way she carries herself.

Background: Her mother is a pureblood and her father a halfblood. Her father's grandfather married a muggle when he was 20. Her mother is completely pureblood. Lucy has lived in London all her life, knowing that she is a witch. She got her first broomstick when she was four, and since then, she has loved Quidditch and flying. She somebody wants to play on a professional team, but for now, she can settle for the Gryffindor team. Her mother is very kind and soft spoken. Her father died from cancer when Lucy was only seven. She has been sad, but she puts on a brave face.

Family: Mother 45, Father deceased at 39

Other: She loves chocolate and hates ducks. Even the baby ones.

Pet: Owl
» Name: Winter
» Gender: Female
» Description: Winter is beautiful snowy white owl. Winter has beautiful feathers that have dark brown spots on them. She is a rare owl with the fact that her eyes are blue. A beautiful, clear as day blue. Her personality is kind and sweet. She eats rats that she finds and likes to follow Lucy around.

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Name: Gabriel Hunter Levesque

Gender: Male

Blood Status: Pureblood

Age: 17
» Birthday: December 25th

House: Slytherin
» Year: Seventh

» Wood: Oak
» Core: Unicorn hair
» Length: 13 inches exactly
» Flexibility: Stiff and strong

Appearance: http://bandaidrecords.files.wordpress... http://www.onmilwaukee.com/images/art... In photographs, Gabriel looks to be as tall as the average teenage boy. That is not so. Barely hitting 5'5" (an acceptable height for a pre-puberty male, but not one who has already gone through it), he is dwarfed by most others, a soft spot for him. Despite his lack of length, he's a stout, firm fellow with strong, however slender and short, legs. He's definitely not of the clumsy sort. In fact, every movement he makes has a purpose to it, which takes care of any nervous habits he may have had such as running his hands through his hair or fidgeting with his clothing. He may not look it, but he's very strong with barely an inch of excess fat on him. His stance is wary but confident, with his chin thrust out, shoulders back, and a steely gaze. His jawline is decisive and goes up back to his sunken cheekbones. His lips are a light pink and plump, always perfectly moisturized. They hide a set of almost blindingly white, even teeth. There is one wild card on the upper right side with a elongated curved point that is a vampirish little piece. A bridged nose. His eyes are a stormy gray but can look minty green or wintry blue in certain lighting. Straw coloured eyebrows are alone on his large forehead. Naturally, his hair is a dark chestnut brown, but to fit in with his blond family he dyes it and styles it in a just-rolled-out-of-bed-but-I-look-fabulous tousled sort of quiff. His skin is pasty and pale from lack of sun and has close to no blemishes due to no messing around in the dirt like a normal child when he was younger, giving him an odd look like a Roman god chiseled out of marble - too perfect to be real. His dress style is...well, dressy. Underneath his specially tailored robes he will be wearing a blazer or a tight vest over a white shirt and a Slytherin colours tie. Casual means a block colour t-shirt and a pair of dark jeans. Overall, Gabriel is exceedingly good looking and is well aware of it.

Personality: To the average, untrained eye, Gabriel appears unfeeling. Cold. In the most heated of situations, not a single expression will cross his features. Nothing can be discerned from any part of him. It is not that he does not feel. He most certainly does. He just does not choose to share his emotions with the entire world. Because he's spent so much of his life being misunderstood, he'd rather have nothing be understood about him at all. Better that way, according to him. He'll let you into his mind, but even among those he trusts he finds it difficult to let go of the stiff neck and plain expression. Small smiles and deep looks are the ways he communicates. Not one for small talk, certainly. His speech is clipped and to the point. Rarely is he ever lost for words. Expletives do not become him and he considers them to be pointless. If you're going to express yourself, use words and animate your features. Gabriel has good sense of humor and is the type to smile or laugh at even the worst of jokes. If you think it is difficult trying to get him to open up, it is even worse once you befriend him. He'll never leave your side, he smiles simply to get you to smile, and will spontaneously appear when you're sad with a box of chocolates and hugs to make you feel better. Loyalty is something to be earned in his eyes, but once you've earned it, it is forever. Ever the gentleman, he will continue speaking with those he doesn't like and will listen attentively to subjects that have no interest to him. Gallant until the end of time, he is willing to help enemies and will not make his dislike for another human known out of courtesy. He has a great love of reading and has filled many pages with his own thoughts and ideas, finding the soft leather of his journal to be an ever-present comfort. Losing it would be like losing a part of his soul. He likes people with integrity and self-respect, just as he admires those parts of himself, and those who are humble but do not deny facts. However nice you may think he is now, do not get on his bad side if you value your life. There are a few levels of Gabriel's "bad side", but if you hit the bottom, run. He's smarter and faster and cleverer than you and he can think of all sorts of ways to get back of you and you won't even realize it half the time. Ambitious and hopeful for the future, Gabriel spends several hours planning his rise to position and power to live up to the family name. I wouldn't say he's ruthless when it comes to his dreams, but he won't wait around and do nothing when his career is on the line, that's for sure. This comes as a surprise to some, but he can be quite the flirt when he wants to. He has a way with words and can convince many over to his point of view. If he had different values and ethics, who knows what could happen.

Background: Gabriel Hunter Levesque was born Christmas Day, 1995, to his parents. His parents, at the time, were young socialites in the magical community slowly making their way into the most select of parties and positions. A rich and prosperous family, Gabriel never wa nted for anything during his childhood. Toys, books, fashion, and friends could be bought. But sadly, his parents never did much with their son. Mr. Levesque was at the top of his game and prepared to join the big boys in magical politics and his wife was the willing hostess. Their roles as parents were pushed to the back burner and often forgotten. Gabriel only rested in his mother's arms when she had him on her arm for show that she was a lovely housewife and woo hoo look at how perfect her life was before she just about threw him back into the nanny's arms, wiped the drool off of her 500 Galleon dress, and rejoined the festivities. When Gabriel turned about six years old, he had a tutor on how to control the magical abilities wakening within him. He also had a dancing master, a fencing master, a professional gentleman to teach him the proper party courtesies, and others who relayed their knowledge of their respective occupations. It was also when his hair was dyed blond as soon as it was certain he would not be the natural blondes his parents were. As soon as he was considered ready, he was brought into the parties with his parents and expected to socialize and be the host at his young age. He had to learn fast that #1: his parents did not care what he did as long as it wasn't shameful; and #2: next time, don't spill a glass of wine of the Minister of Magic's brocade suit. As time went on, Gabriel realized that his parents thought he wanted the partygoer life. They thought he liked being the host and dancing with the daughters of the most influential people in the world. As much as he tried to explain that was he really wanted was a good sit down dinner and a chance to tell them what he was studying, they always misunderstood him. This gave Gabriel the mentality that no one would ever understand what he was trying to say. This thrust him into a life of not showing what he felt because no one would understand. Due to the family's increasing popularity, Jared Levesque was climbing the beanstalk and was able to amply pay for the merrymaking that occurred nearly every evening. When Gabriel turned eight, the wild card showed up: Merida Levesque, otherwise known as Gabriel's greatest joy in life. Mrs. Levesque never put Merida on her arm, not even for show, because this child resisted every attempt to be made a "Levesque". She threw pots at the tutors and tied the shoelaces of the dancing masters together until they all but gave up. Eventually she was shut away in the house as not to be a disgrace and left to Gabriel's charge. Determined to give Merida a different childhood than his own, he doted on the girl, showering her with hugs and bedtime stories and sleeping in the same bed to protect her from the monsters. The actions of a much older boy? You bet. No matter what the birth certificate said, Gabriel was much older than anyone was led to believe. In appearance he also aged. Things continued like this until Gabriel turned eleven, when his Hogwarts letter arrived. His parents were absolutely thrilled, but saying goodbye to Merida for an entire year caused him more pain than he had ever experienced before in his life. They nearly had to be forced apart. The first few days at the castle were pure torture. He cried himself to sleep at night because he missed home and wrote young Merida (only three years old) a letter every single day telling her that he would always come back and that he couldn't wait to see her again. Reaching to the top of the class was easy for him and almost child's play - he'd been studying magical theory since his diaper days. He made little to no friends and for the most part kept to himself. When he returned home after the year, he wanted so much to spend the whole summer vacation by "Merry's" side, but their reunion was cut short. Their parents had finally noticed Gabriel's closeness to his sister and considered her a bad influence on him. Before he could stop it, they sent him abroad to New Zealand to see the goblin banks there and learn more of the government. His second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth years passed relatively the same as the first, but each time he cries less. By now he has gotten used to being separated from Merry (now age 9) but can Apparate into her room from Hogsmeade at any time and sees her often. He doesn't have a license, but he hasn't been caught yet. Girls have been throwing themselves at him ever since third year (and before that) but he ignores most of them as they tend to be shallow, petty creatures.
Gabriel, no matter how much money and education he had, did not have the best of childhoods.

Family: Vivian Levesque (mother), Jared Levesque (father), Merida "Merry" Levesque (sister)

Other: As a tradition, he writes Merry a letter every single day. He doesn't send them all, so he has drawerfulls of unfinished letters, but always sends at least one letter a week. He's strictly vegetarian and is in good health. His accent is posh from Knightsbridge and has an unintended lofty air to it. He enjoys politics (just not the get-popular-get-power method his parents are using).

Pet: Owl
» Name: Audubon
» Gender: Male
» Description: http://thumbs.dreamstime.com/z/little... Audubon is a grouchy, temperamental old bird with a knack for getting in fights with other owls. He was the last one left in the shop and no one wanted him, and Gabriel felt sorry for him. Despite both of their hard exteriors, they've taken a liking to each other, although Audubon still raps on Gabriel's head when he makes him carry three letters at once.

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L {Name:} Rosaline Estella Smekenrós

{Gender:} Female

{Blood status:} Half-Blood

{Age:} 15 years old
{Birthday:} 6th August 1999

{House:} Ravenclaw
{Year:} 5th year

{Wood:} sycamore
{Core:} Thestral tail hair
{Length:} 10 ¾ inches
{Flexibility:} unyielding

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Rosaline Estella Smekenrós is tall and slender with ebony, jet-black hair with tinges of chocolate brown/ auburn when it glistens in the sunlight. She has a pale complexion and often her skin appears as white and pallid as snow, with cherry pink lips like blossom (plump with a shimmer of lip-gloss) that create an overall stark contrast between her dark hair and ashen skin. She has jade green eyes that are often intense when her gaze is drawn onto something, and which are deep and misty as though you are looking into a crystal ball. She could be considered as quite pretty if it were not for the strange, dark aura that radiates from her. Her robes are blue and bronze with the symbol of an Eagle for her house (Ravenclaw) and she tends to wear either black clothes or Emerald that compliments her eyes and skin tone.

Rosaline is not particularly outgoing or a bold person and yet she does involve herself in conversation, and so you would not classify her as introverted. She has many dependable, close friends whom she cares about greatly and is the kind of girl who listens and is always there as a shoulder to cry on, someone to confide in or just for a reassuring hug. Rosaline will readily strike up conversation but she is not loud in class and prefers to keep her head down and in her books. She loves to learn and so enjoys homework and spending many hours pouring over the faded pages of dusty books within the library. She is very knowledgeable and perceptive, and tends to think before acting hence embodying one of the main traits of Ravenclaw house; wisdom. She has a dry sense of humor and is considered a bit of a wit, as the ‘smart’ (clever) one in a group of friends or at a party. She is caring and kind-hearted although there is lurking beneath a dark, almost sinister creepy side of her that is kept well hidden…

Rosaline Estella Smekenrós comes from Norway and was born in the harsh Northern region of Iceland, with her mother’s striking lineage in her blood and flowing through her veins. At three years old the Smekenrós family moved from Norway to the heart of England, Surrey where they settled in the historic town of Oxford. With its whitewashed, archaic buildings, singular architecture and steeped in history this town delighted Rosaline who loved to study and explore interesting culture. Her father works a lot and so when at home she is either in the company of her elegant mother or her nanny (who is also her Aunty). Rosaline was home schooled for a while until attending Hogwarts at aged 11 and she still is tutored during the holidays, when homework is set ~ her mother feels that having a good education is important and that getting top grades in her OWLS & NEWTS is vital.

Rosaline Estella Smekenrós lives with her father and mother. She is an only child but has an extensive family of Grandparents, Godparents, Cousins, Aunts and Uncles and distant relations who all keep in contact. I have enclosed a small portion of her family tree below.

Father ~ Adrian Ombrosios Smekenrós
Mother ~ Helena Yvaine Smekenrós (formerly Dominol until she married)

Grandmother & Grandfather (dad’s side) ~ Leyah Dominol & Krûtz Olos Dominol
Grandmother & Grandfather (Mother’s side) ~ Henrietta Rose Tredawn & Simone Estas Tredawn

Cousins ~ Veronica Eliza Wentcross, Jonathan Carlos Heldar and Elizabeth Cartier
Godparents ~ Romelda Drew and Augusta Leyton Cado

{Other:} Rosaline’s favourite foods are pumpkin pasties and liquorice wands, and she simply loves to drink Hot Chocolate with cream & marshmallows! She really enjoys feasts and banquets in the great hall especially at Halloween and Christmas, when the food is so mouth-wateringly delicious and looks so magical.
Rosaline’s hobbies include reading books about Quidditch 101 and moste potent potions, horse riding on holidays across the world including treks up North on Icelandic ponies, singing and writing letters.

{Pet:} Owl
{Name:} Sonnet
{Gender:} Female
Sonnet is a snowy owl with beautiful white feathers that are sprinkled with little flecks of brown in them. She has striking pale blue eyes and a thin line of yellow over the top of her sharp beak. Sonnet was a 13th Birthday present for Rosaline as she was keen to have her own Owl for posting letters, as the cost of hiring one had become too great for she writes to her mother quite regularly. As well as dutifully taking and receiving letters and parcels, Sonnet is a constant companion and lovable pet that is very friendly and has never nipped anyone. She was purchased in Diagon Alley many years ago as a prized bird, which is a young female out of ‘Songbird Daydreamer’s Sonnet’ and ‘Mystics Breeze’.
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Name: Naomi Quorra Clove

Gender: Female

Blood Status: Pureblood

Age: Fourteen [14]
» Birthday: 12 March

House: Slytherin
» Year: Fourth [4th]

» Wood: Gnarled Walnut
» Core: Merfolk hair
» Length: 12 1/4 inches
» Flexibility: Unyielding

Naomi has very wild brown hair that falls down to her waist. Her hair is a dark, milky chocolate brown with streaks of blonde in it. Her hair is crazy curly and can hardly ever be tamed. It's flyaway and always sticking out all over the place. She has trouble ever putting it in a ponytail or a braid. Normally she just lets her hair free so that it can be wild, but sometimes she will attempt at putting it in a side braid. And, as you can see, it never goes so well.





» Name:
» Gender:
» Description:


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awkward potato This template is brought to you by →ܫ←αωкωαr∂ ρστατσ {gryƒƒiท∂σr нσυsє}. (view spoiler)

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║✦ █Etymology█ ✦║
Paris Blake Morgan
⤷{pair-ess} The name Paris is a Greek baby name. In Greek the meaning of the name Paris is: Son of Priam. People with this name tend to be passionate, compassionate, intuitive, romantic, and to have magnetic personalities. They are usually humanitarian, broadminded and generous, and tend to follow professions where they can serve humanity. Because they are so affectionate and giving, they may be imposed on. They are romantic and easily fall in love, but may be easily hurt and are sometimes quick-tempered.
⤷{bluh-ake} The name Blake is an English baby name. In English the meaning of the name Blake is: Light; dark. People with this name tend to be orderly and dedicated to building their lives on a solid foundation of order and service. They value truth, justice, and discipline, and may be quick-tempered with those who do not. Their practical nature makes them good at managing and saving money, and at building things in the material world. Because of their focus on order and practicality, they may seem overly cautious and conservative at times.
⤷{more-gone} Originally, the name was purely personal and spelt as "Morcant", the change to Morgan being medieval. The exact meaning is uncertain but "sea chief" or "sea defender" are the generally accepted interpretations. The importance of the name is shown by its incorporation in the ancient Welsh kingdom of Glamorgan, a corrupt form of "Ap Morgan", the son of Morgan.

Nickname(s): Her sister will sometimes call her Ris

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║✦ █Basic Details█ ✦║
Age: 15 years

Date of Birth March 18
Zodiac Sign Pisces--The Fish (view spoiler)
Birth Flower Water Lily (view spoiler)

Gender ♀Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Currently available

Blood Status: Pure-Blood
House: Hufflepuff
Year: 5th

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║✦ █Wand█ ✦║
Wand Wood: Hazel
⤷A sensitive wand, hazel often reflects its owner’s emotional state, and works best for a master who understands and can manage their own feelings. Others should be very careful handling a hazel wand if its owner has recently lost their temper, or suffered a serious disappointment, because the wand will absorb such energy and discharge it unpredictably. The positive aspect of a hazel wand more than makes up for such minor discomforts, however, for it is capable of outstanding magic in the hands of the skillful, and is so devoted to its owner that it often ‘wilts’ (which is to say, it expels all its magic and refuses to perform, often necessitating the extraction of the core and its insertion into another casing, if the wand is still required) at the end of its master’s life (if the core is unicorn hair, however, there is no hope; the wand will almost certainly have ‘died’). Hazel wands also have the unique ability to detect water underground, and will emit silvery, tear-shaped puffs of smoke if passing over concealed springs and wells.
Wand Core: Cherub Hair
⤷Cherub hair is found in the wands of more romantically inclined students. Although many would assume this implies a feminine wand, Cherub Hair is found in boys’ wands quite often. The core gives minor boosts to healing and Divination, as well as a major improvement to Charms, particularly Glamour Charms.
Wand Length: 11 7/8 inches
Wand Flexibility: Supple

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║✦ █Appearance█ ✦║
Face Claim: Willow Shields
Visual Aid:

Paris is tall and slim, standing at 5'10" and weighing 115 pounds, and is also lacking in the curves department. She is rather flat chested and boyish in figure. Paris also dresses rather boyish with her loose fitting t-shirts and jeans. The only thing to hint at her gender is her delicate, and obviously feminine face. Paris has naturally tan skin that is devoid of blemishes, and also has no piercings or other markings. Paris is also not one to accessorize and besides her locket which her mother gave her, she never wears such things as jewelry. Paris has a cute, heart-shaped face, which lacks baby-fat, and her eyes are a clear hazel, framed by thick lashes and her thick, dark eyebrows.

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║✦ █Personality█ ✦║
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║✦ █Family█ ✦║
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