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message 1: by Ken (last edited Nov 17, 2013 11:32AM) (new)

Ken (kensamcampo) | 5 comments Name: Leyla Brielle Cote
Game Name: Leyla55
Age: 14


Weapon(Sword, Spear, Mace): Spear

Abilities: - Good with playing Soccer
- Wrestling
- Good with Spear Throwing

Personality: Leyla is kind and caring, but fierce in battle. She will not go down without a fight.

History as a player: Leyla began playing the game when she was 12. She was introduced to it by her crush, Carlos Iva, who at the time had also started playing as Cova. Cova was the team that Carlos and Leyla created at age 11 when they were in 6th grade and they always hung out together. Now that Leyla is 14 and she does not know why things changed in the game, she thought that it would always just be a game.

Crush: Carlos Iva (game name: Cova - he got this name by combing part of Leyla's last name and part of his own last name. Carlos is 14 years old. He started the guild Cova, that is the allied Guild of Alana's guild, Daote. Cova became Leyla and Carlos' guild.)

Guild: Cova

Other: Leyla has been talking and hanging out with Carlos since 6th grade at the age of 11. Leyla is the little sister of Brenden Cote. Leyla is the daughter of Angelica Cote and David Cote. Anyone may create Leyla's crush into a character.

message 2: by Megan (new)


Name:Samantha Azure



Weapon(Sword, Spear, Mace):sword



History as a player:



message 3: by Saber (last edited Nov 23, 2013 05:42PM) (new)

Saber (sailorsaber) Name: Ivy Cross

Age: 18


Weapon(Sword, Spear, Mace):

Medicine Mixing
Tools Appraisal
Night Vision
Battle Healing
Parry - The ability to use an attack to block an opposing strike. Maximum level makes it possible to destroy an item currently at less than half of the maximum durability; anything with a durability above that will not be damaged.
One-handed Straight Sword

Personality: She ongoing kind of girl. She a straight forward, she would tell you what she thinking and she don't care what you say. She a tomboy and people unless don't talk to people but when she does you can tell she loves to talk. She's a great sword in the game and out. She plays the game all the time because she hates being with her fighting parents. She very shy and people think she's a bad person and starts rumors like her beating people up.

History as a player: She's not very a game pro but she very adapted to the rules of this game really quickly. She love being in SAO then her real life, loving the idea of staying in the game forever. Hse loves gain items and wants the unique skill Battoujutsu. She really wants to join a guild but everyone who gets around think she's scary.

Crush: Open

Guild: Solo, for now.

Level: 57


message 4: by [deleted user] (last edited Nov 30, 2013 12:10PM) (new)

Name: Yuki Kiana


Appearance: http://www.wallpaperup.com/72965/blon...

(Minus the headphones)

Weapon(Sword, Spear, Mace): Sword - http://fc01.deviantart.net/fs71/f/201...
(Name: Shimmer)

Abilities: Night vision, duel wielding, cooking, sewing, healing, stealth.

Personality: Yuki is what her friends started calling her in real life, so,it stuck. Yuki is a nice girl but can be as deadly as poison, she will protect whoever she is with at all costs but if you make an enemy of her...not a smart move. Yuki is very skilled at sword fighting and you don't want to duel with her. She likes to talk and is generally a cheerful person, but lately that has been changing...

History as a player:Yuki started out as a solo player but she later joined a small guild that was lower than her level because her best friend invited her, later on, the guild got caught in a trap and only Yuki escaped alive, she hasn't joined a guild since.

Crush: None yet, open.

Other: Level 91

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

Anyone want to rp?

message 6: by Saber (last edited Nov 24, 2013 07:12PM) (new)

Saber (sailorsaber) Name:London
Age: 18

When she wants to dress up.

Weapon(Sword, Spear, Mace): Swords

Abilities: One handed-Master
Battle Healing
Trust weapon-Master
Light Metal Armor
One handed Dagger-Master
Two Handed Straight Sword

Personality: She very loving and care to one together. She stands up for people even if they don't want it. She someone else first then herself even if it cost her life. She cheerful and excited all the time. She loves having adventure or just even running around in the game. Just getting away from reality is just wonderful for her. She trys to find her feels inside her and put a smile on her face.

History as a player: She got the game on her birthday and loved it. She never would get off it when she first started by her mom got worried and many things happened when she was away. She meet this one guy and fell in love with love but he was a way higher level then him. She start gain up levels quickly for him. She even got in the same guild as him and when she heard he was goes to be the leader, she knew she had to be the vice leader. When she found out that they were suck there, she was actually happy to stay.
Level: 76
Crush: Tempest but she can change her mind
Guild: Scoial'tael

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

Can Yuki rp with London?

message 8: by Saber (new)

Saber (sailorsaber) Yeah if I get Approve but Ivy is in the forest on Level 1 if you want to talk to her.

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

Sure, I'll get Yuki there.

message 10: by Raven (last edited Dec 07, 2013 10:41AM) (new)

Raven (Kawa808) | 88 comments

Name: Claire Reece

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Appearance: As seen in the photo Above;

Personality: Elegant and sweet she has a level head. Though when in battle a cunning, swift, and no mercy woman appears. She is other wise sweet and kind even to complete strangers who appear to be in need of help.

Weapon: A Gold handled, Silver lined, Rapier; Angel's Rapier. Has a back up

- Tracking
- Listening
- Detection
- Acrobatics
- Sprint
- Parry
- Meditation

History As A Player:
Was one of the very few who were beta testers, due to her father's company that helped provide the materials to create all of systems and such. She was kind of excited at first about the release of the, she became slightly saddened by the fact she was playing alone. Though upon realizing everyone was trapped inside the game she became slightly shaken, and decided she should only count on herself in the hopes to defeat the game.

Level: 81
(Lol I picked that due to the level of my favorite pokemon currently...)

Crush: Open

Other: Likes to relax in fields for naps, loves sweets, and was a renowned fencer in the United States.

message 11: by Raven (new)

Raven (Kawa808) | 88 comments ;___; Am I approved?

message 12: by Raven (new)

Raven (Kawa808) | 88 comments Lol it's okay I was just like ;___; merp. Haha but thank you very much!

message 13: by [deleted user] (last edited Dec 17, 2013 08:54AM) (new)

Name: Chloe Woods
Game Name: CuteStuff.

Age: 17

Appearance: https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/im...

Game apperence: https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/im...

Weapon(Sword, Spear, Mace): Sword

Abilties: Looking cute, flirting, gaming, cheerleding style, super smart, likes comics, getting boys to drool over her, she is a gamer girl and likes sci-fi and loves Star Wars.

Personality: Gamer girl also to be RPed

History as a player: Won alot of tournaments with gaming hoping she is good at this game starting for the first time.

Crush: Open

Other: Usally wears a beanie.

message 14: by [deleted user] (new)


message 15: by Janella (new)

Janella Carylle | 1 comments Name : Janella Tan
Age : 10
Apppeatance : http://www.wallpaperup.com/205818/hea...
Weapon : Sword
Abilities : Good At Badminton ,Drawing, Wrestling
Personality : Kind , Friendly , Smart
History as a player : Janella was a solo player .She is not talking to anyone coz she is shy. Janella is a fast runner. she was trapped at the game.and now she only thinking was surviving and training.

Crush: none
Guild : Solo
Level : 78


message 16: by Oreo (last edited Mar 11, 2014 04:28PM) (new)

Oreo (smore_oreo) Name: Mizuno Akatsuki
Nickname: Mizu
Age: 17
Purple eyes instead
Weapon: Sword
Abilities: Predicting opponents moves
Personality: Carefree, curious, and a jealous freak
History As A Player: Mizu was just a solo player that wanted to level up to distract her from real life problems that brought her down and made her feel unwanted. When Mizu realized she was trapped in the game her attitude changed and she didn't care about anything anymore.
Crush: Open
Guild: Solo(till someone can change her views)
Level: 79

message 17: by ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (last edited Mar 11, 2014 05:27PM) (new)

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) Under construction

Name: Yumi Kurosaki
Nickname: Kuro
Age: 18
Level: 37

Appearance: description
Eye color- Red
Hair color- blond
Height- 5'6"
Weight- 120

*custom made sword


Personality: tbrped
History: Rather not say due to the lose of most of the people she grew to love.

Crush: none
relationship status: single
Sexual orientation: Heterosexual

Guild: none

message 18: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Name: Tomako Hiragashi
User Name: TK
Age: 18


Weapon: Staff
(view spoiler)

High levels of instinct

Personality: Tomako is the naive motherly type of girl who worries about others and wants to protect them as much as she can but is usually the one who has to be protected. She doesn't understand that someone could want to do anything evil to someone else and so it took her a while to accept the fact that one man would want to cause the potential deaths of thousands of people.

History: Tomako grew up as, ironically, a very sheltered little girl. Her father was the leader of a gang of yakuza and she grew up in the midst of them all. Since her father was respected and there was little unrest within his men she was cherished among them and took care of them when they got hurt so she got used to seeing men beaten and bloody. Because of them though, she never got to know how harsh the world could really be. She heard about SAO at school and thought it might be fun to try it out since she had always heard how fun MMOs could be.

Crush: Sōdo Umareru

Guild: None yet


message 19: by Ilsa (last edited Mar 27, 2014 11:43PM) (new)

Ilsa (eruaistaniel) Name: Zerai viFione

Age: 18

 photo Zerai_zps3e0f9b87.jpg
 photo Animegirl1_zps7fd12863.jpg

Weapon: katana

Abilities: Fast-Flash, a move where she can slow the qualities of the game enough to see everything around her and make a lightning fast decision. Agility. She's taken swimming and fencing and has complete control over her body. Strength. She can assess your weaknesses and use it against you. Accuracy. Does this need mentioning?

Personality: She's pretty much all business to anybody in the game. No real human contact? Well, she isn't going to make out virtually, and if she is, they at least have to be in the same state or something. She really wants to go home and has nightmares about the game locking up, leaving her trapped here.

History as a player: Her parents were influential and she actually met the creator of the game right before it all started. She had a normal life. They all shook hands, sat down, and had dinner. Nothing seemed wrong, and she was excited when her family was gifted a beta tester. By default, being the only child, she had full use to it and enjoyed the game, excited for the soon to come players. Then her dream world went nightmare.

Crush: none, yet

Other: She slaps stupid.

message 20: by Drax (new)

Drax RavenKnight (draxhollowknight) PEOPLE I KNOW!!!

message 21: by Ilsa (new)

Ilsa (eruaistaniel) I KNOW YOU!

message 22: by Drax (new)

Drax RavenKnight (draxhollowknight) YEAHTYJRPTFHDNP

message 23: by Ilsa (new)

Ilsa (eruaistaniel) You live!

message 24: by Drax (new)

Drax RavenKnight (draxhollowknight) I do.

message 25: by Ilsa (new)

Ilsa (eruaistaniel) Surprising!

message 26: by Ilsa (new)

Ilsa (eruaistaniel) Do I need to be approved?

message 27: by Drax (new)

Drax RavenKnight (draxhollowknight) I don't think so.

message 28: by Ilsa (new)

Ilsa (eruaistaniel) Great, wanna RP?

message 29: by Drax (new)

Drax RavenKnight (draxhollowknight) Sure... but he's a bit... really high level. And apparently dibbed by Melissa. Unless you want rivalry going on.

message 30: by Ilsa (new)

Ilsa (eruaistaniel) She's high too. Beta tester. And whatever, have you read her profile? She's gonna be tough to win over.

message 31: by Melissa (new)

Melissa ?

message 32: by Drax (new)

Drax RavenKnight (draxhollowknight) Not only is he incredibly high-level, he's crazy. He won't be doing any winning over unless there's a huge amount of time spent with him.

message 33: by Drax (new)

Drax RavenKnight (draxhollowknight) Who wants to RP?

message 34: by Melissa (new)

Melissa I do

message 35: by Ilsa (new)

Ilsa (eruaistaniel) Sure, where?

message 36: by Drax (new)

Drax RavenKnight (draxhollowknight) We can all RP somewhere... hmm...

message 37: by Ilsa (new)

Ilsa (eruaistaniel) I'm not gonna harem you.

message 38: by Drax (new)

Drax RavenKnight (draxhollowknight) I never suggested that. >.< I'm not a perv.

message 39: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Can't a guy and a girl rp without ending up together?

message 40: by Drax (new)

Drax RavenKnight (draxhollowknight) Yes. Since the other floors aren't made, want to go to the grass fields?

message 41: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Sure

message 42: by Ilsa (new)

Ilsa (eruaistaniel) Yeah, which was kinda what I was going for. And I know, just checking. Okay.

message 43: by [deleted user] (new)

Can I join in?

message 44: by Ilsa (new)

Ilsa (eruaistaniel) I'm game.

message 45: by Everofsao (new)

Everofsao | 1 comments name: ever takamaru
age: 19

ever has black hair and green eyes. ( eye color varys on mood)


she is on the 64th floor. she uses a red and black scythe and her wings are blood red. you must watch out for her because she loves to attack anyone and she goes for the kill.
she can heal people if she wants but only if your in here party.


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