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Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 146 comments Here it is! Welcome to Goodreads, by the way. :)

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Luchionka | 78 comments Hey! Thanks so much!
So, may I ask, what kind of RP's do you like to do?
Anime, teen, romance, etc?

Again, thanks so much.

Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 146 comments Oh, you're welcome! :)
I like all kinds, though I must say I'm not a big fan of anime.
Fantasy, realistic, medieval, supernatural, drama, steampunk, horror, etc.
What kinds do you prefer?

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Luchionka | 78 comments Midieval sounds like fun... I love that kind of stuff. Especially like the black death.

And that's alright if you don't like anime^^

Do you ususally rp as a girl or guy, may I ask?

Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 146 comments Okay, that sounds good! :)
I usually prefer to RP as the girl, if that's alright.

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Luchionka | 78 comments Yeah, that is okay... but, I'm going to go and have to search for a picture then!

And you're good with the midieval idea, right?

Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 146 comments Haha :)
And yes, medieval sounds good! Any ideas for plot?

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Luchionka | 78 comments Sure.
So, it's the 1300's in Eastern Europe, where there is disease, famine, and poverty. Everything before the early 1300's seemed to be perfect, but now it seemed to diminish from there.
One of us can be a nobleman or woman, and the other can be a scientist (or alchemist) in the lower class...

You know, forbidden love... of that sorts.

That's just a brief outline... if you want to elaborate, go on ahead, but I usually just make a brief plot, then go and RP.

Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 146 comments That sounds cool! Love it! So, would you like me to create a noble woman and you create an alchemist?

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Luchionka | 78 comments Actually, that's exactly what I was thinking. Sounds good to me!

Um. you go first in making your character...
The form should just be, name, age, personality, and a picture.

Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 146 comments Coolio.
Alright! That's usually what I put on mine, anyway...
I'll have her up in a little bit! :)

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Luchionka | 78 comments Perfect~
And no problem.
I will too... it's gonna take me a while to find the perfect picture.

Did you want the picture to be a theme of the midieval time? Or can the guy be wearing normal clothes?

Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 146 comments Oh, it doesn't matter to me. Whatever kind of picture you prefer! :)

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Luchionka | 78 comments Great~
Go ahead and post your character... I think I have mine.

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Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 146 comments Name: Lady Gwendolynn de Biville

Age: 20

(view spoiler)

Gwendolynn, having lived a life of luxury, is very accustomed to getting what she wants. She has grown a little too vain and proud, but has kindness in her heart. She tends to become bored with life easily, always longing for more. She wants passion and adventure more than anything. Oftentimes she sneaks away from her father's watchful eye to explore local villages. Gwendolynn is also extremely clever, well-read, and fiery.

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Luchionka | 78 comments This took me like... forever to find at least a decent picture, and yet, I cannot find one in relation to the time period. And the face is a bit too young for the age I have, but just cope, at least XD sowwie.
You did a very good job at finding a picture.

Name: Luciano Calò (Cayo)
Age: 23

Luciano had many sisters and brothers, but only two survived a tragic event that I shall not say just yet. One of his sisters die one day after the event, and he is left with one, by the name of Isolde. He had no money, and had to find a job, as well as his sister. Isolde cut her hair to look like a man, while Luciano found a job as an alchemist. He realized he was good at it...

He is a rather harsh and confident person, as well as strong willed and ill tempered at many times. He is insensitive and uncaring, just to add on to the list...
But you may find a soft spot. If you can, I applaud you.

Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 146 comments Coolio, I like him! :)
And I like the picture, too. XD
Did you already have an idea for how to start?

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Luchionka | 78 comments { Indeed I do. Would you like me to start? }

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Luchionka | 78 comments Another new customer. Perfect. The fools just buy his things like they know what it is... All he did was give them a sales pitch. And then he earned all that gold. Luciano was rich because of other peoples foolishness. And he absolutely loved it.

"I thank you dearly for coming, Lord Di'Appo, I appreciate it greatly." Luciano said with a slight bow, and a smug smile tugging on his thin lips.
The lord, in return, smiled, and took the small grey pouch that Luciano had given him. It contained a mixture of herbs and flowers that was designed to heal a person's body and soul from disease. Was that true? Maybe.

A tall blonde girl sat in the corner of the small wooden hut, in the shadows. Her long golden hair fell over her shoulders, as she was sleeping. Luciano shoved her in the shoulders once the Lord left.

"Isolde, come with thee. We must get more herbs and spices." He muttered under his breath.
The girl awoke, and stared at him with blank eyes, and then nodded, once she realized what her brother was trying to tell her.

She got up, and opened the door to the cottage, revealing a long cobblestone street before them, filled with starving peasants and rich Lords and Ladies buying fruits from the nearest shop. It was summer after all. The best time to buy fruits.

Luciano felt like he wanted to buy some as well... for he had just gotten his fill of money from the Lord who he over priced on his mixture of herbs and flowers. Oh how funny it was.

Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 146 comments Gwendolynn de Biville didn't lust after people, but rather ideas and possibilities. She yearned for anything out of the ordinary. It wasn't the atmosphere or the disgusting commoners that persuaded Gwendolynn to sneak away to nearby villages so often. She just wanted a bit of a change, and escape from that normal, boring life that any peasant would give their right hand to have.

She found herself in the middle of a busy looking town, with tiny shops gathered here and there. There were plenty of Lords and their wives scattered about that Gwendolynn recognized from her father's political meetings and balls. When she passed someone she thought she knew, Gwen would put her head down, not making eye contact in hopes that she wouldn't be noticed.

But Gwendolynn certainly looked like no peasant. Yes, she wore clothes that would be a couple classes down from her own station, but Gwendolynn had the air of someone wealthy. Her posture was near perfect, and her nose a little too high. Gwendolynn had always had a habit of being a little too proud.

She stopped in front of a tiny little shack of a store that probably once had words carved into the wooden plank above the door, but they had now withered away. Gwendolynn opened the small door, her spirit showing throuh her eyes. Curious. Always curious, she was.

"Milady, would thee care for any fresh fruit?" A voice asked. Gwendolynn looked to where it came from and found herself face to face with a frail, elderly looking woman with a shawl over her head. Gwendolynn felt pity for the woman, but that didn't shake the disgust from seeing someone so sickly looking.

"I shall need to request an apple, I suppose. I feel quite famished."

The little old woman appraised Gwendolynn with coal like eyes that seemed to stare past her, into something in the distance. "I am sure you are. But I do believe there is more than one way in which one should be fulfilled." Gwendolynn felt a sharp pang in her chest. Ouch. The subtext rang clear in Gwendolynn's ears; she may have food and wealth, but that was it.

"On second thought, I will not be needing that apple." And with that Gwendolynn left the shop. Perhaps her father had been right. It certainly was not fitting for an unmarried woman of Gwendolynn status to be conversing with those below her, especially without a guardian.

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Luchionka | 78 comments { Sorry! It may take me a few days to see how I want to reply to this, and to also find a good time to reply. I do apologize! }

It was so that he heard a word being uttered from a small shop from across the way, where Luciano stood. Out of the small shop, a woman, maybe in her early years, walked down the streets, looking alone... and utterly rich! Ha! His type of person to follow, certainly. Luciano went after basically every Lord and Lady in the country. They believed he was an expert at what he did... but in truth, he was sure he wasn't.


Luciano raised a hand, as he dropped the bag he was holding, only another thing for his sister to do. She always ended up sparing all the things that they owned, for Luciano always left them everywhere!

"My! Madamoiselle! Come hither, madamoiselle! I must speak with thee! Please!" Luciano said quickly, a bright expression on his face. He was attempting to look sort of... cute, if you will. She was a young lady after all, and Luciano certainly knew he had the looks to go along with the product. Well, he would do only what was best for business, so if that included selling his looks too, then so be it.
"Madamoiselle, I have the most lovely things for you to choose..." Luciano said quickly, reaching into his bag, and pulling out a small white flower.
An orchid. A very beautiful and pure flower.

"This is yours!" He bowed his head, his blue eyes looking up, as if searching the woman for something.

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Luchionka | 78 comments { Umm.. Herro? }

Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 146 comments ((Sorry!))

Gwendolynn felt her heart lurch when she realized the man was calling for her. At first, she assumed she was in trouble, that this was someone her father had sent to fetch her. Then, she was able to fully process the information. He was a salesman. Just a salesman....Not a bad looking salesman, though.

She raised an eyebrow at the man who approached her. Her cheeks became slightly pink in color, flustered. Gwendolynn, however, was no stranger to dealing with men. She knew she was attractive, and was quite vain about her beauty at that. Gwen had a habit of using her own looks to get what she wanted.

"Monsier, I thank thee." Gwendolynn executed a perfect curtsy, then. "And what do I owe thee for such a token?" She took the orchid, smelling it and smiling slightly to herself. She twirled it in her hands by the stem, looking at the man over the petals.

Gwendolynn was curious to say the least. She always had been. This man was a peasant, of course, but hopefully he was worth her time. Anything out of the ordinary was all Gwen wanted...

If anyone were to pay close enough attention to Gwendolynn during her curious moments, they would find that she bit her lip often. A sure sign that she was up to something.

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Luchionka | 78 comments She was fun to watch, she really was. Luciano observed that the lady was quite shy. He, at first, wondered why, but then realized his status. He was obviously a lower class, and she, an upper class. Oh dear.
But, at that moment, it didn't matter. He was going to give her his sales pitch, and then leave.

Or maybe even... have a little fun. She was pretty, and he knew that he wasn't bad looking himself.

"I'm glad you like the flower." he said with a small smile. "It was hand picked myself--"

"Luciano, stop flirting. Come on, we need to go!" Isolde said, grabbing his arm, and beginning to walk away. He did this a lot.. flirting and stalling. And Isolde knew this, so she always had to stop it before it got out of hand.

"Wait! Madamoiselle! forgive my sister, for I do not wish to leave yet... but I must." He took her hand in his, and raised it to his lips. Her skin certainly contrasted with the roughness of his lips. And he did, for once but in definite secrecy, savor the feel of her soft skin.

"I am Lucia--" And with that, Isolde dragged him away, they both nearly two specks in the background.

He was mad at Isolde.
Lucia. Really. The pretty girl must think he had a girls name.

Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 146 comments "Gwendolynn!" She called out her own name to him as he left. Lucia...what a strange name for a man. Commoners did have weird names, though...

The man had kissed her hand, like only knights and lords and the prince did. It felt different though, and very odd all together. In all honesty, Gwendolynn had gotten a little caught up in the moment. But, she shook that feeling off when she heard the galloping of horses. Quickly, Gwendolynn threw the hood of her cloak over her head. But the horse's stopped...right behind her. She turned slowly to face them, the flower still in her left hand.

"Lady Gwendolynn. And how did not I know that my eyes would gaze upon your own here, of all places?" Sir Terryn chuckled as he dismounted his horse. He bowed before Gwendolynn and then took her hand in his, giving it a kiss as Luciano had done only moments before. Gwendolynn plastered a smile on her face as she curtsied to the knight. "Milady, the royal Claudio hath requested you."

The prince. In other words, the man who was expected to propose to her any time now, and Gwendolynn would have to accept. It was customary for a royal to marry someone of high status, and somehow Gwendolynn had captured his heart. But, Gwendolynn didn't really return the feelings of love. She did, however, like the idea of being a queen...

Gwendolynn meerly nodded. In response, Terryn raised an eyebrow. "Might I ask where you got such a beautiful flower?"

"Lillian, my handmaiden, picked it for me." Gwen lied quickly.

Terryn took this as an acceptable answer as he mounted his horse once more and then offered his hand to Gwendolynn, pulling her up as well so that she would sit behing him. "Lady Gwen, make sure your smile is more convincing when he sees you." Gwendolynn could hear his smile, although she could not see it.

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Luchionka | 78 comments It was an awfully strange feeling to feel jealousy.
Sure, Isolde had dragged Luciano away from the scene, but he was still watching. He was still listening.
And that man who had come up to the young lady whom he had given the flower to was certinanly not a friend.

He jerked his sister's hand, and she reluctantly dragged him along.
"Remeber what Ma said. She said that we cannot risk... liking people, especially those unworthy of us. Even those with money are unworthy of us-- we make what makes them live." She said, almost in a scoffing manner, and then turned the corner.

"I-- I don't really care. I feel that bastard of a man is going to hurt the woman... In the manner of romance. Maybe he will break her fragile heart. Don't forget, Isolde, women are fragile. You are of the rare species." He said with a light laugh.
Isolde rolled her eyes, and then stopped in the entrance of an alleyway. It was long, dark, almost foreboding, and contained a horrifying scene of bodies scattered on the floor, dead from the disease, and waste.

Luciano turned his gaze to the alley, and then began to slowly walk through it, searching the bodies for posessions. One gold necklace. This would be worth alot. The woman must have been... Rich.
She was elderly, in her sixties he presumed, and wore garmets of velvet. But it was not nice, it was rather filthy and disgusting.
She must have been thrown out of her home because of the disease.

He took the necklace and placed it in his pocket. The next gift he would give to the woman would be this necklace, for sure. To make her see that there are better people out there. If it wasn't him that she fell in love with, which was his intention; he didn't exactly want her to love him, but to notice that there are people out there that are better than a slouch like that prince of a man, and won't break her heart. He felt the prince would.

And he would find out too! He would follow the man.

Luciano dashed past Isolde, who decided to follow him in anguish as he ran to where the woman stood before.

But she was gone.

Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 146 comments Upon her arrival at her father's manor, Gwendolynn was suprised to find that the Prince was no where to be seen. She turned to Sir Terryn with a questioning look in her eyes. "And where might Claudio be?" She asked, raising an eyebrow.

The knight glanced at the small scale castle. "The back gardens." He was suddenly solemn. He nodded to her in respect. "Farewell, milady." And with that, Sir Terryn climbed atop his steed and left with the other knights, the sound of horse's hooves echoing after they had dissappeared from view.

"Gwendolynn," The voice came frmom behind her. It was Lillian, her handmaiden. "He is indeed in the gardens." Lillian was somber, but kind hearted. She also had a habit of simply agreeing with whatever Gwen said. Out of fear? Our of respect? It was all the same.

With a nod, Gwendolynn hurried around the castle and to the gardens, where she found him. Him, the future king of this land. Him, who might one day be her future husband.

He was handsome, sure, with his dark hair and chiseled features. He was about a head taller than Gwendolynn and his eyes were a forest green color.

Gwendolynn could never love him.

But being made queen would win him some affection.

"Lady Gwendolynn," Claudio took two strides to her, closing the distance between them. He took her hand in his and kissed the back of it, strong but gentle like one would expect from the future king. But Gwen couldn't stop seeing the stranger from the market when his lips lingered, before letting go of her hand altogether. "You look lovely as always. Whenever I leave I fear mine memory of yours shall leave too."

Gwen smiled. It was forced, but no one could tell. "And who wrote that for you?" She said, teasing.

Claudio laughed. "And is it so difficult to believe that I can speak my own words?"

"Not as difficult to believe as you not answering me." She let out a light laugh and then sighed. "I'm afraid I must seek a moment to myself. I need to...clear my thoughts."

Claudio nodded and Gwendolynn hurried off. She walked as if she were going back inside, but when he was not looking, Gwendolynn snuck into the woods. In just a few minutesm she had arrived in the small, mossy clearing that she often went to when she needed to thing over her next move.

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Luchionka | 78 comments { Oh gee, sorry. I will be back soon, and am terribly busy right now >.< I need time to reply to this fantastic rp X'D }

Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 146 comments (( That's fine! No need to rush, I understand. Just wanted to make sure you got the notification, as sometimes I miss them, as well. :D ))

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Luchionka | 78 comments Luciano had been rather contemplative that fine afternoon, after meeting the young woman. Her face painted a picture in his mind, and he couldn't help but continually think of her. Why... was the question.
He was certainly destined to find her, and, although obviously a royal, his pesant self should be able to track her down, and possibly speak again.

His hands were jammed in his pockets, as Luciano walked away from the house where Isolde had dragged him. He refused to follow Isolde's orders, which was running the shop. He knew he'd obviously get in trouble.

Upon walking down the silent, dead cobblestone streets, and paying respects to a couple elderly maidens laying on the curves of the winding streets, he made his way to the forest, where his remedy was to pick weeds for his newest potions.

He began at the edge, and then eased his way into the darkness, his mind being eaten by the crazy, yet beautiful things that lived in the forest.
A place where no god given man would ever enter in their right minds.

And yet, Luciano found himself to be sin, so he entered the forest.

He stared at the ground in front of him, and picked another weed, placing it in his bag.
It was almost like... a light in the soul, when he looked ahead of him, and saw no other than a small clearing, shining its light upon the darkness of the ground.

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Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 146 comments It wasn't Gwendolynn's fault that the prince was so enamoured with her. She couldn't help what he felt for her, right? Gwen couldn't help but wonder how deep his supposed feelings for her were. Of course, no one culd ever be sure of Claudio's motives. Perhaps he was only using her because he would need a queen.

Perhaps she was using him as well. That, indeed, was what was happening, though Gwendolynn didn't want to admit it to herself. A queen? How splendid a title! If only Gwen could claim it as hers...

Still, Gwen was quite conflicted about it. She had always dreamt of a passion in her life, even now, but those were just silly fancies. Gwendolynn had to be realistic. Claudio was the best she could ever do and marriage could give her so many things that she wanted, and Gwen liked to get what she wanted.

Her breathing finally calmed as she trudged through the forestry, pulling her dress up every now and then to step over mud or rock formations. It was beautiful out here, though a deadly beauty. Much like Gwen was herself, though being manipulative was another thing Gwendolynn wouldn't admit to herself.

She knew she wasn't supposed to be out here. Her father had told her that countless times before. But Gwendolynn piece out here.

She should also be getting back to Claudio. He would be waiting for her, that was for sure. But, something kept Gwen going deeper and deeper into the forests. And then, she stopped in her tracks.

Not so far from where she stood was a man The man. The one from the market who had given her a flower and kissed her hand. Why was he out here? Did someone send him to fetch her?

Nervously, Gwen took a step back, unsure of how to proceed.

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