Crushed (Pretty Little Liars, #13) Crushed discussion

Kate Radall, Hanna's step-sister

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Sarah Kennedy It's been a while since I've read this book but I can't seem to figure out what the deal with Kate is. What caused her to be nice all of the sudden? Will she keep it up in the following books and is she to be trusted? I know her role in Crushed was minor, but I still think of how she was friends with real Ali for a brief period.

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Aline The problem with this series its because there are so many books and then the series are airing at the same time ...that's make us confusing...I don't even remember if she is nice or if she is just playing nice (more like kate the second choice). I don't like kate anyway.

Alexis Kate and Hanna have a love/hate relationship; occasionally they'll have a "moment," but most of the time there is animosity between them. Hanna is jealous of Kate and her mom because she feels that they are taking her father away from her, and Kate finds it amusing to trick Hanna and humiliate her and vice versa.

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