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Robert Raker (robert_raker) | 5 comments I received my first review on my book ENTROP, released by Wattle Publishing:

Entropy, a complete surprise! 31 Dec 2013

By Adele

Entropy was a complete surprise. It's definitely not your typical, crime book experience. The story is told from the perspective of four individuals in a small and depressed town in America; each story describes how they are affected by the child murders and how this affects their personal relationships. I don't want to give away the ending for those that haven't read the book as yet but I found the overall experience numbing ... it left me in a state of melancholy. If this was the intention of the author - then, he achieved his goal. The diver is unfeigned; the musician surprising; the agent calculating and the portrayal of the mother's story heartfelt. The writing is dense and very sad.

If you are looking for something a little different, enjoy the drama in crime-related books, and/or books that examine relationships then Entropy's sad story may appeal. Although I haven't read anything by this author before, I will be on the lookout for his next book as I understand that a companion piece is in the making...

ENTROPY is available:

message 2: by Robert (new)

Robert Raker (robert_raker) | 5 comments Proud o share another good review for ENTROPY:

"This is a haunting story with well applied devices of character study and multiple angles of first person usage. Bound together by truly grisly murders, the story is less thriller and more about the impact the disturbing nature of the deaths has on them. Each character responds in a different way based on where they are at in their own lives versus what side of the prism they are on, with these atrocities committed to human beings at the core. Some are broadsided, others already on the verge of personal collapse, and the exposure to these murders only further pushes them over their own edges and pits of the mind.

The author does a great job at portraying each character as an individual, not an easy task when using first person for multiple characters in a single work. Further complexing is the character of the agent, who assumes other identities while going undercover as part of his job. Slightly confusing when done in first person, combined with the agent's own psyche unraveling, even he isn't sure who he is anymore at certain times. It can be challenging to keep straight, but the author still maintains control.

Overall, a chilling analysis of broken lives. If a reader approaches this as a strict thriller and whodunit, there will be some disappointment, as that is not the book's intent. The gloom and despair is accurately portrayed, and the feelings the book evokes will follow you long after you read the last page and close the cover."

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