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message 1: by Caru (new)

Caru The first person says a song and the second person rates it from 1-10 and then names a song

first one Royals by Lorde

message 2: by Aline (new)

Aline 10 stars...you picked one that I loved.


message 3: by Caru (new)

Caru 10

message 4: by Meg (new)

Meg 10


message 5: by Caru (new)

Caru never heard
Love Somebody by Maroon 5

message 6: by Ken (new)

Ken (kensamcampo) never heard of it

message 7: by Aiman (new)

Aiman Payphone

message 8: by Brittany (new)

Brittany 9

Everything has changed- Taylor Swift

message 9: by Caru (new)

Caru 5
One more night by Maroon 5

message 10: by Izzy (new)

Izzy (izzybookholics) 8

Final Warning – Skylar Grey

message 11: by ๖ۣۜMegan (new)

๖ۣۜMegan (mermaid12108) 5
How to save a life-The Fray

message 12: by Dimpu (new)

Dimpu (theradiantmockingjay) | 43 comments 10

Demons - Imagine Dragons

message 13: by Sayra, Leader of this group (new)

Sayra (saiyrahoque) | 217 comments Mod

message 14: by Sayra, Leader of this group (new)

Sayra (saiyrahoque) | 217 comments Mod
The monster - rihanna

message 15: by Dimpu (new)

Dimpu (theradiantmockingjay) | 43 comments 7

Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO

message 16: by Niloo (new)

Niloo N (niloon) 5

careless whisper - George Michael

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