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Emma Hi! So, what genre do you like?

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Emma Okay, do you want to do something fantasy? Or maybe something with superheroes or something? And....I used the word something too much.

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Emma I'm fine with that. That's actually better, because I do too much fantasy. Did you have a specific plotline in mind?

message 4: by Emma (new)

Emma blah blah XD I like it. We could do it so that the bad boy gets into trouble with the law or something and it gets the girl in trouble?

message 5: by Emma (new)

Emma OOh, fun :) Okay. How detailed do you want the characters to be?

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Emma Okay, I'll make mine now then :)

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Emma Name: Gabriella Stella St.Germain
She adopts the middle name Stella to use as her first name when she runs away.
Age: 17
Stella has dirty blond wavy hair that is fairly long, falling halfway down her back. She is tall, standing at 5'10 and has green eyes that can look blue or even gray depending on her mood and the lighting. She isn't a very athletic person, but she can run long distances and is soft on her feet. She's confident without being snobby or over-the-top. She is a great singer and actress and she will run away because her parents aren't letting her follow her dreams and live her own life.

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Emma Night :)

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Emma I'll start

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Emma "Gabriella, we aren't going to talk about this!" Her mother yelled, as Gabby ran up the stairs."There is no way you are going to go to an art school and later fail and start living in my basement!"
"Good to know!" Gabby responded, through the tears running down her face. She reached her bedroom and immediately started packing a bag. "Then I won't be around for you to control!" She ran back out of her room, down the stairs and finally, out of the house. She didn't stop running.

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Emma She stumbled forward, but tucked herself into a roll before she could hurt herself. She was suddenly grateful for all the karate classes she had taken. She just kept running, until she couldn't anymore, and she sat down in an alleyway to cry.

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Emma Gabby wondered, how it had all gotten to that point. To the point where she didn't have a home, didn't have anywhere to go and there was nothing she could do about it. She curled up and rested her head on her knees, letting the tears fall.

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Emma She didn't hear him or see him, with her head down and her eyes closed.

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Emma She looked up and pressed herself harder against the wall, she didn't know this guy and was suddenly aware of how stupid she was being. "Yeah. I'm fine." She said, wiping her eyes and getting onto her feet.

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Emma She looked at her feet, "Do you have a name?" She asked, it was the first thing she could think of to say.

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Emma She nodded, "Just checking." She pressed her lips together. "I'm fine, you know." She added, feeling majorly awkward and hating her current situation.

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Emma "Well, you know, whenever anyone says they're fine they're really lying." She pointed out, "So at least you don't lie to yourself. I can't say the same about me."

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Emma "That I'm an idiot." She didn't know why she was saying this, especially to a person on the street that she didn't know. But he seemed normal, mostly.

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Emma (())

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Emma "Well... Both, I suppose." She shrugged and stared at her feet.

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Emma "Ga-" she started to say her name, but cut herself off. "You can call me Stella." She told him.

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Emma She shook it. "You as well." She said with a sigh, the circumstances certainly weren't great.

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Emma "I ran away. so....I don't really have anywhere else to go." Stella looked down at her feet. She really hadn't been practical, she was wearing a pair of moccasins.

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Emma "Yeah. In all of five minutes. Beautiful, right?" She forced a laugh.

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Emma She met his gaze, "Does it really matter?" She asked, a hard expression on her face.

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Emma "I don't really think it does." She disagreed with a sigh, sitting back down with her legs crossed.

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Emma She glared at him, "I'm seventeen. How old are you?" Stella tried to evade the question again.

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Emma "My parents weren't letting me live my life." She said simply, quietly.

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Emma "Oh, it's all too typical. You can't do this, you will do that, you won't do that, you will do this." She sighed. She was almost ranting now, she seemed pathetic even to herself.

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Emma "What?" She asked, closing her eyes for a minute and trying to compose herself.

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Emma .

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Emma "No, it wasn't. It is now." She stated, then started feeling uncomfortable with all the questions. "Why do you care, anyways?"

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Emma .

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Emma "Well, I don't know you, for starters."

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Emma "How old are you?" She asked, for a second time.

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Emma Stella rolled her eyes. "Give me numbers. Digits. Probably two of them. Likely starts with a two."

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Emma She smiled. "Was that really that hard? And 21 isn't that old."

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Emma "Exactly. It's not. Glad you see my point of view." She said, smiling.

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Emma "I think I've done okay, myself. You could also be incredibly immature."

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Emma "And yet you live on the streets?" She raised an eyebrow.

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Emma "Then why are you here in this alley?"

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Emma "Mm. Then why don't you go home and leave me alone." She didnt mean it as a question, or a request.

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Emma "I'm not going home. I don't have a home to go back to, okay?" She almost yelled the last part.

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Emma "Why can't you just go away?" She asked, tired of arguing.

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Emma She cracked a smile. "You sound like my dad, too."

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Emma She smiled. "But as long as you don't sound like my mom- it's cool."

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