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Which love triangle do you think is stronger?

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sim First, MESSAGE TO ALL YOU PEOPLE WHO'VE READ CHAMPION: I haven't read it so please no spoilers!

Okay, so which love triangle do you think is more unpredictable (to be honest, both are pretty weak but still) June-Day-Anden or June-Day-Tess (JDT is not REALLY a love triangle because its one sided)??
I think its JDA. What do you think??

Ilana unpredictable, i'd have to say JDT - just because i think that we know where Anden's feelings are coming from in all this. remember that he's been relatively sheltered, and he's in a position of power where he both wants to use that for his own goal and he wants to use it against get her.

with Tess though,i think that she goes a bit rogue sometimes, and while i can't imagine that Day and Tess would be together in the end, i think that there's something interesting there.

mind you - i did read Champion and i think that you'll be pleased with how it nets out among all these characters...for the most part.

Bipasha the tess one, coz anden is worse. at least tess has a good rreason, but anden ... he's belch. LOVE DAY!

message 4: by Raiyna (new)

Raiyna June-Day-Tess. Tess is different than Anden, she takes bolder moves, things that aren't predictable. In the book, when she loses her cool and fights with Day, I honestly didn't expect that. I thought Tess would back down because Day is the one who has cared for her from the start- she has new friends, but honestly, he has been there for her whole life. We know that Anden is in love with June, and that he's sweet and adorable. His characteristics made me expect a lot of things that happened. Tess, the supposedly perfect adorable sweet girl, losing her head to of all people, Day? Talk about unpredictable!

Madi Vanden june-day-tess because Tess was way more persistent then Anden, I was getting so frustrated when Tess was yelling at Day about June

Heather James I liked the JDA love triangle, because I was really torn as to who I thought was a better fit for June - each made sense in their own way.

Julia Wang Heather wrote: "I liked the JDA love triangle, because I was really torn as to who I thought was a better fit for June - each made sense in their own way."

That's true but I still think June-Day-Tess is stronger.

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Nurlely None is a strong love triangle. With JDA, June didn't give Anden as much as she gives Day is because she knows that Day is alive, even though he didn't recognise her. She always keeps her hope with Day. As long as Day is alive, Anden has a very little chance.

(It's rather difficult to answer without a bit of spoiler)

With JDT, Day found it very hard to accept a different kind of love with Tess. For Day, Tess is always his little sister, even though he acknowledged her changes from a cute little sister to someone more a stranger. Day will always love Tess like he loves Eden. Day didn't even go for a passionate love with Tess when he totally forgot June, when June was no one for him but someone from the Republic.

With JDA a very little possibility, with JDT none whatsoever.

Abby I honestly found both very strong. With the JDT, you almost wondered who Dash would pick. He knew Tess ever since the two of them were just children. When he no longer sees her as the little orphan, you begin to wonder if his feelings would have turned.

JDA always gave you wonders because Anden and June come from the same side and they know their people. All though, Anden was quite bold and he did try to end up with June.

Either way, I really preferred Day and June over anybody else.

Angel umm that's a hard one i think JAD (no spoilers)

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