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message 1: by Tina (new)

Tina Smith (tinasmith) | 4 comments Hi Authors,
My name is Tina Smith. I am an author. I inspire, entertain and examine life. I write paranormal, romantic and suspense fueled tales about cursed wolves. They tend to be a little gothic and dreamy.
I am starting a publishing co-op. I will publish your short story in a novel with other authors, including myself. I am seeking approximately 4 other authors to write a short paranormal story each. If you are an author who has at least a three star rating or above on Goodreads and Amazon and at least 25 reviews - PNR, Sci-Fi, Fantasy writers preferred (criteria is flexible) - please consider working with me. I plan to have the completed short story novel published by December next year. Participants will be chosen by me by February 2014. Stories submitted by July 2014.
I am excited about this new venture.

Benefits are you will have 5 times the marketing power to get your name out there. This is an opportunity unlike any other to cross promote your name/work and have inclusion in an anthology. You have the opportunity to earn as much money and exposure as you would having written a full novel, in less than half the time with half the effort. As well as the invaluable prospect of reaching a multitude of new readers. On top of that, you have the chance to work with other up and coming authors, who will promote your work.

Any subject matter within the PN genre is applicable - Vampires, Werewolves, Fae, Angels, Trolls, Aliens etc. I am considering Sci-fi, Fantasy and Space Opera type genre’s. Stories should be around 15, 000 words and not exceeding 20, 000 words. At this stage stories should either be geared towards the Y/A to New Adult Market. Let’s say on the cleaner side of N/A.

Each author will be responsible for the editing of their own contributed work. If the author wishes to withdraw their work from the project they can only do so after the first term of KDP Select. I will remove the story myself and resubmit the book minus the requested short story. But hopefully that won’t happen (famous last words).
All authors will be credited and links to author sites will be embedded in the book at the end of each story - up to three web addresses (Twitter, Facebook, and author’s website or Amazon Author page for example). Obviously links to competitors such as Smashwords won’t be allowed because they are Amazon’s competition. The end of the book will contain a short bio for each author with the same links - along, with a singular thank you to the reader and request to review the book online with the novels link on Amazon.

I will format the Kindle ebook. Authors are able and encouraged to review the entire work prior to publication, I will send you a pdf document. I will decide on the order of stories with a critique partners input but if you beta read I am open to suggestion of story order. Once published I will enroll the book in KDP Select for at least one term of three months (That is the required time in KDP Select). Offering one 3 day free period to kick off and another two day period, all starting on a Wednesday, approx. 6 to 8 weeks later. Authors can publish the individual contributed stories as long as it does not infringe upon Amazons KDP select policy. Further enrollment will be subject to popular vote. All monetary gain will be divided equally by myself, all documentation of earnings will be made available to all contributors - to show fair distribution of profit. Note though that this is not a goldmine and it costs to cash an international payment. When the book is not in KDP Select the price will be set at $2.99. (Direct deposit payment will be distributed every 12 to 13 months).

The book will be titled: Nightlife: Paranormal/Fantasy short stories from (insert five names).

Being N/A, stories can be scary and contain minimal violence (no rape etc) and sex. They do not have to be HEA.

The cover will be created by me using a simple licence image and font (I created all my current covers).

I will post the book on Goodreads and create a Facebook page. I will also write the blurb. (I have written all my blurbs). I will post a rafflecopter giveaway for the Facebook page. Everyone’s contribution and entitlements are otherwise equal.
The main idea is to gain exposure and network with each other and prospective readers.

Once your story has been in the book for 3 months after publication, with no complaint I will not remove it. It’s in for the long hall, or 2 years after date of publication. After which time I may or may not choose to continue to manage and promote the title and it will be dissolved. You can of course retain your story and publish it as a sole author in the short stories or whatever you wish after this time. You keep the rights to your work. You edit it (please pay someone to edit so that we have a standard). You promote it.

In the meantime the idea is that all the contributing authors promote the book wherever they can and use it as a way of getting more exposure and traffic for their other individual works.
All sales of the title will be conducted through Amazon. And again all monetary gain will be divided equally and recorded via Amazon’s Sales ranking and digital services etc. (as it does for all books). You will receive an ebook copy of the completed version and are welcome to provide it to bloggers for the purpose of review. Names will be listed in order of appearance in a double column format on the cover.

Don’t worry if you haven’t written anything yet that fits the criteria – neither have I, yet.

I don’t know if anyone has ever tried this before, but there is always a first.
I look forward to working with you!

Thanks for your interest.

Message me with questions.

Feedback is welcome.


Kindle: Forbidden; Wolf Sirens Fever;
Night Fall:
Smashwords: Forbidden; Fever:
Night Fall:

Amazon Author Page:

Thank you.

Tina Smith, Author of the Wolf Sirens Series

message 2: by Susan (new)

Susan (mysterywriter) | 15 comments Tina wrote: "Hi Authors,
My name is Tina Smith. I am an author. I inspire, entertain and examine life. I write paranormal, romantic and suspense fueled tales about cursed wolves. They tend to be a little gothic..."

Sounds exciting, and quite ambitious! It's not for me, but I wish you success and hope you'll keep us all posted on your progress.

message 3: by Tina (new)

Tina Smith (tinasmith) | 4 comments Susan wrote: "Tina wrote: "Hi Authors,
My name is Tina Smith. I am an author. I inspire, entertain and examine life. I write paranormal, romantic and suspense fueled tales about cursed wolves. They tend to be a ..."

Thanks Susan,
I assume it's not for you because you don't write the genre? I have been astonished by the lack of reply compared to the amount of interest my posts have generated.
True I am looking for the right authors. I think maybe I have laid too many cards on the table.
The response on LinkedIn, which I thought would have been good, is quieter than a house on Christmas night.

It's a basically simple idea. Write a short story and edit it, then when it is in a book you can post about on facebook, maybe give it to a few bloggers for review - the theory is that times that by 5 and everyone gets exposure that will drawer interest to their other works.

I guess everyone has it going on and they don't need the opportunity?

What do you think honestly?

I am releasing book IV next month in my series and the posts have gotten me way more exposure than I had imagined, so that's a huge plus but now I just need applicants.

Tina Smith

message 4: by Susan (new)

Susan (mysterywriter) | 15 comments Tina wrote: "Susan wrote: "Tina wrote: "Hi Authors,
My name is Tina Smith. I am an author. I inspire, entertain and examine life. I write paranormal, romantic and suspense fueled tales about cursed wolves. They..."

Tina, you're correct in that paranormal/YA isn't my genre. Even if it were, though, I'd have to take a pass right now because of my workload. Between promoting my latest book and working on the next with a deadline looming soon, I'm also resuscitating a local writers/readers group, editing a novel, and teaching nine college classes this term. If I take on anything else my head might fall off! [grin]

I am a bit surprised you haven't seen more reaction, especially considering the number of sci-fi and fantasy writers here on GR. I wonder if some might be confused about what, exactly constitutes a publishing co-op. Or maybe you just gave them so much information they need time to think it over!

As an editor, may I suggest something? Consider revising your original post here with less information and perhaps using a bullet format, or some other structure that makes it easier to read and comprehend. Proofread everything carefully (both here and on your blog).

You're offering what seems to be a wonderful opportunity, but that might have been lost in the narrative.

You could also revise to create a "teaser" with a link to your blog for more information, or perhaps offer an invitation for interested writers to message you.

You're clearly enthusiastic about that project, and your passion for this project is inspiring. Some ideas take time to bloom, and this is a busy time of year for many. Here in the States we're coming up on Thanksgiving holiday, so it's entirely possible some have turned their attention elsewhere.

I'll keep watching the discussion to see what happens. Best wishes!

message 5: by Tina (new)

Tina Smith (tinasmith) | 4 comments Susan wrote: "Tina wrote: "Susan wrote: "Tina wrote: "Hi Authors,
My name is Tina Smith. I am an author. I inspire, entertain and examine life. I write paranormal, romantic and suspense fueled tales about cursed..."

Thank you. I agree with you response, I have actually gotten more feedback and interest with shorter posts, that just include the first two paragraphs.

I figured I better show my plan - but less is more.

You sound like most authors I know, exceedingly busy. :)

Thanks for taking the time to reply to my questions.

Regards Tina

message 6: by Susan (new)

Susan (mysterywriter) | 15 comments Tina wrote: "Thanks for taking the time to reply to my questions..."

Always happy to help another author!

Best wishes,

message 7: by Francis (last edited Nov 21, 2013 06:28AM) (new)

Francis Franklin (francisjamesfranklin) | 32 comments (er, I really need to learn how to read... ignore this)

message 8: by Tina (last edited Nov 22, 2013 02:20AM) (new)

Tina Smith (tinasmith) | 4 comments Hi
I have had some great candidates apply, but I am always open to more!
I will not select a final line up until early next year.

I am thrilled with the amount of well wishers. Thank you.

I have started a Writer Co-op page:

Please Like and Share!

I am still open to applicants.

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