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Justin (justinbienvenue) Hey everyone,
I am just trying to get back in the swing of things when it comes to promoting, marketing and writing blogs. So I have decided to create a post here to announce any news, updates or new articles I have. So when I get any updates or stuff to report I will post it here and share it.


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Justin (justinbienvenue) Interviewed by Sean MaCuisdin

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Justin (justinbienvenue) Interviewed by D.R Shoultz

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Justin (justinbienvenue) Name: Emerson Shaw
Height: 6''0
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Weapon of Choice: Fast Action Revolver
Best Attributes: Quick draw, Loyalty and Kindness, Problem solver
Worst Attributes: Lets emotions get the best of him, A bit self conscience
Greatest Feat: Won shooting contest
Plan of Action: To live a prosperous life and defend the town of Toomswood
Sidekick: Clive Halloway
Mentor/Role Model: Calvin Shaw(father)
Kills prior to war: 2

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Justin (justinbienvenue) Name: Javier Jones
Height: 5''8
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Weapon of Choice: Colt .45
Best Attribute: Quick draw, super dexterity, point pin shooting accuracy
Worst Attribute: No respect for authority, easily offended, lacks charisma
Greatest Feat: Once killed 6 men in a shootout in Mexico.
Plan of Action: To kill anyone who gets in his way, to takeover and destory the town of Toomswood
Sidekick: Joey Morrey
Mentor/Role Model: General Stonewall Jackson
Kills prior to war: Too many

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Justin (justinbienvenue) A bit of an update, My first book The Macabre Masterpiecee is currently being redone. Since I now own the rights to it I have re-edited it and re-mastered it and it's also getting a new cover. It will be re-released under Createspace and available soon for purchase.

I am currently willing to send PDF copies to anyone who would like to read the book and leave a review.

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