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It's not one of George O'Connor's books.

I remember an author coming to a library program in the children's department. I'd say it was around the year 2000. Since he was peddling it in a small library it may never have gotten a huge audience.

I rememer lots of mythology books being around the library on display but him saying everyone knows the story of Helen of Troy but they don't know why Paris "stole" Helen. His book, I believe, was a cartoon version of how Paris had to give the golden apple to one of the greek gods.

So I'm looking for books that are the cartoon version of that story.

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Tab (tabbrown) | 5006 comments Must be A Thousand Ships A Thousand Ships by Eric Shanower from the Age of Bronze series


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Thanks for the suggestion, I checked it out but that's not it. The one I am looking for was more playful. Lots of color and it told the story of how Paris had to choose which goddess "was the fairest". It showed his thinking process so we see how he reached the conclusion he did.

Target age was probably middle-schoolers +

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I think I found it. Greek Gods and Goddesses Will get from the library soon.

Description even says "The collection includes favorite stories such as how Paris judged who was the fairest goddess of all"

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Kate Farrell | 4070 comments Mod
Let us know if this is the one!

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I checked it out but I can't really tell if it's the exact one. I'm just going to let my quest end. I'm not that concerned with finding it anymore.

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