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The Districts

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Kristen Where are each of the districts supposed to be in the US? I can never remember.

Emily Klein They're associated with states? District 12 could be Nevada with mining!

Kristen Yeah, I thought there were specific details so that we had a general idea where they were. I seem to remember #12 being in or near North Carolina or something.
I'm not sure though.

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Faye I'm reading the hunger games now and when I was bored looked on the discussions and one thing that stands out to me is that at the very beginning, she says the thirteen districts, now twelve, are what was left of North America.
Hope it helps!!!

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Eml District 12 is in Virgina. 11 is the Carolinas I think.

Breezy I found this article 'Hunger Games': A great map of Panem -- PHOTO. It seems very possible that the districts could be laid out in this way.

Traci A. Scoltock I know this only pertains to the movie itself but a good amount of the first movie was filmed in the mountains/foothills of NC to portray district 12....just saying.

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Eml It was filmed in NC because Wilmington, NC is the Hollywood of the East coast. My friend goes to the local University there and she sees celebrities all the time. And the movie was filmed in NC, but they were trying to make it like Colorado(because they're idiots and need to see a map of the US). There are supposedly "worn down" trains that you can see in the movie with Colorado written on them.

Kirby 12 would more likely be West Virginia than Virginia.

angel 12 would be the Appalachian Mtns. area, so West Virginia, or western Virginia, because the book said something about 12 being called Appalachia long ago. The capitol and 2 I think would be around the Rocky Mtns. out west; the book said something about the Capitol being somewhere that used to be the Rockies.

Traci A. Scoltock The Appalachian Mountain range spans from Georgia/Alabama to Maine. I'm actually embarrassed to admit this but I saw on the Wiki page for Panem that District 11 is more or less located in/around Georgia which makes since because District 11 and District 12 back up into each others boundary. The entire first movie was filmed in NC because as Elm said it's the Hollywood of the east coast believe it or not. In fact I've hiked some of the places they filmed: Black Mountain and Pisgah National Forest. To say that District 12 could only be in VA or WV is just a weee bit silly to say the least. You guys may disagree and that's fine, we shall agree to disagree lol.

Traci A. Scoltock Onto each others boundary*

Traci A. Scoltock It could be located all along the lines of NC, VA, and WV really.

Traci A. Scoltock sense not since my bad

Kirby Well, it can't just be in the Appalachians, it has to be where there are rich coal deposits.

Not trying to argue, just saying where I think 12's more likely to be located. I actually would have really liked a map included in the books!

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