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ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 454 comments Here we are.

message 2: by Luchionka (new)

Luchionka | 38 comments Ah thank you!
So, may I ask, what kind of RPs do you like to do?
Anime, teen,
romance, etc?

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 454 comments Paranormal/supernatural/syfy romance

message 4: by Luchionka (new)

Luchionka | 38 comments Great... um...
And do we use anime pictures on here or teen pictures?

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 454 comments You have seen my profile pic right? Of course we can use anime pics! ^.^

message 6: by Luchionka (new)

Luchionka | 38 comments Haha! Great! I love anime pics~
And, do you usually be the girl, or the guy?
I can do either...

I was also thinking of a supernatural romance rp, as in like a forbidden love between demon and human. Heh I like those ^^

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 454 comments So do I and I'd like to be the girl if its okay.

message 8: by Luchionka (new)

Luchionka | 38 comments Yep no problem~
I hope you don't mind if I be the demon...

We can do high school, or college ages if you want.

And, a form...
Can you post a name, age, personality, and a picture of the character for me? That would be wonderful.

message 9: by ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (last edited Nov 16, 2013 11:44AM) (new)

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 454 comments Sounds good to me. I'll make my character then. Oh and high school would be fine

message 10: by Luchionka (new)

Luchionka | 38 comments Oh wait... are you making your form now, or did you want me to go first?

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 454 comments Name: Sora Ziraly
Age: 16
Appearance: description

message 12: by Luchionka (new)

Luchionka | 38 comments Oh okay~
Thank you~

Name: Luke Wojciecowski
Age: 19
Personality: a rather subtle person, but cocky and brave, who is rather insensitive and uncaring for the most part.

message 13: by Luchionka (new)

Luchionka | 38 comments And, would you like to start or me?
I dont mind either one ^~^

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 454 comments Cool... so how do you want to start this?

message 16: by Luchionka (new)

Luchionka | 38 comments { I'm sorry, I was gone }
The sun was low in the sky, just rising, as Luke arose from his bed, and began to head to school. It was his first day actually associating with humans, of any sort, and was somewhat anxious to begin doing so.
He walked alone. He used to have a large family... but being a demon, it was a reasonable excuse that they would be dead.

Luke kicked the old, wrinkled leaves from his path, as he stared at the ground, not paying attention to anyone or anything. The cold soaked through his clothes, but that was okay too. He didn't even care.
It was peaceful. A good time to think.

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 454 comments ((My phone was charging and I'm also watching anime))

Sora wakes to the sunlight peeking through her certains and to the soft music that now rang through her alarm clock's speakers. Her eyes flutter open and close suddenly due to the strong light of the morning sun. Why did she have to stay up have the night reading her favorite novel? It took a toll on her when ever she did something like that. She pulls her blanket over her head denying that today was a school day, until her mother walks into her room.
"Sora willowmina Ziraly, you get up and get dressed before I have your brother come in here." Her mother warns seriously. "And you know exactly what he would do, there is also no crying to me then."
Sora's eyes flash open as she sits up suddenly. She looks at the door as her mother was closing it. With a troubled sigh she gets up to get ready.

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Luchionka | 38 comments { It's no problem :3 }
Luke went quiet and stared at the students walking into the school. Apparently, he must have been early, for the students seemed to be walking rather slowly, and not rushing. Didn't humans rush when they were late, anyways? That's what the other demons of his clan told him, at least. Well... that's what Isolde, his sister, told him anyways. She used to have a human to look out for too.

He had this person or whatever that his clan assigned him to look after, as if he/she was something special. Why a human anyways? Luke really didn't have the time nor patience to go and take care of someone... Why him?!

He shook his head faintly at the thought and stared ahead of him, then decided it was better to go into the classroom. Senior class 2-A. That sounded about right.

Luke made his way to the entrance of the school, and opened the door, heading inside to an empty classroom, with only the slim rays of light peeking through the small windows.

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 454 comments Sora grumbles as she walks to her closet to pick out her usual uniform for school. The red plaid skirt came close to her knees as the school allowed. The shirt was pale white with lines of red around the pocket lip, cuffs of the shirt, and the collar. When she looks at herself in the mirror she groans again. She had a serious case of bedhead. The brush ran quickly through her hair, quickly getting rid of all the unruly ends that stood on its own.

With sora being dressed and her hair managed, she headed downstairs to the kitchen. Her brother ruffed her hair a little, making her grumble a bit. He only laughed as he grabbed his bag, only to look over his shoulder at her.
"You coming little sis?" He mocks lightly, watching her fix her hair.
"Yeah." Sora says picking up her bag before following him out the door. "Bye mom, see you after school."
"Alright. Be safe." Her mother says looking up at them from her book.

message 20: by Luchionka (new)

Luchionka | 38 comments The day was so calm. Luke really liked the serenity of the day. But there was still something off about the day. He knew he had to see humans that day, and for some reason, that made him nervous. He hadn't socialized with humans in around 50 years, it seemed. He was still at a very young age for a demon.

He took out a pencil and some paper, as a rather busy looking teacher entered the classroom, carrying an armful of books and pencils. He smiled in acknowledgement to the new student, and then began to inform him about how the school worked. It was weird, in his mind. He wondered why they needed these... grades. But it was the human way. So he had to follow it. He didn't recognize that in his previous life, that there was school. In his past life, no one went to school! That's why this was all new.

Eventually, students began to file in the room, and he watched as they came in. These students weren't really pretty, to be quite honest. There were plenty of nice looking demons but... These humans weren't exactly... nice looking. But that didn't matter.

He searched the door to find a human that maybe he'd want to take his/her soul. Maybe.
Depends on how nice they are.

He took souls in strategy, depending on how pleasant they were. The more pleasant ones, the better they tasted, in his opinion. He knew his sister loved mean souls, but he was different.

And he waited.

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 454 comments Sora kicks her brother's butt before he had left her to the horrors of highschool life. With a humpf of breath, she started to walk down to her first class through the sea of students in the tight halls. Her books got bumped out of her arms as she entered the class with another student, who rudely pushed passed her.

She bent down to retreave her book, reseaving no help as more people filled in from the hallway, scattering her belongings across the floor. When she got all her papers picked up, the bell rang to signal the start of the class. With hurried steps, she sat down into her assigned seat. She looks to the board with shy eyes.

message 22: by Luchionka (new)

Luchionka | 38 comments The opening of a door startled Luke to raise his eyes to the front of the classroom.
It was a girl, not too bad in looks. Probably a decently attractive human, for his tastes, who had come in the room, looking rather shy and embarrassed. He wondered why she was though. She looked perfectly fine!

And yet, there were kids laughing and snickering at her entrance. He wondered why, again. It kind of made him mad. Is this how humans treated with each other? With cruelty? No wonder so many made contracts with the devil. There were so many that were rude!

He looked back at the girl he didn't recognize, and subtly waved, not knowing what to expect in return. Maybe she was just as mean as the other kids. It was worth a try though. She seemed almost... lonely.

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 454 comments Sora sees a waving hand and though it may not be towards her, she blushes little and smiles shyly to a new face in the classroom.

The boy was rather good looking to her. This made her blush a little heavier. Now the question was, why was he waving? Was it to her? No one really paid attention to her other than to laugh at her clumsiness. Most of it wasn't even her fault.

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Luchionka | 38 comments The professor suddenly distracted him from his attention to the girl.
Luke looked up in surprise, and headed to the front of the class, as the professor had motioned for him to walk to.
He did not speak a word, but the professor said his name for the class to hear, then motioned for him to sit once again. He did so, still utterly confused as to what was going on.

Lunch seemed to come rather quickly that day, in his mind. The bell rang.
He followed some of the students to the cafeteria, and planned on merely eating by himself. Maybe he'd go to the roof... maybe he'd stick around the small, over crowded cafeteria.

It was to his surprise that many of the girls seemed to chase after him. Why? Was he attractive in their eyes or something? They sure weren't. There were a few that weren't bad, but he knew he wasn't the best looking in the bunch.

He greeted the girls in his usual suave manner, and then headed over to a table to eat, many of them trailing behind him, as if a bunch of slaves following their master.

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 454 comments The day drug on slowly for sora. When lunch calm, she was somewhat relieved. Her stomach surly told her why after a few moments.

As she enter the over crowded lunch hall, she sees a crowd of girls around someone. With her curiosity peeking, she made a better choice to ignore it and head to the end of the lunch line.

Soon people filled in behind her to pull her behind them. He looks up at them and sighs. It was like this everyday.

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Luchionka | 38 comments Luke was actually really surprised when he saw everyone around him. He wasn't sure if he liked it or not... but so far, he was liking it. They were nice, these humans. Maybe one of them, after school, he'd take their soul.

No wait! What about that girl over there. That one he saw earlier today. A smug smile spread across his face, as he walked in her direction, shrugging the girls off his back. After a few minutes, they got irritating.
He wondered why humans did this.

"Hey!" He said boldly, waving his hand to the strange girl. She seemed nice. He could easily be able to steal her soul, just from the looks of her. Haha, this would be fun.

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 454 comments sora heard a guy's voice as one of the people behind her pulled her behind them, making her fall. she gritted her teeth as she hit the floor with a light thud. why did they always do this to her?

with a small shake of her head, she got up and finds the new boy standing in front of her. this was turning out to be a strange day and she didn't know weither it was something good or not. oddly enough she thought his attention was on her, which never happened before.

message 28: by Luchionka (new)

Luchionka | 38 comments Everyone stared.
Luke smirked at the human's petty reactions. What was so interesting? He was just interested in taking her soul, like he was sent down here to do so.

"Oy, girl. How are you?" he said, a slight smirk on his face.
"I'd like to.. maybe take you out or something. It's not bad... you just seem like a nice person, so I thought I'd give you a chance. What do you say?" He raised an eyebrow, his subtle eyes fell upon hers. They were cold... but pretty in a way.

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 454 comments Sora peeks at the people around her and she blushes. They were all staring at her, seeing how she would answer. Her body started to tremble slightly and she couldn't speak. His cold eyes burned into her, making her lightheaded.

This wasn't good. A few more moments of this and she'd surely faint.

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Luchionka | 38 comments Luke stared at her with confuse eyes.
"Um.... Miss?" He said, raising an eyebrow. "You look dreadfully pale..." He hesitated and stared at the rest of the kids.
"Yo. A*sholes! Get out of here! You're making her scared." That was his first conclusion.
And almost immediately, the kids flocked away, and it was only them, facing each other.

He placed a hand on her shoulder.
"It's okay. Please, don't worry. It's only a question. You can answer honestly." He smiled cheerfully.

Gosh, she smelled... So good!

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 454 comments Sora barely had heard what he had said as the stares started to disappear. She flinched she as felt warmth touch her shoulder. Her eyes focused again and she looked into his eyes. Why did he ask her out? Confusion washed over her as she took a step away from the boy.

She looked to the nonexisting line for lunch and she made a move to grab a tray. Her hands were trembling too much to grab a hold of the blue tray.

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Luchionka | 38 comments "H-Hey!" He said, almost offended.
"Don't feel bad near me, really! I like you! I think we can get to be good friends!" He pleaded, taking his hand off her shoulder.
He quickly took her hand away from the tray. She was trembling.
"C'mon, this place probably isn't the best for you..."
He dragged her out of the lunch room, as all stared in confusion and astonishment.

Wasn't she... not cool or something? So, why did the new kid care?
He probably didn't know any better.

Luke took her outside, and sighed.
"I hope you aren't hungry, miss." He said with a cheeky smile, and bowed his head slightly.
"I'm sorry I scared you... I really am. That wasn't my intention, by far."

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Luchionka | 38 comments {Hello :3 }

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 454 comments sora let herself be taken out of the lunchroom dispite her hunger. she didn't really want to stay in the crowded room where everyone could listen to her every word. it made her feel uncomfortable. though the fact that his words had calmed her down a bit confused her. she peeked up at him as the exit the lunchroom, her gray eye surveying him. he didn't mean to scare her? why come after her then?

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Luchionka | 38 comments Luke dragged this new girl through the empty hallways, with no one to follow him. He wondered why they weren't... He was so dangerous, and they didn't know! It was hilarious!

He dragged the girl up to a solemn door by the front of the school, and walked up a flight of stairs.

"My dear, you seem rather uncomfortable!" He said quietly shutting the door behind him, a grim smile coming across his face as he ascended on the rooftop.
"What is the problem?"

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 454 comments Alarms tripped in her mind as they came to a stop on the roof of the school. Why here? Sora didn't want to think the worst of the new kid, but he better not cross the line with her. He kept asking question after question and that alone kinds annoyed her. Now with no one watching her, besides the boy, she gave out a relaxed breath. She opens to her eyes and looks straight into him eyes unafraid.

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Luchionka | 38 comments Luke sighed softly, and shut the door behind him, a faint smile on his face.
"What's wrong?" He asked once more, this time, his voice considerably softer and kinder.
Luke placed a hand comfortingly on her shoulder, and continued with that strange, smug smile.

He would wait a few minutes before... doing anything.
He'll let her see the world first before it should be taken from her eyes.

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 454 comments Sora shakes her head lightly. "Quit smiling at me." She says, backing away from him. There was a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach that wounldn't go away. It started when he had closed the door to the roof.

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Luchionka | 38 comments Luke immediately stopped smiling at his request.
"I... I'm sorry." He whispered quietly, putting his hands in his pockets.
"Why are you so shy? Why can't you... Just... Trust me? Like, I'm not going to hurt you." He said softly. "I just kind of want to be your friend."

Was that true? Possibly.
Little did he or she know what was ever to possibly come.

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 454 comments "My friend?" Sora questions with a confused expression. "No one wants to be my friend." She turns around and walks to one end of the roof and sat down. Her mind was boggled by what he just said. Why does anyone want to be my friend. There must be an alterior motive.

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Luchionka | 38 comments Ah good! She was sitting down, ready to be... Well...
"What do you mean, no one wants to be your friend? Why not?! You're such a nice person, from looks, and you're pretty, at that!" He had a concerned look to his eye.
"Won't you let me be your friend?" He pleaded, a sad look in his eye.

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 454 comments Sora shakes her head. "No and I'm not pretty." She says denying everything. She hides her face in her knees. Her eye stung as tears sprung forward.

message 43: by Luchionka (new)

Luchionka | 38 comments Luke didn't sympathize one bit, but he couldn't help but walk up to her, and kneel by her side.
"Wh--of course you're pretty!" He defended.
"Why don't you think you are?!"
Was this still playing into his trick still?! He only hoped--
What if she was playing a pity trick?!
He put a hand on her shoulder.
"If anything-- I think you're pretty." He smiled softly.

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 454 comments "Just leave me alone." Sora says while moving away from him. She was a little happy about being called pretty but she pushed it away. There was no way it was true.

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Luchionka | 38 comments Luke went quiet. He couldn't just let his prized possession go like this. He worked hard.
"No!" Luke gasped angrily, grabbing her arm and shoving her back on the wall.
"Why?! Why don't you like someone like me?!" He said strictly, his eyes burning with sudden ambition.

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 454 comments Sora winces as he pushed her back into the wall. Fear creeped into her a soaring pace as her head hit the wall a few seconds after. She began to shake terribly, coming close to passing out.

message 47: by Luchionka (new)

Luchionka | 38 comments Luke didn't mean to hurt her like that... He wanted the satisfaction of hurting her in a different way! Why had he pushed her so hard?!

Luke grit his teeth, and realized that this was probably the only chance he'd get to rid of her soul.

He leaned down very slowly, and was nearly touching lips with her for a split second.

He gave a small smile, before even moving forward.
But he never touched lips.

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 454 comments Sora's eyes widened as he came closer to her. He hurt me and now he was trying to kiss me. So not going to happen. Fear soon turned to hatred as she saw him smirk. She quickly punched him in the face, knocking him to the ground. She ran for the door as she was rid of him for the moment.

message 49: by Luchionka (new)

Luchionka | 38 comments Luke gasped as she hit him, and stood up immediately, rushing to her. He refused to use any aid, from being a demon, not unless she would spill all that he has done.

"Hey! What the hell was that for?!" He yelled, reaching for her, but missed.

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 454 comments Sora luckily dodged his attempt to grab her and ran into a well known body. She looks up and saw her older brother. He looked down at her a bit worried. "You okay, sis." She nods and looks at him. "Why are you here?"

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