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Hello! :)

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Um I usually like to do around 19-22 and if it would be alright I would like to be the female?

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Yeah that sounds good. So I am guessing you to be that is one less question to ask.

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Yeah sounds great! So for the charrie tenmplate thingy do you want to just do Name, age, and appearance and then the rest can be rp'd?

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Okay I will make mine in a sec

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Name: Teagan Anay
Age: Nineteen
Appearance: {Ebba Zingmark in case you want to see what she looks like at different angles and such}

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I am not really sure actually... maybe it is the first day of college and he helps her carry a box to her dorm or something?

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Sure! :)

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Teagan waved to her aunt as she drove away and then looked at the large box that sat in front of her. Her aunt had helped her move the other boxes, but she didn't have anymore time so Teagan was left on her own for this one. She sighed and tried to lift it up. ((Sorry I gtg. Byee!!))

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Teagan looked up at the voice, "Oh um, yeah. Thanks." she moved over so the boy could help her lift the box. ((I will be more detailed later, I am a tad busy right now lol))

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Teagan pointed to the left, "Just right up there on the third floor." she said. She glanced at the man's face, he was pretty handsome.

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"Russia." she said. She was good at concealing her accent, but sometimes it slipped out. She walked slowly next to him, guiding her to her dorm.

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Teagan laughed gently. They arrived at the dorm and she unlocked the door. "Thank you so much, I really appreciate it." she said, her accent slipping at the end.

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Teagan pulled out a five dollar bill from the wallet that sat on the nearby bed. She handed it to him, "Just a little something to thank you." she laughed lightly again.

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Teagan laughed and rolled her eyes, "Yeah nice try, but no."

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"And why is it that you are trying to persuade me?" she says, a hint of humor in her voice.

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Teagan laughed and gently pulled her hand away. "Look, I just got here and the next few days will be kind of stressful. Maybe I'll get back to you on that, but for now I would like to unpack." she smiled and pushed him out the door, before closing it.

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"You wish." she said through the door, grinning as well. She started to open one of the boxes.

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She laughed, "If I give you my number will you leave?" she says, leaning against the other side of the door.

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"Don't push it pal." she said slightly laughing.

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She opened the door a crack and peered through it. "Do I still get to give you my number?" she teased.

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"You know what? I am actually hungry." She grabbed the phone and scarf that sat right next to her and slipped out the door. "Let's go get a bite to eat." she said as she locked the dorm door.


((I like to post what she is wearing...if you don't like it or it gets annoying then tell me and I will stop))

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"Deal." she said as they began to walked down the stairs, "What do you want to eat?" she asked, looking up at him

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They walked down the road until they reach downtown. She though for a second before suggesting a place, "There is this really good restaurant, Star Noodle, it had a variety of foods from all over Asia. Does that sound okay?" she asked, not sure if he like Asian foods.

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Her cold hand was enveloped in her warm one; it was nice. She led him to the restaurant and went inside. They were greeted by the scent of fresh herbs, and thick spices.

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Teagan looked through the menu. She already knew what she was going to get, but she liked to look anyways. "So it's cheaper if we order a bunch of dishes and the split them all." she said.

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Bethany | 62 comments Just then their waiter walked up, and said. "Good evening,my name is Rachel I'll be your waiter today."

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((Hahahahahaha no Beth I have to make a new topic for us to roleplay in XD This is just a 1x1 topic!))

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Teagan nodded, "Let's just do that. We get more food that ways anyways." she said with a laugh

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((Lol okay. Sorry about that btw XD that is my best friend and I just introduced her to the website and roleplaying...she is still a little unsure of how to do it loool))

Teagan looked at him, "So, what is your name?" she asked, realizing she didn't know it yet.

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"Teagan." she responded, taking a sip of the water the waitress just brought over for them.

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Teagan rolled her eyes, "Was that the best pick-up line you could think of?" she said smiling.

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She shrugged, "I'm not really into that sleazy stuff anyways." she said, grinning. The waitress came with the food they had ordered and placed it on the table.

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They ate and chatted. Teagan looked down at the clock on her phone, "I should probably get back home and start unpacking..." she spologized.

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((It's okay))

Teagan nodded and stood up, walking out with him. "So is this your first year of college?" she asked him.

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She nodded, "Yeah. I am excited though, for a new life experience."

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They soon returned to the college. "Welp, see you later I guess." she said grinning, walking backwards slowly.

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