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Avril of Themyscira Jack sat in his presidential sweet on the top floor, the adorned gold and burgundy room a model of perfect luxury. He had both the windows in the main room open to let in the smell of the rain, and was smoking an expensive cigar as he looked through files from his work, leaned forward over the table as he sighed. Lonely days and cold nights. That's all he ever seemed to have anymore.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) Alyc stepped across the elegant threshold. With such a high manner of decorum allowed her to blend without question. She carried only the small clutch she owned. She wore a gold lined black dress that swept at her knees. It had been around three years since she had last managed to track him down. She never stayed for long but the visits were well worth the trouble he made it to contact him. She managed to coax a spare key from the bell boy before making her way up the the top floor. He had some way of keeping his class and remaining discreet all at once, it was a trait she had to appreciate. She unlocked the door and walked inside as she was never one for knocking first. "Time has been kind to you then again, it always has" she said, leaning against the gold detailed door frame.

Avril of Themyscira He did not move at first. He did not speak. Only paused in his reading to appreciate her appearance. Always unpredictable. Always opportune. Always welcome to be the last. He then sat up and inhaled her scent mixed with the fresh smell of rain. He couldn't help but remark on how perfect it was. And yet, everything with her always was. He set his cigar in the ashtray and stood in his usual liquid manner, turning to face her. "And it would seem you hold time in the palm of your hand" he smiled irresistibly, unable to contain his outpouring of happiness. His eyes lit on the dress, subtle in the way it perfectly lined her body yet shone out on its own.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) A sly smile creased her lips "I do have a particular gentleman to thank for that" she said, her eyes flickering around the room with momentary interest. She cared less for the room and more for his company. Many a time she had longed to reunite with him, though he did make it so difficult. His appearance was as youthful and regal as ever though his eyes revealed the true wrinkles in his age. "I see you still manage to evade me, and here I thought you enjoyed my last company. So, what has entertained you these long years we've been apart?" she asked, taking small spaced steps as she inspected the room.

Avril of Themyscira He laughed, sitting on the back of the couch as his eyes frantically struggled to take in everything about her presence. The dress was gorgeous and expensive, no doubt he'd paid for it with the money he always offered her at the end of each visit. Perhaps it was wrong. But how could he not? He loved her. And suddenly his aching heart was back to wishing they'd been born later. That they could've gotten married, had children. But he would never ask her for that now. "Well dear being a board executive doesn't exactly free up your schedule. And if I were avoiding you, you wouldn't have found me, for you are the least of my worries. "

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) "Do have any idea the amount of time you intend to stay?" She asked as she peered out at the night view from his window as she leaned herself against the ledge. However he managed to think, she could pay her own ways. Most of the money he gave to her went to finding him again when a new lead would arise. She would never admit to how prominent that was in her life. She could always put up the facade that she was here for her murder case. "And how is your business thriving? Still working both over and on the line of legality?" she asked as her mind calmed to the sense of his presence. The idea of asking him to take her along on his travels was a tempting one, but she feared that he would lose his interest in her as the mysterious intricacies of her slowly dissipated.

Avril of Themyscira He smiled and smoothed his shirt, pacing across the room , standing behind her with his hands upon the ledge, reveling in the scent of her. He took a hand and ran it through her gorgeous dark hair, moving it over her shoulder and tracing the crescent on her neck that he'd left nearly a century ago. He wished more than anything to stay however long he could be with her, but to admit that would be to admit love and vulnerability. "A while, i suppose" he finally whispered, figuring it was an open ended statement.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) Alyc closed her eyes as he grew near. She closed her eyes and continue to take in calm breaths of the chilled night air as his hands slipped through her black locks and revealed the vaguely concealed scar "admiring your work?" she inquired, slipping her hand along the edge of the ledge. Thought she kept it from connecting with his. "One can do an awfully lot with a while" she teased softly, overlapping his hand at her neck. "Of course, that is never your intention behind seeing me."

Avril of Themyscira "Oh?" He breathed, his breath hot and sweet against her neck as his hand on the ledge slowly slid to her hip, and he smiled partially, his eyes on her the whole time, as everything else seemed to fade away in her presence. "Well then. If you know so well, then tell me. What is my intention?" He chuckled.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) "Well, you haven't requested a cover up yet so I can only assume you and your...followers haven't been here long enough to run up a death count. So I highly doubt I am here on a matter of business" it had been far too long since she had seen him like this. Over the past few years he seemed to have given up on his conquest of easy young girls. "If it were a hit you would have already spoken of nothing else and paired me up with another one of your semi-competent goons. So I can only assume it is of your own leisure. In which case I think you may appreciate that I found you when I did" she said before connecting their lips lightly. It was more of a taunting connection as she waited for any sign that she had assumed incorrectly.

Avril of Themyscira He cleared his throat and just breathed against her in return, his smile slow and warm. His hands ran up and down her arms as he sighed and cleared his throat in near silence. "But dear... You came to see me" he smiled and pressed their foreheads together.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) "Only when you decided to stop covering your tracks so that I may find you. I might have been convinced had you not had me followed. I am a detective, you must have known I would find out at some point" he seemed to be evading her in a way. "I know you don't wish to compromise yourself like this. I suppose I should go. I've disturbed enough of your night" she said in a soft tone. He was distant as always, reminding her only how impossible it seemed they could be together. She couldn't do this if he would only live to regret it.

Avril of Themyscira He took her hand and pulled her to him, his dark eyes focused on hers like coals from a fire. "Why would you leave if you knew I wanted you to find me?" He whispered against her hair as he kissed her cheek in a soft and affectionate way.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) "Because I've been given no reason to stay" she sighed, closing her eyes. "You know how to find me just fine, you've never felt inclined to. I'm staying at the inn until I can find temporary housing. If you wish for me to stay I cannot base it on your distant behavior" she admitted. She brushed her hand across his cheek "is it your wish that I stay?"

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) ((Would Joey be angered if Alyc killed a man he hired to follow her?))

Avril of Themyscira "Of course" he breathed, his hand tracing up her side and across her collarbone, his lips hovering in their usual daunting manner next to her face. "I never looked for you because I feared rejection" he thought out loud.

Avril of Themyscira ((No))

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) Alyc had not expected him to admit something so deep. He was often very reserved with his emotions. For him to admit that he actually feared rejection from her was a bit humorous considering he was the better of them. "Seems funny you fear rejection from a person you, yourself sent away. Do you not recall that I had been willing to stay beside you?" she asked, calling back memories of when he turned her. He feared for her and sent her away.

Avril of Themyscira "I could not ask you to stay beside me. I am older than you. A victim and product of crime. I don't deserve you" he sighed, running both hands through her charcoal hair and kissing her cheek in a lingering way as his hands worked on her shoulders.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) "I know enough of crime, I did then too. I am no longer a child in over my head. I know full well what I'm getting into, I wouldn't bother coming here if I did not" she retorted. She understood that he wouldn't ask because of his belief that he did not deserve her but could he turn her away if she asked? She decided not to dwell on it. She leaned her forehead against his, her lips inches from his "I'm not a child" she repeated, as if to prove this point she kissed him.

Avril of Themyscira "God haven't you shown me" he breathed against her skin, his arms wrapping around her and pressing her to him, a growl rumbling deep in his chest as he kissed her neck lightly. "Please stay dear" he pleaded in near silence, her mere presence laboring his breathing.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) Alyc arched her neck back, attempting to form a coherent sentence to respond with. At this point she was staying, though her words were tangling in her mind as her only focus was his touch, his need for her. She nodded lightly in the midst of a soft moan composing on her lips. She drew them back into the room, glad he had rid himself of security within the room.

Avril of Themyscira A smile played upon his lips as he did so. She had never seemed much younger than himself, and she had always been able to satisfy him. Unable to process feelings and unable to promise her the life she deserved, he had always left opportunities for her to find him. Yet it just occurred to him that she always took his hints and never rejected him. He smirked as he lay her on the bed, still kissing her neck deeply as her moan made his insides turn.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) She couldn't help but think that if she hadn't been in over her head as a young detective, she wouldn't have ended in this place. She didn't regret the decision. She always returned to him when he allowed it, despite the opportunity he gave her at moving on. Perhaps he finally understood that he could send her away but it would only make her more intent on finding him. If he truly had wanted to lose her, he could. She reveled in these thoughts as he eased her onto the bed.

Avril of Themyscira His hands worked on the zipper of her dress in a skilled way as he sucked on her skin, sure to leave a hickey in the morning. It was such an easy feeling with which he moved with her. So comfortable and perfect. Yet he couldn't bear himself to keep her and subject her to his rage or his ways. "Alyc how I've missed you" he sighed.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) Alyc could feel him leaving his mark on her neck, her obsession of keeping up apprentice would leave her a difficult task in the morning. She found difficulty in undoing the buttons of his shirt with them so tightly compressed together but she managed. "I like to remedy that" she said in response to his declaration of him missing her. She had missed him too but she never admitted it, it seemed arbitrary once she was in his presence again.

Avril of Themyscira He chuckled at her as he slid out of his shirt, finally unzipping her dress and watching it slip slowly down her shoulders as he kissed her in a ravishing way, his hands on her knees. It had been far too long since they'd seen each other, and it seemed that each time it was only once he was in her presence that he realized how much he missed her.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) Alyc arched her body to let the fabric slip off. She assisted him in removing his shirt and tossed it aside as her hands pressed lightly to his chest. This entire moment seemed so fragile, she feared breaking it. She refused to ruin it with words. She let their lips connect, driving all thought from her head. She placed one hand at the crook of his neck as she was focused on need at this point.

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Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) Alyc stepped out of the car, giving a small nod of thanks to the driver that had opened the door. She draped her thin jackets over her arm. "Did it go as well as you had hoped?" she asked as Joey stepped out behind her. She had not though anything much of the night about it being either bad or good. It was nice to have danced again, especially with him. She knew he had business to attend to so she made an attempt not to wear him out with her talking.

Avril of Themyscira "Yes. It was for a local charity and we raised more than we'd hoped," he said with the faintest ghost of a smile, clearing his throat. As soon as they walked into the suite he tossed his suit jacket carelessly onto the couch and loosened his tie, sitting down at the table by the window and looking down at his papers as he heaved a great and monumental sigh.

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Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) Alyc knew he had work and she did also. She grabbed her case file and sat down on the bed. She set her jacket on her bag and opened her case file. She tucked her pen behind her ear and untied her hair. She flipped through the files. She had so much paperwork to do, it was a bit overwhelming but she had promised to finish the incident report for a few days ago. She scrawled occasionally on the page. She had to think to work out the details of the case, despite that they had lost it in court. It wasn't her problem at that point. She sighed and leaned her head to her hand, working out the inner details slowly.

Avril of Themyscira His eyes quickly scanned the papers before stacking them in an order that must've made sense to him before sliding them into his briefcase and locking it, hiding the key before walking back towards the bed as he slowly unbuttoned his shirt.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) Alyc flipped through a few of the evidence papers. She wasn't paying attention to Joey, assuming he was at work with his own things. She tucked the pen back behind her ear, pushing all her hair over one shoulder. She was far too focused on her case right now to bother with thinking about time. It was late and she had until morning to finish this up. While she thought he was working, she decided to work her own files.

Avril of Themyscira He tossed his tie over the bed post, finishing with the buttons on his shirt as he leaned close and kissed her shoulder, slowly trailing his mouth up to suck on her neck before resting his smoothly shaven chin on her shoulder. "What's the case about?"

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) Alyc smiled when he kissed along her shoulder and neck but didn't turn to look at him. "Murder, I only ever deal with homicide. One of my guys was killed about three weeks back, he was chained down in a bathtub full of bleach. It was made to seem as though a psychotic criminal did it. It turned out to be his mother, my guy convicted his mother's boyfriend for drug dealing and killing his last three girlfriends. So I'm out two officers and I have to finish up the paperwork. His partner is on leave and might possibly be leaving" she sighed. "I don't have a large amount of work, I could finish it in the morning if you're feeling lonely."

Avril of Themyscira "Nooo...." he trailed off with a smirk, rubbing her shoulders. "Honestly. A bathtub of bleach? An unlikely method for a psychotic killer in theory. And if it was his mother, how did she manage to chain him down?" he questioned slowly.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) "You haven't met the psychotic types of people I have, I wasn't the main detective on the case. It wasn't my guess. His arms and legs were chained to his body, he was thrown in the tub, the tub was filled and she piled concrete slabs on him to keep him under. She left residue of the concrete and bleach on her clothing. She showed next to no sign of remorse, if they wouldn't have taken me off the case they would not be having issues finding the woman" she sighed. Detective work frustrated her at times.

Avril of Themyscira He rolled his eyes and let go of her as he walked to the closet and took his shirt off, undoing his belt. "Ya know...seems off to me. To open and shut, too simple," he called over his shoulder with a shrug as he stepped out of his pants and walked to the bathroom, running his fingers through his gelled hair.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) "It wasn't, his mother was supposed to be out of town. We had footage of her getting on the train. She made it off through the employee exit and wasn't recorded on video. She thought she had the perfect alibi until we checked the footage of the train arriving at her location" she sighed. "Sometimes there are simple cases, his mother had a god complex, feeding off the fact that her son was an officer and the murder just gave her more attention."

Avril of Themyscira "Whatever you say dame." he said a bit too short, in reflection. Despite being portrayed as a forward thinker, he still struggled with the early twentieth century ideals, and believed looking over the details of such brutal circumstances should not be a job for a woman. He shook his head slowly as his hair fell back to where it was supposed to be, and he wandered to the dresser to pick up a fresh pair of boxers.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) Alyc stared down at the words as her brain seemed to remain in a fog. She sighed heavily and closed the file, tucking it back away in her bag. "I'll finish in the morning" she said softly. She was speaking more to herself. This wasn't a normal case, this was one of her own killed. They had the guts to kick her off the case. She would continue anyways. She had been there long enough that she could have heightened in rank, but it would mean less hands on work and she despised that idea. No one ever could keep her from her job, because to her it was never just a job. It was a mindset.

Avril of Themyscira A ghost of a smile appeared on Joe's face as he crossed to where she was and pulled her to him, his arm around her waist as he held her up easily, her feet off the ground. A single finger traced down from her temple and across her jawline. "Clever girl..." he sighed, the same old sadness buried deep like glowing coals in his eyes. "Why do you hate some criminals, yet love another?" he breathed, his head cocked slightly to the side in question.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) "I do not hate criminals. As you may have recalled, I am one" she said, closing her eyes as his soft touch traced lightly over her skin. "I'm a queer one, aren't I?" she sighed. She was not so accustom to the classic modern persona of a detective but she was still old fashioned. She smiled and tried to touch her feet to the ground "it seems I've been taken captive". She could have gotten out if she wished but it was Joey, so she waited to see what his point behind it was.

Avril of Themyscira "Ah. Maybe you are-" he finger touched her nose playfully as his eyes sparkled with the light of a thousand stars. "But I am no different from this woman you hate. I have killed three of your human friends." he leaned down and opened his mouth, lining his teeth up with her original crescent bite mark. "And I should've killed you, but instead I eternally damned you." he let her go, the sparkling gone.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) Alyc felt a chill run through her skin at his last words. She moved back down to her feet. She rubbed the back of her neck "I don't regret any of it. I had always been willing to die for you, regardless of who's hand it was by. It only soothed the pain to know it was you. I'm not damned so long as I have you" she turned to face him. "And I do not hate the woman. I do not hate death, I embrace it. You must understand that I was going to die, if you hadn't done this then others were prepared to kill me for your sake. Do you truly regret having me now?"

Avril of Themyscira "Tempting. But no," he sighed, burying his head into her neck as they layed back against the bed, scattering her papers haphazardly as his hand slid easily up her leg. But do you really want to spend eternity with a man ten years older than you?" he whispered.

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