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Katie ((Roleplay, choose a character and go! Character cannot be one from the book))

Sierra was running, and running hard. She heard the heavy footsteps of her pursuers and ran even faster, if that was possible. She looked around, for a place of shelter, but found nothing.

Her heart started to thump loudly as a twang of panic sprang through her chest. This was it. She was going to die.

She did the only sensible thing to do in a situation like this. She curled up into a ball and cryed.

'Why me?' She thought as a sob escaped out of her mouth. 'Why me?'

She felt a hand on her shoulder, and prepared for the worst. Her whole body tensed.

Suddenly, the hand was shaking her. What did it want? Why didn't they just kill her already?

"Sierra, Sierra!"

The sound of her name startled her. How did they know her name?

Suddenly the projecter was turnned off.

Sierra looked around the room. Her trainer was standing behind her with his rough hand gripping her shoulder. Embarassed, she brushed his hand off and stood up.

Her trainer and her father exchanged glances.

"S-sorry, I-" she started

"No need," her father mumbled. "Really, just...don't"

Being from district one, Sierra was expected to be one of the best. She was almost 15, and that's how many years she'd been training.

Her trainer reguested to have a private word with her father, and then walked into the room next to them.

Frustrated, she kicked the simulation helmet and screamed a few cuss words into the empty air.

Again the same question flashed through her mind. 'Why me?!'

walked into the room next to them

Coolgirl2000 Her father had always wanted a boy. He thought that boys were more aggressive, more desirable in the capitol world. Her mother had loved and defended her from her father. She had accepted Sierra for who sierra really was. But tha was before her mother had disappeared.
Sierra wondered again at how she of all people was being sent to the capitol. Her overly violent older sister didnt help matters either. 'Why didn't she volunteer for me?'
Now sierra was probably going to be dead in a matter of days unless she managed to kill 23 of which her best friend.

(sorry about the capitolization, punctuation and grammar errors)

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