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I'm done with this series now....

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message 1: by Anna (new) - added it

Anna Duff So I was like totally in love with this book series. I loved the romance between Merit and Ethan; I wanted them to fall in love and everything. But, then Ethan had to go and die. I don't know how the book series will be any good with Ethan gone!

message 2: by Dee (new) - rated it 5 stars

Dee trust ppl when they say continue...and that is all i'm going to say ;)

Kristen Yep! Keep going! Trust Chloe!

Yvenande Read the next one.
I had the exact same reaction when I read that Ethan died. I told myself I was done with this series but I decided to read the next book just to hate on it, and boy did I feel like an idiot after that. Trust me keep reading, it'll all work out.

Cassandra Frederick I'm with the others. Read the next book before you decide to quit.

Charlene I was devastated when Ethan died and thought about quitting it too until I realized if the author was going to kill off the HEA guy, then she must have something special planned for her readers. And she did not disappoint. Keep going, Anna. It's worth the ride.

Alan Anna,

Trust me and the others as state above, do not give up on this series. Continue to read the next novel out.

Michelle Keep reading! I am one book ahead of you and glad I pushed through, despite my heartbreak at losing Ethan.

Nikki / Tinyavenger  You must keep going. I remember when I came to this point in the series being completely shell-shocked. However, trust me, it gets better and was a necessary evil to get to where the series is at now. Don't give up! You will not be sorry!

message 10: by Alan (new) - rated it 5 stars

Alan Nikki and Michelle,

Without giving anything away to others who may read this discussion thread... I was livid when Ethan was killed off. I mean, really, one the main pivotal characters in the book and he was killed off. I thought, well maybe it is all askew for a reason and read the next novel and was I surprised... I only started reading this entire series about 6 months ago and finished all of them that were out then in about 2 weeks. I really read a lot of books..

Jeanny Anna wrote: "So I was like totally in love with this book series. I loved the romance between Merit and Ethan; I wanted them to fall in love and everything. But, then Ethan had to go and die. I don't know how t..."

Please continue reading this series. Without giving spoilers away it's difficult to explain why but truest me you'll miss out on some great moments should you decide to give up on this series.

Michelle Alan,
I know exactly what you mean, my jaw dropped to the floor. I felt for a moment like I was in a George RR Martin novel where your favourite character is killed off like it means nothing. But I had faith in our beloved Ms. Neill that something bigger and better would come of it. I only started the series a few weeks ago as well and have motored through, loving the audio book versions as I can listen while I work!!

message 13: by Alan (new) - rated it 5 stars

Alan Michelle,
That is so true. Have you read the Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher? He did something very similar to his main character that was totally out of left field at the end of his book, "Changes".

I envy the fact that you are able to "listen" to an audio book and work at the same time. I have too much going on at work to be able to do that. But when I have an audio book; I do listen the them while going to and from work.

Nikki / Tinyavenger  LOL Alan, I can still remember reading the ending of Changes. I think I sat in stunned disbelief for a good 10 minutes after I closed the book. (The most recent Dresden Files book as fantastic!!).

Michelle I've wanted to start the Dresden Files for a while now, but I seem to have a huge stack of TBR in front of me. Kevin Hearn's latest has just been released and will take the foremore priority.

LOL! Don't envy the audio book privilege - it helps pass gruelingly long hours and is only during my work-from-home job. Have either of you, Alan or Nikki, enjoyed Jim Butcher on audio?

Nikki / Tinyavenger  LOL I know what you mean Michelle. I joined a book swapping site to clear out my bookshelf. Instead I have added two more and my wish list keeps growing!

I just received the first 2 books in the Iron Druid Chronicles and will be starting those soon.

I have not listened to anything on audiobook. My commute is too short (it would take me a month to finish an audio book lol) and if I tried to listen while I worked I probably wouldn't get anything done. :-)

message 17: by Alan (new) - rated it 5 stars

Alan Michelle,

I have not had any audio books with Jim Butcher. But you will not be disappointed in his series. Much like Nikki; who will not like the Iron Druid series... You will love it. Both the Dresden Files and Iron Druid series have wit, humor, action, adventure and even a little bit of sadness here and there that just draws in and you cannot stop reading the books. Nikki, I am glad you are starting on the series, I just received the latest book "Shattered" (which is in hardback). Do either of you never appear to have enough time to catch up on reading.

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