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And here we are

Anastacia *gaining love* Asbury | 7757 comments MMK, I don't really mind the object...mostly.

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On choose between book/tv/movie/real fanfic and I'll pick out deatails k

Anastacia *gaining love* Asbury | 7757 comments sorry...I'm a little confused. What do you mean by chops.....

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Ment choose

Anastacia *gaining love* Asbury | 7757 comments oh ^^ okay

how about books

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K. What book do u have in mind

Anastacia *gaining love* Asbury | 7757 comments I have no clue, because I have no idea of what you read...

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K. Choose between these books or suggest a book-
Percy jackson books
Last apprentice
Harry potter
Lord of the ring

Anastacia *gaining love* Asbury | 7757 comments out of these I've only read Percy Jackson and some of the Harry Potter books...

9and out of Percy Jackson I've only read the first series and the first book out of the new series...)

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Ok so percy jackson it is. Well for a plot how about I'm set undercover to brig u to camp but we are attacked ad we have to make a run for it. We finnaly reach camp and we make up rest as we go. I'm gonna make my character

Anastacia *gaining love* Asbury | 7757 comments okay! So where do we go to make our characters???

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Name: Zekara (ZE•kar•a)

Age: 17

Gender: female

Immortal parent: Hestia (she fell in love ok!)

Appearance: tall and lean. Body built like a hunter. Long and strait brown hair that is parted at the side and bangs are long but cut diagonally. The ends of the hair are slightly curly. Zekara has burning orange/yellow/red eyes that look like flames. Her movements are graceful, quiet, and nimble like a flames movements.

Clothing: a fitting black quarter sleeve (elbow) shirt with black leggings, black ankle high second layer skin like running boots, and tan leather straps that run across her body with leaf green sheaves holding her daggers and throwing knives with one across her back holding her sword. Her bow appears when she needs it. Undercover she just wears a plain quarter sleeve shirt with Skinny jeans and running shoes.

Weapons: Weapons: elegantly crafted leaf shaped daggers, throwing knifes, and sword. Each has a sun color hilt. The sword has a tiger's eye at the end of the hilt. Also an elegantly crafted bow and arrows.

Personality: Zekara is a fierce warrior when she has to fight but kind to a friend, free willed, and never leaves anybody behind or never leaves your side. She gives hope to people. She is a very modest warrior that goes by a strict code of honor. Though modest her movements in battle, practice, or duels show her pride of being the best fighter you'll ever face of u have to. Though she is the best and dresses like she does Zekara prefers to be peaceful.

Abilities: can control fire, create fire, is immune to fire, and can talk to donkeys.

Fatal flaw: personal loyalty (wha I like this flaw)

Srry got carried away.

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Just make character then we can start

Anastacia *gaining love* Asbury | 7757 comments I'll make a character when I get home from playing with the pep band at the basketball game.

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Anastacia *gaining love* Asbury | 7757 comments Name: Karma
age: 16
gender: female
parent: Nemesis
Appearance: From India or has some form of Indian descent. Long black hair, tan skin, black eyes with a slight grey rim around the edges and slight redish golden brown speckles on it. Has her ears pierced. Tall for her age and skinny. She moves with stealth and speed.
clothing: A black leather jacket, some form on techni-colored stretch pants, A torn skirt or torn mini shorts. If she's wearing regular jeans they've got holes in them and she's wearing fishnet tights underneath. She's often wearing a bright colored tanktop or a t-shirt with some funny saying or picture. She either wears black flats, high tops, or combat boots. Her earrings range from skull and cross bones to what looks likes a lotus flower to a simple ruby.
weapon: She fights with a Katar and a Savuku. Hidden in her sleeve of her jacket are also blow darts.
personality: anti-social, dark, menacing, usually plotting something, is rude at first, but if you get to know her she's crazy, wild, fun, and friendly. She's usually unpredictable and she hates it when people get away with stuff so she'll usually go and ruin their day, but then she's the one to get in trouble.
abilities: can usually predicted something in the near future, can tell how others are feeling and their personality by reading their auras, can sense when someone needs either something good or something bad to happen in their lives.
fatal flaw: she's Callous (doesn't show emotion) and withdrawn (doesn't social with others). She has a fear of becoming close with people and is also afraid of herself (like if she went insane or something...)

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((Well we can get started now. I'll start off))
It has been a couple weeks sense I started going to highschool to protect and bring a demigod to camp when she is threatened so we can preserve her ignorance. Though I haven't been able to do much but observe surroundings and people she interacts with to keep her safe if one was a monster or just having short chats with her.

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Anastacia *gaining love* Asbury | 7757 comments I glanced over as I rolled my eyes. My friend Cassidy was rambling on about her boy friend again. I caught sight of someone staring at me. I felt like this wasn't the first time the girl had been near me. Or staring at me as a matter of fact.

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As I was keeping watch I realized she had spotted me. 'de immortals. Ok just go talk it out.' I started thinking but befor I got the chance there was a crash and 3 Telekhines had crashed trough the window. 'Crap!'

Anastacia *gaining love* Asbury | 7757 comments I heard the loud crash. Cassidy and I looked over. "What the heck are seals doing here and why are they coming this way?" Cassidy said. I looked at them in horror. "If those are seals they're some pretty deformed seals!" I exclaimed.

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'Ok time to move.' With that thought I took the hidden blades I still hand and threw them at the Telekhines. Only one survived with a nasty shoulder wound. I grabbed Karma's arm and started to drag her, "come on. Follow me we have to go now!"

Anastacia *gaining love* Asbury | 7757 comments I looked back at Cassidy, who just shrugged, and then up at my kidnapper. "Who are you and what do you want?"

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I growled in frustration, "names Zekara and I'm here to keep u safe. Now let's move!"

Anastacia *gaining love* Asbury | 7757 comments I looked at her weirdly. "But what were those? My friend said they were seals, but they didn't look like seals! Where are we going...and what do you mean keep me safe?!"

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"No time for any questions right now. Ask me later ok," I replied. There was a growl and I looked back to see 3 more Telekhines had joined the party. "Styx! I knew I should have brought more weapons." I muttered. "Ok change of plans." I said stopping and making Karma look at me, "go run and wait at te one willow tree." Witb that I pushed her away and ran to get my knives.

Anastacia *gaining love* Asbury | 7757 comments I looked at her weirdly, but thinking about the creatures, I decided I should probably listen to her. I ran quickly. Suddenly my cell rang. "Where are you?" Cassidy's voice came over it. "Not now..." I grumbled. "Why not?! Why won't you come back. Should I call the police?" Cassidy kept listing off questions. "Shut up, I'm busy..." I grumbled. "Fine," Cassidy huffed, "I'll go talk to the boys myself!" I rolled my eyes. "Good idea. Bye," I said as I hung up. I pushed open the door and ran towards the tree. I climbed up a couple branches and sat in the dark shadows. "This better be for a good reason..."

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Once I found my knives I quickly turned to face my opponents. "So who wants to make this quick?" I asked lazily holding my knives. With theat I thre them and ran. I found the willow tree and wisper/yelled "come on down karma but we have no time to waste."

Anastacia *gaining love* Asbury | 7757 comments I leapt out of the tree and landed next to her perfectly. "I suggest now is answer time. First answer these two things before I ask more Zekara, how do you know my name and what were those?"

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Sighing I answered her "I was sent here to protect I instead of bringing u to camp and ruining ur normal life and those were Telekhines. Ill explain later. Right now we need to get to my apartment and grab my weapons."

Anastacia *gaining love* Asbury | 7757 comments I rolled my eyes. "Normal life...yeah right. Let's go!"

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Once we got to my hotel room I grabbed my weapons strapped them on and walked right back out with Karma at my heals. "Ok now I can answer questions."

Anastacia *gaining love* Asbury | 7757 comments "Where are you taking me and is it legal?" I asked. I didn't truly care if it was legal, I was just worried about my father.

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"A safe place for people like us called Camp Half-Blood and it is legal. Oh and yes ur father is going to be ok." I quickly answered her

Anastacia *gaining love* Asbury | 7757 comments I looked at her confused. "Like us? And did you just read my mind?"

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"Demigods. And no I didn't. The worry is coming of u in waves. And I new u have a father."

Anastacia *gaining love* Asbury | 7757 comments "Okay...so what you're saying is that we're the child of a god and a human...obviously. And have you been stalking me?"

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"No stalking here. Just us bein nosy so we could keep u safe."

Anastacia *gaining love* Asbury | 7757 comments I rolled my eyes. "Whatever...so how are we going to get to this Camp Halfblood that you speak of?"

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Anastacia *gaining love* Asbury | 7757 comments "So how far is this camp and what do we do there? If it's like any other camp I've been to I'm going to freaking hate it with all the other arts and crafts crap..." I grumbled. I looked around. "Can't we stop by my house so I can explain to my father and pack..."

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"Fine but don't tell him about the demigod stuff because he will most likely not know about that stuff. The destination is Long Island, New York on half blood hill so not too long. Also this camp is very different."

Anastacia *gaining love* Asbury | 7757 comments I nodded. "Follow me, it's actually not that far." I ran quickly. Should have been on track like Cassidy had suggested. Soon we came to the apartment building that I lived on the very upper floor of. I went in and ran into the elevator. When we arrived to the top and the elevator door opened I couldn't help but smile. Stepping out of the elevator I always felt like I had just stepped into Indian, my father's home land. He looked up. "Oh Karma, you're home early!" I frowned slightly. "Yeah, father. I'm off to go on a field trip with my school..." I lied. He frowned. "Did you forget to tell me like last time? Do I need to give you money for this?" I sighed softly and shook my head. "No father, I'll take care of the money this time. It's a long one like the one the band took last year to Disney World, so I'll need to pack a few things..." I lied. He frowned. "When will I see you again?" He asked obviously unsure. I hesitated. "Ask my class mate, her name's Zekara..." I said. I rushed to my room to pack some things. My father looked at Zekara.
I quickly packed several pairs of my tanktops, several pairs of my stretch pants, a few skirts and a few pairs of mini shorts, a few pairs of torn pants and fishnets tights of an array of colors. I packed my savuku m father gave me for my most recent birthday. I tucked my blow dart from my eighth birthday into the sleeve of my leather jacket. I turned around and grabbed a plastic bag and tucked in a few pairs of earrings and my ear cuffs. I tossed in two pairs of my fingerless gloves also. I grabbed my purse and tucked in my cell phone, ID, and about $50. I looked over at my bed, grabbed my stuffed animal of an elephant, my blanket with henna hand designs embroidered in red upon a yellow base, and my small pillow with tigers all over it and packed these into the suitcase. I sighed. I rushed out.

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When Karma went to her room I turned to her father, "you know don't u?"
"Yes. Does she really have to go?" He asked in a sad voice. "I'm afraid so, bu she will be able to come back during the school times when she has learned to protect herself." I sighed. 'If only we didn't hav sents.' I thought. "At least she will be able to come back home one day." "Don't worry she will." With that Karma came rushing out of her room.

Anastacia *gaining love* Asbury | 7757 comments "We ready?" I asked. I smiled at my father and gave him a quick hug. "Love you dad," I whispered. He kissed my forehead. "Love you too, duhitr," my father whispered. I smiled and walked towards the door waving. When we left the apartment room I glared at Zekara. "If you ever tell anyone I have a soft side I will find you and kill you."

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"U already know where I am. I doubt u could kill me. We all got a soft side. And I'm as quiet as a church mouse." I sai with my hands up in a Joking manner.

Anastacia *gaining love* Asbury | 7757 comments I smirked evilly. "If you say so. So how long while it be until we're there...and will we have to go through more mythical beasts?"

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"Well it won't be long and u do know a lot about mythology and u actually be leave me instead of going all are u crazy on me."

Anastacia *gaining love* Asbury | 7757 comments I shrugged. "I've known I was different from all the others. I need a reason and you gave me one," I said simply.

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"Well that explains it. Anyways we are here. Camp is just over that hill."

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