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STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART - A Father's Story of Loss, Bereavement and Redemption by Ed Rayner by Ed Raynert

Genre: Non-fiction; Self-Help; Comfort/Loss of a Loved One/Suicide Survivor
Page Count: 76

Book Description:
Straight From The Heart is a book about a father surviving the suicide of a beloved son. As much as it is a story about the series of events leading up to my son’s taking his own life, this book is intended to be a story of his family and others left behind to suffer as a result of having lost him, particularly me, his father, and for that reason I wanted to write from a father's perspective.

This book's roots lie in when I was asked to write about it by my psychotherapist as a therapeutic exercise during the four years I spent in analysis in the immediate aftermath of my son's death. At the time of this writing, it’s been more than fifteen years since my son passed on … that means he's now been dead longer than he was alive, since the tragedy occurred just shy of his fourteenth birthday.

So why did I write this book? Part of the reason was to help me … perhaps to take the healing process to another level … psychotherapy goes only so far, and here I am fifteen years later. So this account is intended to convey not only the immediate but also the long-term effects. There was also a strong influence of mental illness involved in the messy mix.

Another reason is to help others who have suffered the same tragedy - to give them a road map - they are not alone and my heart goes out to them. Perhaps it owes to a higher calling … to spread the word … a message of encouragement … and most importantly, hope.

Having said that, this book is also about the healing process. For that reason, I've included a Self-Help chapter comprised of suggestions to provide what I hope to be some insights so you may benefit from my personal experience.

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luv 2 win/read this book

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Sent your request Tony

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