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Feelings about more shadowhunter books?

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Matilda Rose I've chucked this over in the City of Bones thread because there didn't seem to be another logical spot to put it. So yeah, there might be some spoilers, I tend to forget about those little details, so if you don't want them, please finish those books ASAP and come right on back! :)

So, how do people feel about Cassie Clare expanding and expanding and expanding on the shadowhunter world? Happy not happy?

I'm a bit neutral. At first I was like, bleh. No. Milking the cash cow. (Though I understand why, who wouldn't when they're making that much money...)
I wasn't even excited about her announcement of The Dark Artifices. Then I reminded myself how much better Infernal Devices was than The Mortal Instruments... And got mildly excited. And read about the characters a bit, and got moderately excited. It's another can of worms but do people think that releasing that sort of information about the characters and plot so far in advance is a good idea, considering it limits the scope for change pretty severely? Or is it a ploy to keep us tantalised and interested so we don't all grow up and move on by the time she can write them?

So what do other people think? Will you read them, or just leave them?

I probably will myself, though I'll never forgive Clare for the destruction of TMI by extending it. I personally just didn't like the last book or two. It seemed drawn out, but that's pure opinion.

So what do you think?

Matilda Rose Yeah, I heard that there would be another one based on Tessa & Will's children... :/

A lot of people didn't like the Clockwork Princess epilogue. For me, it was because of how jolting it was. Go straight from young and happy, the only way we've been accustomed to reading them, to dying of old age? It's just a bit hard to wrap your head around that ... gap. My characters generally stay exactly how the book left them in my head. Meeting middle-aged Will would just be weird and jolting again, I think... And so would meeting twenty-something Jace and Clary in The Dark Artifices. You're right in that it's a bit like she just keeps writing 'cause she doesn't want to let it go, which is a feeling I get, but yeah it would feel less cliche if it wasn't about the same families just cropping up in different parts of the world, wouldn't it?

Veronica three shadow hunting books is okay.three prequels is also good.but anything beyond that is a waste.also4-6 is too boring and nothing is new.

Mimi-loves-her-books! I'm all for more shadowhunter books, as long as they're as could as TMI & IFD. Also, Magnus better be in the Dark Atifices ;)

SHINY I'm thrilled to hear that there would be more Shadowhunter books! :) I absolutely love these books! they have everything, action, supernaturals, romance and a good plot. I just can't wait till each of then get released so i can read all of them.

Lilly Santiago I can't get enough of Shadowhunters! I'm super excited to hear about Will and Tessa's kids and Tessa and Will married and older. I'm dying for the dark artifices. Hopefully a little bit of future Jace and Clary are mentioned like if they are together and happy or not maybe even getting ready to be married. Plus, everyone keeps looking at the bad side look at the bright side! We get to no matter what get insight and see how the characters we loved ended up. Happy and together. And I completely and totally agree though with the Will and Tessa epilogue I really didn't like it. Cassie could have done a much better job. It should have been like 5 years later where it shows them married and expecting their first child or something and they just briefly talk about how everyone ended up and they could have given like that last page Tessa talks about the future in general about how every year after that was long beautiful and full of love and how she watched her children and grandchildren grow with Will by her side the whole time an ended just like that. And not for nothing not that I hate Jem or anything I just really didn't like the fact that after Will and Tessa had a life together he got with Tessa. I mean hello ever heard of scraps? I mean no matter out of Will and Tessa came Jace. Doesn't Jem no matter what feel some kind of uncomfortable feeling about that? That no matter what Will and Tessa's blood will live on in any future family Clary and Jace have and all the generations after? I mean it just feels weird. After everything Will and Tessa went through to finally be together Jem a hundred and something years later gets what's left of Tessa. What the hell? I mean WIll was his parabati does he feel any kind of weirdness being with Tessa? I mean does he honestly think there will be a family together after that? Its just weird! NO NO NO NO NO NO NO! I didn't like it. The epilogue should have been something similar to that of Mockingjay. A good one where you know Katniss and Peeta lived out the rest of their days together. I think the fact that Tessa was immortal was stupid and pointless she should have been able to age and die with her husband. Like how does Tessa go on after that? Watching one by one her children look old enough to be her parents then dying same with her children and great grandchildren. I love Tessa but no offense I hope she gets killed off peacefully in CoHF just saying.

SHINY Tessa's not going to die in city of heavenly fire, she was in the clockwork princess epilogue which takes place after the events of heavenly fire.

Lilly Santiago SHINY wrote: "Tessa's not going to die in city of heavenly fire, she was in the clockwork princess epilogue which takes place after the events of heavenly fire."

Damn I forgot about the dates. Are u sure though? I don't think so. Someone should seriously check that out. i think the epilogue is like literally right before cuz remember in the snippets Clary is introduced to Tessa for the first time. Anyway still hope she dies. No offense.

SHINY @Lianna, nope, I'm pretty sure the epilogue was after heavenly fire. But honestly, i don't want any characters to die! but apparently it's 6 characters we know by name that would get killed, something like that.

Ariana I absolutely love the shadowhunter world and I don't think i could ever get sick of it BUT i feel like i will be more attached to the characters in TMI then i will be in any series she continues after it. I dont know though, i guess we will see! Im sure i will love them all regardless!

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