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Here we are!

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Hey there!

So...realistic cheesy or medieval? c:

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Something medieval-esque would be fun. Or we could do both and have doubles.

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Doubles sounds wonderful to me. c:

So for the medieval esque one, what kind of things do you prefer? Royals like princes and princesses or more of the outsiders like warlocks and whatnot. Or find a way to mingle the two. I guess we'd just need to figure out the setting and whatnot...

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Great! Doubles are always fun :3

Well, that depends on whether we're having a supernatural aspect or not. I think doing something would royalty would be interesting. Maybe a kingdom that's divided into a bunch of groups with conflicting interests?

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'Tis indeed. ^-^

Oh, yeah, that sounds quite interesting! Haha, the beginning of democracy >:] Just kidding but we could do something with the villager rising up against the royals sort of thing because they're not treating them fairly sort of thing? I don't know, but if we're doing more than one group then there could be the group who want to break off the alliance between another kingdome and have dominance over the land and then another group could be all about making peace, another democracy, another I don't know...I'm not too sure, exactly. :P

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Yes, yes, those are all wonderful ideas! We could have all these different groups with different ideals and all. Maybe there's neighboring kingdoms as well and they're having their own wars and whatnot, so that creates a mess too, and then maybe our character, prince/princess, has their parent making all these plans about which marriage would be best for them in terms of the kingdom.

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You there? C:

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I thought I'd replied here! >:O

But yes! I love it all and maybe these royalties are getting sick and tired of being treated as pawns so they begin to rebel behind their parents' back? Be it by falling in love wiyh a peasant, a wanderer from the outside, a prince/princess from another kingdom or simply fight back. Ooh dis gun be goood :D

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I figured something like that happened :3

Precisely! Ooh I like the idea of a wanderer. Maybe like a gypsy-esque concept? He/she could be visiting, or just passing through, and they meet the prince/princess and then drama hehe XD

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Sorry! ^///^"

But yeah! Maybe a gypsy girl(i always imagine gypsies as girls so we can change it if you want :)) and a prince.and it's this sort of bittersweet love?

I think there should also be an ongoing relationship between a prince and a princess of opposing kingdoms but it's super highly forbidden so they have to be super secretive about it. Then something with a peasant and just ahhh!

Do you only do straight pairings or..? Just wondering! ^-^

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Don't worry, happens to me all the time uwu

Haha for some reason I always imagine gypsies as girls too. Maybe it's that 'gypsy girl' has a nice ring to it. XD And yes! Bittersweet love would be fun. But elaborate on the cause of the bittersweet-ness?

Ahh yes exactlyyyy o.o omg I just had an idea. Like what if for the prince and princess of opposing kingdoms who are in a secret relationship, one of them is engaged to the sibling of the other?

Well. I've never done gay or lesbian before, and I'm not sure if I'd be able to. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against them, I just don't think I'd be able to relate and get into the head of the character.

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I have no idea it's just the first word that comes to mind! Haha. Um...like...they know that they're not supposed to like each and whatnot but there's just this sort of attraction between the two of them that seems to be just there, y'know? Maybe you don't but I'm just blabbering haha...

Yyuuusssh I love it!! Let's do it!

Oh no worries, it's completely fine! :)

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XD I was thinking, just to make it more interesting, we could have them have a love-hate relationship. Like maybe the gypsy girl has a grudge against the prince, and maybe the prince has some common prejudices against gypsies, but they can't help liking each other and all. And maybe there's some certain qualities of the other person that just drive them up the wall and they fight and spar a lot, but eventually grow to appreciate each other for who they are or something cheesy like that o.o it sounded better in my head

Awesome C:

Thanks :3 I'm always worried someone will take offense at that and think I'm a homophobe or something, because I'm really not .=. I don't hate haha

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No no I love it all! :D It's perfect, seriously!

And to tie everything together...maybe this prince is engaged to the girl that's in a relationship with his brother? :o

Naaah, everyone has their comfort zones when writing and I accept that. :D

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Oh dear :/ I was going to tell you I had to go, but then I fell asleep.

Lovely C:

Yes! So in that way they're all connected. So...just to straighten this out, we have:
Prince 1 of Kingdom A
Prince 2 of Kingdom A
Princess of Kingdom B
Gypsy girl

Prince 1 and Prince 2 are brothers. Prince 1 is older, set to inherit the throne, and engaged to Princess of Kingdom B, who will one day be queen of her Kingdom(Queendom?) B.
Prince 2, the younger brother, is in a secret relationship with his brother's fiancé, Princess of Kingdom B.
Gypsy girl and Prince 1 are slowly falling for each other.
Did I get that right?


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Don't worry! No hard feelings :P

Yep! All of it is perfect! And maybe the prince who's supposed to fall for the gypsy is kind of stuck up and whatnot since he's always been in the limelight since he's heir to the throne and gypsy girl doesn't hesitate one second to beat him down with her staff everytime he starts getting too cocky. xD

Like, I have it in my head at one point, she'd try to hit again because he either made a comment about her body or said something smug but he catches her arm and then they have this moment where they're super close to each other and have super duper intense eye staring and they both look away but the feelings are undeniable sort of thing.

Is that too cheesy?

Anyway, who do you want to be? I'd seriously love to play all of the characters so you can choose!

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Perf uwu I love it! I can just imagine all of it.

And a little cheesiness is always fun .=.

Aahhhh again the decision making. I hate this part XD

I love the idea of the gypsy girl but I kind of really want to play the snobby prince if that's okay with you. So that would mean I take the princess, right?

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Yeah, that's fine with me! ^-^ Like I said I didn't have no real preference; I sort of already have a gypsy girl who hates all royals anyway xD

So I got the younger brother and the gypsy girl, yeah?

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Lovely C:

And yep, I think so! We ready for character-making, then? What age ranges were you thinking? And brief or detailed?

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Well, I'm thinking around 18-23? And whatever you feel like writing, haha.

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Sounds good to me. And I usually go with brief-ish profiles. If I try to do detailed I always take forever and then we'll end up going nowhere o.o

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Soounnds good, I'll have my gypsy posted subsequently.

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I'll post mine soon too, though I warn you I might fall asleep before I get both up.

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No problemo. :)

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Okay so I lied .=. I got caught up in some other stuff. I'll post my prince in a sec, I'm mostly done with him.

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Nooo worries, I just got back from running many errands and absolutely need to finish a few posts because it's been awhile. When I find a new appearance for my gypsy, I'll post her up since she's pre-made.

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Okay then C: appearances always take the most time XD Before I finish, though, I'm thinking we should probably come up with names for our kingdoms.

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▬▬▬▬♠║ ▌███ ♛ ███ ▌║♠▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

αgє: ⊱ 22 years
⊰ ∂αтє σƒ вιятн: ⊱ January 13
⊰ тιмє σƒ вιятн: ⊱ 3:10 AM
gєη∂єя: ⊱ Male


(view spoiler)
⊰ нєιgнт: ⊱ 6'1"
⊰ ωєιgнт: ⊱ 169 pounds
⊰ єуєѕ: ⊱ emerald green
⊰ нαιя: ⊱ deep black
⊰ ѕĸιɴ: ⊱ olive
⊰ : ⊱
⊰ : ⊱
⊰ кιℓιαη ∂σяcнєѕтєя: ⊱ brother, age 19
вяιєƒ σνєяνιєω: ⊱ Throughout his life, Ransom has had to deal with the pressure and responsibility that comes with being the prince and heir to the throne, and he's always handled it well. He adapts easily, making himself at home wherever he goes, and thus is entirely comfortable everywhere, from social life at court to the treacherous world of royal politics. He's always had everything served to him on a silver platter, always had people at his beck and call, and it has served to make him rather arrogant. He has quite a reputation, what with his darkly handsome looks to his cocky attitude, and his rank as prince doesn't hurt. Hot-headed and stubborn, Ransom does what he likes with hardly a care for the consequences -- since he rarely, if ever, has to deal with them. But make no mistake -- Ransom is neither shallow nor stupid, and he is definitely not to be underestimated.

мιѕcєℓℓαηєσυѕ ιηƒσ: ⊱ He is engaged to Princess Atalanta Graymark, a decision made by his parents and one that he is very unhappy with.

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▬▬▬▬♠║ ▌███ ♛ ███ ▌║♠▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

αgє: ⊱ 19 years
⊰ ∂αтє σƒ вιятн: ⊱ July 19
⊰ тιмє σƒ вιятн: ⊱ 12:51 PM
gєη∂єя: ⊱ Female

(view spoiler)
⊰ нєιgнт: ⊱ 5'7"
⊰ ωєιgнт: ⊱ 119
⊰ єуєѕ: ⊱ gold/ amber
⊰ нαιя: ⊱ golden blonde
⊰ ѕĸιɴ: ⊱ fair, with a light dusting of freckles
⊰ ℓυcα gяαумαяк: ⊱ father
⊰ мαяιηα gяαумαяк: ⊱ mother
⊰ cα∂єηcє gяαумαяк: ⊱ sister, age 13
вяιєƒ σνєяνιєω: ⊱ Atalanta is still trying to figure out who she really is. From day to day she slips out of one role and into another. She is Princess Atalanta, heir to the Graymark throne and ruler-to-be; she is the fiancée of a prince; she is Atala, her father's dutiful daughter; she is the lady her mother wants her to be; she is an older sister. Then there's the girl behind the mask, who, against all reason, loves her fiancé's younger brother, who sneaks out of the castle in a boy's clothes to see the kingdom, who, knowing full well the consequences, goes behind her parents' backs to get a tattoo -- the girl who, more than anything else, wants to be free.

мιѕcєℓℓαηєσυѕ ιηƒσ: ⊱ She has a tattoo of two birds in flight on her left wrist, as well as the word "free" tattooed on her right hand.
(view spoiler)

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*le poke*

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Sorry! D:

Name: Syeira Kenya Vooltra
Nickname: She’s not a big fan of those. She’ll settle for Sy if you insist.

Title: Gypsy

Age: 20
Date of Birth: May 11

Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual


(view spoiler)

Personality: Silent but deadly. Those are the two words that make up who and what Syeira is. She’s quite reserved; most of thoughts remain within the loop that is her mind and body. It’s no secret that the girl won’t speak unless she absolutely needs to, she doesn’t believe in mindless banter, it only creates unnecessary problems that don’t need to be dealt with. Moreover, it’s best you not talk anything vile about her family and friends, for she will hurt you, I kid you not. Be it by poison or some spell, you won’t even know it. I suppose you could call her vicious, but Sy likes to think of herself as more of a…protective woman. She’s seen her fair share of horror and her knowledge on the little things is varied enough for her to have become insensitive toward ignorant men and their headless bodies (given that their heads are at the end of her staff).
On the lighter side, Sy makes for a great listener and even better person to turn to when times get hard. Able to keep her worries away from everyone, she’s great at remaining calm on the exterior, though she’s always got this sort of demanding tone in her voice. She’s used to be alone, seeing as her grandmother was very busy plotting something Syeira didn’t even know about.
Overall, she’s quite the hateful person, choosing solitude over friendship, seeing as those relations can and will be corrupted sooner or later. She’s learned that the hard way. Fear not, she does warm up to people over time and it’s then that she dares become nicer, smiling more often - genuinely. Guarded...she's guarded.

☼Magic – It’s what she lives for, seeing as she is pretty much magic. Along with witchcraft, those are the two things Syeira lives for. She’s good at it, her powers are strong, seeing as she is the last of her ancestors who are known for exactly that.
☼Plants – It’s quite interesting, a plant. Everything from herbal plants to edible plants, she’s spent countless hours with a book shoved in her nose outside, studying the green creatures. Perhaps she really is a little off-balance.
☼Night – For some reason, she’s always found something unique the darkness of it all with only the stars to kiss the earth. That and it’s easier to get the deed done, of course. Lastly, she finds her powers seem more powerful during these somber hours.
☼Old Ones – There’s something in the eyes of an old man that attracts Syeira like a moth to a flame. In those again eyes, lies a story waiting to be told and Sy is a fanatic for anything old and filled with cryptic messages.

☀Royals – They are the pure source of her hatred, the reason why she’s changed from what she used to be, to who she is now. If she could, she’d kill them on sight, burn them alive, even, seeing as they had no difficulty doing that to her mother. Nonetheless, all royals are horrible people and deserve terrible deaths.
☀Cities – She’s never been good in crowded areas, thus, makes sure to avoid cities, much preferring to remain in the midst of the forest or travelling from town to town, gaining information or simply visiting, buy and sell products. Live life always the move.
☀Being told what to do – Just don’t. Syeira is very well capable of making decisions on her own, she does not need someone to tell her what to do.
☀Metal -- She simply doesn’t like it – much too heavy. She’s more of a leather girl, even more a cloth kind of person. She much prefers to stay light than be anchored down to an armor that could very get you killed.

✔Independent – Syeira is very well capable of standing her own ground and she doesn’t need anyone to encourage her. She’s a free woman and intends on staying like that.
✔Careful – Sy doesn’t take anything for granted, everything goes into analysis with her. She doesn’t want to wind up dead, and so she makes sure to keep an out for everything, making her alert.
✔Quick – Be it quick on her feet or quick in decision making, Syeira does both , which is what had permitted her to survive this long with her again grandmother- now simply herself.

✘Vengeful – Syeira is unforgiving and will stop at nothing until she makes others pay for whatever they have wronged for. The only time she’ll consider someone ‘forgiven’ is when she’s had her way.
✘Reserved – She doesn’t speak much, she won’t tell people things of the past, which writes her off as undesirably mysterious. Nevertheless, there’s a reason why, and it could very well get her killed.
✘Inconsiderate – When it comes to others, Sy’s learned to pretty much think for herself and leave the others to their own devices. She’ll only do what is of her benefit and if it means manipulating someone, then she’ll do it without a second thought about how the other person would feel about…say…killing someone.

Seraphina Vooltra (Mother)
Kenya Vooltra (Grandmother)
Pierre Joseph Vooltra (Father)

Her horse, Azaiah:(view spoiler)
Her cat, Scrow:(view spoiler)
This amulet was given to her before the death of her grandmother, it's a family bond, allowing her ancestors to stay close to her heart. It's a family belief.(view spoiler)

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She was already created, is it alright if I make my prince like yours? Or do you want me to do the same with him as well? :)

message 34: by [deleted user] (new)

She's lovely! And you weren't late or anything, I'm just hypocritically impatient XD

And for the prince do whatever you're comfortable with, I'm cool with anything :3

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Hey :3

message 36: by [deleted user] (new)

Kin? You still up for this?

message 37: by [deleted user] (new)

yes of course, sorry, I just got back on yesterday :c

i'm giving up on making him an advanced template, i'm just going to wing it when i choose the appearance i want for him and that kind of resembles your guy. :>

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Name: Prince Kilian Dorchester

(view spoiler)
Other: I got to go but I'll add this when I'm back.

message 39: by [deleted user] (new)

I like him! C:

I'll add him to Ransom's template. Also, should I just make up names for their parents?

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