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Heyyel arrived at the pool with Jonah, it was starting to get dark but they closed at 8 so they could have a long swim before get closed " here we are" Heyyel said as she opened the gatefold the pool. She was wearing a white bikini; being an angel and all and a towel over one shoulder

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Boba Jonah followed still wearing his normal outfit he never changed to swim since he could dry in a second. He could not help but look Heyyel over since he was male and to make it worse she was an angel.

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Heyyel turned around walking backwards now" arnt you going to swim?" She asked l they usually have the heater on"

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Boba "I am just get in I will be in a moment" Jonah said tossing off his duster showing how armed he really was with a thing of 6 throwing knives on his thigh as well as two revolvers and the ammo belt then his bowie knife. He unclipped all his weapons and laid them next to the pool as he stripped off his hat and tight shirt showing a scarred chest but still a soldier's physique.

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Boba ((Fall asleep?))

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Heyyel slid in the pool and took a glance at Jonah; something an angel really shouldn't do. She saw a big scar on his chest. She quickly turned around, pretending not to see

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(( sorry, tumblr :P))

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Boba Jonah caught her look but said nothing of it and continued getting off his boots then his pants revealing underarmor brand underwear that was form fitting. He stretched and jumped over her for a split second smiling at her then breaking the surface of the water.

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Heyyel got splashed by the water. " hey!" She said tersely, when he came to the surface she splashed him back " pay back! " she said over some giggles

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Boba Jonah smiled and made a small sonic scream breaking the water apart in front of him sitting dry he said "Really darling thought angels didn't get payback?" he teased her.

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" well sometime I do, only people who deserve it " she said giggling " that's really cool, what your doing there" she walked in between it

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Boba "Really like this?" He looked to a random glass and sucked in some air then did a slight scream after the water moved to normal, shattering it.

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Heyyel screamed with laughter. As the water fell Heyyel disappeared under it. She didn't come up for a little while

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Boba Jonah shrugged "might as well get some exercise out of this." He went to one end of the pool and pushed off, swimming towards the other end quickly as he wanted some exercise if Heyyel wanted to joke.

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Heyyel was up in the sky just hovering above the pool, with her legs crossed. When the water "fell in her" she quickly moved out the way, spreading her wings and hovering up to the sky. She watched Jonah for a bit " do you swim much?" She said from the sky, looking down at him

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Boba Jonah stopped and said looking up not surprised "As much as I can, the resistance it good exercise" he said leaning back against the edge of the pool.

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" hmm" she said admiring him from above. She slowly hovered down and sat at the side of the pool next to him

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Boba Jonah smiled back at her and for fun, flipped out of the pool balancing a handstand on the edge of the pool.

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She giggled " that's amazing" she said with a smile, meaning it " we're did you get... That" she said looking at his scar

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Boba He let himself drop into a crosslegged sitting position and stroked the obvious jagged blade slash across his chest among some holes that were bullet holes. "First hit gone sour" he said simply.

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" oh..." Heyyel said said going serious " did it,ahh, hurt?" She asked

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Boba "Of course as any wound does but you get use to it in my line of work Darlin'" he said shrugging. He had been hit and cut so many timed he had gotten use to it.

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" oh, I wouldn't want to do what you do for work then" Heyyel said "if I get a tiny paper cut, it hurts like hell and bleeds a lot" she sighed " another down side I guess

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Boba Jonah chuckled at that and said "Oh it still hurts to get these but I have learned to ignore them besides i don't work very often" he said looking at her leg again for more than one reason.

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"Mm you must be tough then" she said with a smile. She looked at him then were his eyes were at " what?" She said with curiosity all over her face

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Boba "Just wondering how much yelling you did with this" he said touching her leg pointing to the bandaged wound. He really did this for an excuse to touch her again, she had the softest skin he'd ever felt.

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" you wouldn't of wanted to be there" Heyyel said " here was a lot" she said a bit embarrassed but she laughed it of. She watched his hand slowly touch her leg. She secretly liked the his touch, rough and raw

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Boba "Really cause I have heard men die I am sure you could not disturb me Heyyel" Johna said smiling that she was fine with hi hand on her leg to test he squeezed her leg a little.

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When Jonah squeezed her leg she looked up him and smiled biting her lip

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Boba "So that helping with the hurt then?" he asked now rubbing her leg and smiling at her biting.

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" mm defiantly " she said still looking at Jonah with a small smirk on her face

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Boba "Maybe this will do wonders then" he said moving his other hand to her leg and making the sound vibrate under his palm.

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" ahh, that feels incredible" she said closing her eyes and tilting her head back. She rely enjoyed what he was doing, it made her legs feel wonderful

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Boba He smiled and increased the frequency of the vibrating and moved his hands up and down her leg relaxing it completely.

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She smiled as the frequency got quicker and faster " i don't think you realise how amazing you are" Heyyel said, she swung her legs over his lap and rested her head on his chest

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Boba "Like I compare to an angel Heyyel" he said moving his hand to her neck as she moved forgetting his massaging sound.

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" like I can compare to you" Heyyel said putting her hand where his hand was

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Boba "Hmm battered bounty hunter...." he said lifting his left hand palm up. "Or a divine being that is perfect?" he raised his right hand same weigh as he bounced them.

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Boba ((Chloe your response))

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" mmm, a cute battered bounty hunter my I add" Heyyel said with a smile on her face

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Boba "I doubt any man would like to be called cute but from you I will allow it" he said chuckling at her comment.

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" true, true" Heyyel said looking into Jonah's eyes, his bulls-eyes eyes

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Boba "You seem interested in my eyes, want to hear the story behind them?" he said staring at her with his bulls-eyes.

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Heyyel nodded slowly " yeah..."

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Boba "They are actually cybernetic if you look close enough" he said leaning in so she could look closer into his eye seeing the glow in the red.

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Heyyel leans in a bit more so she could see " I think I can see it" she said squinting her eyes

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Boba "If you cant see you can get closer your not going to make me uncomfortable" he said smiling at her.

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Heyyel got closer, close enough to feel Jonah's breath against her mouth. She kept on staring at his eyes

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Boba "Still can't see...."He smiled and tapped one of the features of the eyes and went into infrared and the red glowed while she sat so close. "now can you see?" he asked, really tempted to kiss her hoping she couldn't read minds.

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