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Leonardo Noto (leonardonoto) | 17 comments FYI:

The Life of a Colonial Fugitive

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An historical thriller based in the American Revolution. Young Jonathan E. Lee is falsely accused of heinous war crimes by his treacherous regimental commander! Jonathan is forced to flee the colonies to save his neck from the hangman's noose, fighting his way across a stormy Atlantic and then joining a mercenary army that is deploying to warring Siam, a kingdom that is squirming under the iron-fist of a madman.

Greetings! I am Dr. Leonardo Noto, a former military battalion surgeon. The idea for "The Life of a Colonial Fugitive" was born out of my passion for American military history and my enthusiasm for the sport of muay Thai (Thai boxing). While training in a Thai boxing camp during the days and working on a novel based in the American Revolution during the nights, I noticed that Thai history during the 1780s was as turbulent as the American history of the period. After two years of detailed research, including nearly forty references, "The Life of a Colonial Fugitive" was born. I hope that you enjoy reading my novel as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Dr. Leonardo Noto

Please visit my blog, "The Health and Medical Blog with a Personality," at www.leonardonoto.com. Thanks for reading!

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