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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 707 comments My idea: Two siblings son and daughter of two well known Scientists that are known of creating a serum. That can make people immortal turn them young and healthy forever healing any wounds. A group of people a gang actually. Is wanting that serum that they know comes with a challenge to receive it. The head of the group a women not really know has secrets of her own that wants the serum. She sends a boy the younger daughter knows to spy on the parents and date the daughter getting information about the serum. After a year with enough information they have collected the head lady sends the boy and some Hench men to get the family and collect the serum. Though the daughter and son go on the run with the serum in hand under their parents turns into a wild goose chase and will they serum fall into the wrong hands???? Please... I want this to become a twisted ever lasting plot with details huge plot twists and doubles maybe more characters!

Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 1123 comments Neat! I'll try it out. Still want to be the guy, though. XP

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 707 comments Cool and you can be both the guys if you want:)

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 707 comments So are you going to be both guys on here? If you are I just need to double check.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 707 comments I was too lazy to make new characters so I'm using these old ones.

Name: Serena Carlson

Age: 22

Gender: Female


Personality: Serena could be the biggest jerk of all. She's always rude but can nice if she wanted too. She uses Sarcasm when she wants to but never does at a time. She prefers violence over peace. She can act like a really kind person but really isn't a kind person.

History: Serena watched her family be beaten to death. She had so much anger fill her she started working hard in science and gather people around her to do missions for others. She becomes very interested in her job and works hard to get it done with the team she has. When she heard about the serum she got so interested thinking it would help her and her team.

Family: Deceased all of her family.

Skills: Serena is an expert with code cracking and weaponry. She is good with hand to hand combat as well.

Weapons: Knives, and guns.

Other: Her family is only deceased because when she was younger she saw them all killed one by one. The killers definitely made her effected by it. She has nightmares of her families death but it's not as bad. She tracked her family killers and killed them herself making them feeling her pain. Now she has to stay strong and not show her pain.
Name: Kaycee Dalton

Age: 18

Gender: Female


Personality: Kaycee can be the sweetest person in the world. But can also be shy and rude to everyone if she wants to be. She's very cautious about everything. She's loyal to her parents and is scared of things that will happen because of the serum they were making.

History:She used to be blind but the serum helped her get her sight back when she was around sixteen. She was born blind. She took track, self defense on martial arts, and gymnastics. She knows is helping her parents make the serum better and officially since it worked so well on her. When she was younger a robber broke into her house while she was alone with her brother. She was still blind yes but had enough sense that she knew what she was doing and by the noises she could guide herself. She heard her brother and the robber fighting she grabbed who she thought was her older brother but was the robber and had her own small gun. She shot him in the head she had no idea that his head was on her gun. Her brother helped her get away from him she was only six years old. The police said since she was too young and had no idea of what she was doing. They let her choose defensive classes that trained her. When she was only fifteen her parents tested the serum to heal her sight. It took an extra year but she got her sight back because of the serum. Though that was when lots of people wanted the serum from them.

Family: Her Older brother and two parents.

Skills: Kaycee has many skills but uses only a few. She has developed the skills of being very silent and easily blending in. She is a good secret keeper she can keep a lot of secrets and won't reveal them for any reason. She's good at hand to hand combat but is really good at computer and hacking skills.

Weapons: Knives, Guns, and a pair of sais.


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Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 1123 comments Name: Dex Dalton
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Personality: Dex is one to be defensive and cautious when it comes to his sister. He is kind to his allies, but when the enemy comes around, he transforms from a sweet, generous teen to a defensive, strong, and dangerous opponent.
History: Once her sister got the serum in her system, he doubled in protection of her. He never got the serum, which he knew was the best. He wasn't born blind, but later on he started needing glasses, but he didn't mind that at all. He was the protector of many things; His family, his sister, and the serum. There was still samples left, and he had to make sure no one got there hands on them, for they were all different, and one of them was the most to protect... Not even his sister knew of that sample. It was even hidden, locked, and sealed with his entry only in his own room.
Family: Father - James Dalton
Mother - Silvia Dalton
Younger Sister - Kaycee Dalton
Skills: Good at long range and close combat
Almost inhuman speed and strength
Good with computers, but not as good as his sister
Weapons: Colt Revolver (gun), Two blood red katanas, and a whip.
Other: He has had this stuffed animal fox ever since he was little, and he didn't think of giving it up. He keeps it locked up with the sample serum in his room, just so his sister doesn't find out he still has it.

Name: Kyle Coltnos (real name is Max Carlson)
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Personality: Sly, but kind. Kyle is generally nice and sweet, but when on duty, that's just his cover. When on duty, he's sly and secretive.
History: Secretly survived the attack, Serena's 'deceased' son changed his name. He originally was Max Carlson. Now he is Kyle Coltnos. He had dyed his hair black, when he originally used to be blonde, and he made sure to wear those colored contacts to hide his blue eyes and change them to green. The glasses were fake, for he had 20/20 vision.
Family: Boss (Mother) - Serena Carlson
Skills: Almost ninja like stealth
good at close combat and long ranged combat.
Weapons: Pocket knives and a pistol hidden in his jacket.
Other: He has slowly began to realize he has a crush on Kaycee

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 707 comments Sweet do you want me to start?

Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 1123 comments (I will)

Dex huffed. He was in his room, and he began to think back on that one night; When his sister was healed of her blindness. He was shocked, but was glad that she could actually know what he looked like, that she could see how the world actually was; beautiful, yet harsh.

He snapped himself out of it. What are you doing, Dex, get yourself together. Dex thought to himself before looking at a section in the wall. He stood up and went over to it, tilting the lamp on the way. The lamp didn't fall, but was connected to a trip wire.

A section of the wall opened up and revealed some type of safe. He turned the combonation before a hand pad and a scanner appeared beside it. He set his hand on the pad and waited for the machine to scan it, then he got eye level with the scanner, and it scanned his eye before both of the scans closed and the safe unlocked. He opened it and looked at the serum before looking at his stuffed animal fox. He smiled. "Still in good condition... And the sample is still safe..." He shut it and tilted the lamp back into place, hiding the safe. ...I better go see the others.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 707 comments Kaycee was just leaving at work Cautiously glancing around. She felt like she was being followed 24/7 and it was bugging her so much. She glanced around heading to her car that she mistakenly parked in an alley way. She only did that when she was really tired and she was. Not just because of school, but because of training and helping her brother and parents when the serum.

She looked around when she thought she heard foot steps. Ignore it Kaycee, just ignore it. She got in her car it was probably just her heighten senses from being blind again. She just got her vision back and it was nice to see everything her parents, her brother, everything. Her dad and Dex taught her how to drive so luckily she knew and she did get her license a few days ago so she was perfectly fine.

Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 1123 comments Kyle had seen Kaycee, and he found himself following her to the alley. He mistakenly followed her into the alley, and didn't expect it when she backed up to leave, and once the car came in contact with him, he fell back, making a thud when the car hit him, and when he fell on the ground. "Gah!"

Dex saw his father and mother testing on a rat for their latest serum. "Dad, Mom, I have a bad feeling that we are going to have to move... again."

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 707 comments Kaycee heard a thud and got out of the car stopping it. She saw Kyle and went over to him. "Oh my god are you okay? I'm so sorry." She said to him helping him up. She swore she never saw him behind her car and if she did she would have stopped before backing out.

Silvia looked up at Dex. "What do you mean Dex?" She asked him she had to make sure that they had a clear reason. She doesn't want her children to get hurt and wants the serum safe from their enemies. Her husband stopped working on the test to listen.

Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 1123 comments Dex huffed. "I'm honestly not sure. I just have a feeling someone's getting closer to finding a way to the serum... The serum in my room, to be exact..."

Kyle groaned and used her car as support. "I'm okay, and its fine; you probably didn't see me back there..." He groaned again, and set his led had over his right arm, which had gotten hurt, but surprisingly not broken.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 707 comments They nodded."Is the serum alright though?" She asked him if it was malfunctioning then they would need to check on a sample of it. At least it was safe though it was in a safe part.

"I'm so sorry. I just didn't see you. Do you need anything?" She asked him. She could get him to a hospital or something she can't stand to see him get home hurt. She doesn't want to get in trouble either.

Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 1123 comments "It's fine... I heal surprisingly quick, and my mother is a doctor, anyways, so it's fine..." Kyle said to Kaycee. (I'm saying they already know each other.) "well, see you around, Kaycee."

Dex nodded. "The serum itself is stable... But still, the feeling of being watched and threatened is still fresh..."

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 707 comments "Okay Kyle. See you around." She said to him she hated it when she messed up. She went to her car watching out for anyone. She drove home the feeling of being followed was gone again for now at least. Don't be so paranoid. She said to herself not wanting to be though.

"Hopefully we don't have to move again but I'll look for any available houses and schools somewhere else. Just to be ready if we need to leave again." Silvia said to him.

Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 1123 comments Dex nodded. "Thanks." He heard a car park outside the home. "That must be Kaycee. This discussion was never spoken." Dex clarified before going back up to his room.

Kyle made his way to his 'Boss's house and entered the house, for he had a spare key. "Hi mom." He said, calling her mom on purpose. "I'm home. And do you know where the bandages are; You know, the one that go aroun your arms and stuff?

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 707 comments They nodded understanding and kept working on the serum test acting like it never happened at all. Kaycee opened the door to the house and closed the door. She could tell her family already knew she was home. She took her shoes off and went to her room to put her things away.

Serena came out of her office. "Hi Honey, I do but why what happened?" She asked him unlocking the cabinet that holds the first aid kit. She goes over to him she missed him and never thought of how dangerous this mission was for him.

Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 1123 comments "Well, my arm was run over by a car, nothing big." He said, acting like it wasn't a big deal. "It's bleeding a little, and surprisingly not broken, so that's a good thing, right?" Kyle replied, smiling a little. "Don't worry, it just needs a little bandaging."

Dex looked out his only window and saw a figure coming to the house. He pressed a button that was a radioed to his parents. "Another one." He simply said before looking at the figure once again.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 707 comments Serena sighed and nodded. "right as long as it's not damaged so much." She said to him. She made him sit down so she could bandage him up. "Not broken it must not have been ran over too much." She said to him.

James went to the button when they heard it. He pressed a button to respond. "Where Dex?" He asked him. Kaycee didn't look out her window she went to the bathroom to change not hearing her brother or her parents.

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Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 1123 comments Dex pressed the button. "Five yards from the fence. It's becoming harder to tell if its either a salesperson or another spy now-a-days." He replied, glaring as the figure got closer to the home's fence. "...Scratch that. He's trying to grapple my window." Dex said, backing up as the grappling hook went through the broken window from the last grappler and it clinched to the edge. "Geez, when will they give up..." He mumbled before lifting the grapple and throwing it out, causing the figure on the end to fall on the ground. "I'd send the dogs." Dex said before placing a screen over the broken window and covering it with his curtains.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 707 comments "They are already sent out." James said to Dex after hearing the broken window. "Are you sure there aren't anymore?" He asked him if there were they could try to get Kaycee from her room. He wasn't going to watch his family get hurt. He heard the dogs and whoever it was in front of their house. Kaycee heard the dogs and sighed another spy. She went to her room sitting down and reading her book. Not wanting to check outside.

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Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 1123 comments "Quite positive." He said. "I'll check." He said, opening the window and taking one of his katanas with him before dropping down, landing on his feet. He saw the dogs and they looked at Dex. "...Dan, check South, Keith, check West. I got north and east." He spoke, and the dogs barked in reply, the collars Dex made for them saying their replies.

"Yes Dex-Master!" spoke Keith's collar.

"On it, Master-Dex!" spoke Dan's collar.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 707 comments Kaycee glanced outside and got her knives just in case she needed to defend herself. She kept reading waiting patiently. James waited as Silvia finished the test. She wanted to check on Kaycee but didn't want to leave her husband with the serum.

Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 1123 comments Kyle nodded. "Kaycee stopped before she went over it entirely... Oh, that slipped out. Whoops."

Dex thought he saw another spy, and swung his katana to attack, but heard a yell as the mailman didn't expect to be attacked. Dex chuckled nervously before taking the mail from the mailman. "Sorry...again...."
Dex hear the mailman mumble "I need to get a new job." As he left, and Dex stratched the back of his head in embarrassment.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 707 comments Serena looked at him. "You are alright that's all that matters to me. But have you been able to find out anything from her?" Serena asked him wrapping his arm.

Kaycee heard the mail man. She put her book down and went to get a snack to eat before dinner. She got a peach and cut it before eating.

Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 1123 comments The dogs told Dex it was clear and Dex headed inside, followed by the dogs and he fed them before looking at Kaycee. "Hey. I scared the mailman again..." Dex said as he set the mail on the counter.

Kyle shook her head. "Well, she knows how to drive, obviously. I think I'll go over later and see if I can get anything about the serum... Oh, I recently discovered that there's a serum locked in the brother's room somewhere! It's curiosity, for why that would be."

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 707 comments Kaycee looked up. "Again? You thought he was another intruder didn't you?" She asked him looking at the mail. It was mostly for mom and dad. She would give them the mail later. "Do you want anything?" She asked him before she could get the food to make for dinner.


Serena nodded. "You be careful and try to find out where it is and why. I had a few spies go over there earlier. I don't know if they succeeded or not." She said to him putting he first aid kit away.

Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 1123 comments "Doubt it; if they did the grappling hook technic like before, Dex would've caught them." Kyle said. "Dex always stays in his room, more than likely because of the serum. But it's all whatever... " Kyle spoke, looking around the room. "I swear, they are almost becoming like a second family, it's so creepy." He emphasized it by shivering a little and shaking his head.

Dex said no before looking at the caged labrat. " Sometimes I swear I'm a rat..."

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 707 comments She nodded. "'I told them not to do that grappling hook technic at his room but at his sisters." She sighed. It must not have worked. She made sure no other damage was on his arm. "It seems like that but they are still a family. Dex just is the most protective of all of them." He said to her.


"Why do you feel like that? I still feel like I'm in the dark." She said to him starting to make dinner. She couldn't believe everything she's seeing still. It's so different for her to even notice anything at all.

Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 1123 comments Dex looked at his sister before back at the cage rat. "I feel cautious, afraid one day I'm going to be the one in the cage and tested on... That one day I'm going to have to use the serum..." He admitted. "I'm also afraid one day that I'm not going to be able to protect you guys..." Dex looked away from the rat and to the counter. "...One day, I'm going to be caged up, and when that day comes... Run. And don't come back to help me, Kaycee..."

Kyle took that into consideration. "...maybe if I can get Kaycee alone, I could get some things out of her without Dex's overprotective self ruining it... As I said, they're almost like a second family to me... Maybe it will seem like I'm a son-in-law or something to them by now."

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 707 comments "Dex I don't ever want to hear you say that. Your not going to be caged him not you or mom or dad or me." She said to him. "I won't let those monsters hurt you." She said to him. She was so protective of her brother and doesn't want him to get hurt. She doesn't. Want to loose her family.


"That would work. They trust you you just need to find out when Dex won't be around and you can get what you need from Kaycee." She said to him. It was a good plan she could get some people to distract Dex.

Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 1123 comments "I'm not joking." Dex's voice sounded harsh. "... We may have to move again, I have a feeling someone's getting closer to finding a way to the serum... If they catch me, that's why I want you to run." Dex's voice changed during his talking from harsh to about to cry. But not even a sign of crying showed as his face lifted up from the counter and directly looking at his sister. "Don't turn around when that happens, Kaycee... If it happens."

Kyle nodded. "Alright. I'll stay with them for a little before I sent a request to distract Dex." Kyle stood up. "I'll find the serum and bring it home..." He said before going to the door and looking at his boss. "I'll see you when I have the serum..." Kyle smirked and exited the house, closing the door before sighing. "Just a little longer, mom... Once I have the serum, as I give it to you, then you'll know that I'm your pure-blooded son..."

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 707 comments Kaycee nodded. "Alright, Fine." she said to him. She didn't want him to get hurt though. She felt like he wasn't telling her anything and she just wanted to know what he's keeping from her. She continued to cook their dinner.


Serena nodded. "Alright I'll be waiting for that request." She said to him. She let him leave she sighed. She believe he was her pure blooded son. She just had to act like he wasn't to protect him. He doesn't know her passed. He just knows she's been through a lot.

Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 1123 comments The door was knocked on, alerting Dex. "Let me get that." He said before getting up and opening the door to a flash of light. "Oh, it's just you."

Kyle lowered his camera. "Hey Dex!" He slid past Dex and smiled at Kaycee. "Hey Kaycee! Whatever your cooking, it smells good!" He said a slight cheerfully.

"Kyle..." Dex heard himself groan. He started to the steps. "I'll be in my room."

Kyle frowned. "Is it just me, or does your brother not like me a lot?"

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 707 comments Kaycee noticed Dex was tense she smiled at Kyle. "Hey Kyle. Thanks. I don't know why he's like that around you." She admitted going over to him letting the food on the stove cool down it wasn't done yet. "How's your arm?"

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Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 1123 comments "It's fine. My mom panicked when she saw it bleeding and she wrapped it up. But it feels a lot better now." Kyle said. He realized the room was empty, but it was not time to ask about the serum. "So, how've you been?"

"Intruder!" Kyle heard, and he saw two dogs barking at him, with yells of intruder coming from their collars.

"Woah, is that an animal translator?" Kyle said, crouching down and petting the dogs, seising they're barking and recognizing him. "Your family is so cool."

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 707 comments She nodded. "That's good. I've been good just tired from my day." She admitted. She saw Dan and Kieth. "Yeah it is." She admitted. She goes over to them. "What are you two talking about?" She asked them they knew Kyle before and have seen him but never acted like this before. "I'm sorry they are not like this usually they are so behaved."

Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 1123 comments "They probably just haven't seen me in a while." Kyle said, looking at Dan and Keith's collars separately. "So cool..." He secretly put the world's smallest cameras on their collars as he observed them and then he stood up as they ran off. "They are so cute." He admitted, sitting down at the counter. "Not as cute as you, though." He said, not realizing until after spoken. He blushed. "Uhh, sorry, sometimes my blabbering just gets ahead of me..." He said, embarrassed

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 707 comments She nodded. "Maybe it's been a while since they have seen you." She blushed when he said she was cute. "It's alright." She said softly she wanted to tell him that he was cute too. "You are cute too." She said to him as she checked on the food in the oven.

Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 1123 comments Kyle blushed even darker. "Really?" He said, taking the walk or talkie and pressing the 'HTT' button three times before turning it off. "I'm gonna see if your brother's alright." He said, standing up. Alright, I have five minutes till they get here... I'll have estimably ten minutes to find the storage compartment and get the serum hidden on me... Then mom will be happy...

Dex growled when one of the dogs intruded when he had the safe open. "Shoo, Keith, Shoo. Don't tell anyone you saw this." He said, quickly locking up the serum and tilting the lamp back into place.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 707 comments Kaycee nodded blushing at it. "Alright." She said to him she kept making dinner she started to cut some bread for it too making lemonade. She had her weapons with her still. She noticed Keith wasn't with Dan. She shrugged it off and kept cooking.

Serena had the signal she sent about five trained men to go. She waited hoping they will accomplish this mission. She hoped Kyle could accomplish this.

Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 1123 comments Dex growled when he heard Kyle just outside his door. "Go away Kyle."

Kyle huffed. "Do you hate me?"

Dex sighed and opened the door. "No. I don't hate you. But sometimes you're annoying." He said, no sugar coating.

Kyle nodded. "I do get a little annoying sometimes... Sorry, Dex."

Dex then heard the sound of glass breaking at the back of the house. "Kaycee, come here!" He called before shoving Kyle into his room. "Stay here."

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 707 comments Kaycee turned to the glass. She turned everything off running to her Brother's room holding her weapons. "Dex mom and dad we need to get them." She said to him not going in his room yet not wanting to leave their parents alone down in the lab.

Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 1123 comments "I'll get them, you stay here and protect Kyle, too. Don't go after me, Kaycee, this is one of those situations where you are protecting someone's life like I do almost everyday." Dex said to her before pullin her into his room and closing the door behind her and running to the lab.

Kyle froze up. "Kaycee, what the heck's going on? This has never happened before when I come to your house."

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 707 comments Kaycee went into his room she covered the door with a chair for now until her parents can come on up with Dex. She turned to Kyle. "I'm not sure but you just need to trust me Kyle." She said to him. Hearing the commotion from the kitchen she has to stay strong.

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Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 1123 comments Kyle nodded. He waited a moment before pulling out his tablet and seeing how Dex closed the safe. He looked at the lamp and pushed it. "Whoops." The safe revealed itself in the wall, and he grinned.

"Lier! Lier!" barked Keith, who ha stayed in Dex's room. Kyle pulle out a small tranquilizer pistol and shot at Keith.

"Shut up." Kyle said before aiming the tranquilizer pistol at Kaycee as he lied his ear on the safe and turned the dial with his free hand. "Sorry about this, Kaycee, but a job's a job." He heard it click an saw the two panels appear.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 707 comments Kaycee turned to him. "What are you doing Kyle?" She asked him watching the pistol and his movements she had no idea that her brother had a safe. She has to disarm him she held her knife with her she would need to fight Kyle.

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Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 1123 comments Kyle smirked at Kaycee. "I wasn't joking when I said you were cute." Kyle said, taking a piece of paper out of his pocket and lying it on the hand pad, using his hand to put weight onto it. It unlocked another part before he went to the picture he took of Dex. "Now I'm glad of this picture." He zoomed in and just about unlocked it when the door opened and he saw Dex. He aimed the gun at Dex. "And just when I was so close, too!" Kyle took out the walker talkie. "Send some reinforcements and surround this place!"

"What the h*ll?" Dex said, growling as he realized it. "I knew there was something wrong with you!" Dex pulled out his colt revolver and held it to Kyle's head. Kyle felt the cold tip ad dropped his tranquilizer pistol.

"...Sorry." Kyle said, looking at Dex and his family. "You are a little too late... This house is going to be surrounded by Mom's recruits in less than a minute and you will have no where to run..." Kyle chuckled. "Sorry Daltons..."

Dex lowered the revolver and held the traitor's wrist. "Oh I'm not killing you, your coming with us this time." Dex looked at his parents and his sister. "Kaycee, get to the escape door; and take the traitor with you." He said, handcuffing Kyle before handing him to Kaycee. "Mom, Dad, please distract them." He said. "Go!" He said before looking at the safe. He waited to get it last

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 707 comments Kaycee grabbed Kyle's tranquilizer gun and pinned him down. She looked at Dex and looked away she didn't want to deal with him if he gives her a lecture of trusting Kyle. Serena sent more back up they surrounded the place. "I can't believe I trusted you." She said to Kyle.

Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 1123 comments Kyle chuckled. "That's what a spy does; gains the trust then backstabs..." He said, but began to realize that it was a stupid way to be a spy.

Dex grabbed everything they needed and stuffed it in a bag; food, clothing, weapons; then he looked at the safe. He let the machine scan his eye and took his fox and stuffed it in the back and held the sample in his hand. He exhaled before inhaling deeply. "The only way to protect this is to..." He flipped the lid and drank the sample compleaty. He threw the container on the ground, breaking the glass before zipping up the backpack an hurrying to where he told Kaycee to go.

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