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message 1: by Ken (last edited Nov 17, 2013 11:30AM) (new)

Ken (kensamcampo) | 5 comments Name: Brenden Aaron Cote
Game Name: Bren220
Age: 16


Weapon(Sword, Spear, Mace): Sword

Abilities: - good with football
- persuasion
- fighting
- wrestling
- defense

Personality: Brenden is kind and caring. He is smart. He is outgoing. He is fierce. He will not go down without a fight. He loves to make friends, but he does not have many.

History as a player: Brenden began to play the game when he was 11. Since then his character has grown and he is much better at the game than he was when he began. He often sees his sister's character in the game, but they never actually do anything around each other. Brenden also sees both his crush's character in the game at times and Leyla's crush's character in the game sometimes.

Crush: Alana Davis (Game Name- Daote. Alana decided to make this her name after hanging around Brenden a lot. It became their "nickname" when they were together. It later became Alana's log in name for the game. She started the guild Daote and since then it has been her and Brenden's guild. Alana is 16 years old. )

Guild: Daote

Other: Brother of Leyla. Son of David and Angelica. Anyone may make Brenden's crush into a character.

message 2: by Ken (new)

Ken (kensamcampo) | 5 comments I hate it when my laptop does double post

message 3: by Diź (last edited Nov 22, 2013 11:17PM) (new)

Diź (dimal) Name: Tempest
Title: Sword Dancer
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Level: 78


Friendly, likes to fight, hates people who think they are better than him and has a dark realistic outlook on life. Loves making friends and rivals to better challenge his skills in a friendly sparring way. He's very sarcastic and may come off as rude at time, but he's also nice, when he needs to be and is always helpful to his friends or allies.

History as a player
Being a gaming pro he adapted to the rules of this game faster than most also thanks to the help of a beater friend of his that sacrificed his life to save Tempest. He hates sinceless death and is enjoyinging his life in SAO, not really missing his old life. He also gained the title "Sword Dancer" because of the way he wields a sword and way he moves in a fight, like a graceful dance.

He only uses a long sword or other one-handed weapons, like daggers and knifes.

Sword appearance

• One-handed mastery
• Searching
• Listening
• Night-vision
• Battle Healing
• Tools Appraisal

Guild: Scoia'tael (Guild Master)
Crush: Not yet

Other: He prefers to play solo, but is willing to party-up with others. He works as an adventurer and merc, doing "odd jobs" for other players for a fee.

message 4: by Danual (aka pikmin100xx) (last edited Nov 18, 2013 12:06PM) (new)

Danual (aka pikmin100xx) | 2 comments Name:Danual


Appearance: http://s559.photobucket.com/user/Lege...

Weapon(Sword, Spear, Mace):Sword

One handed skil
Enamly decetson
sheld less defens

Personality:Altho he is mostly seen has some how is shy he is actly a fun person how can get awoun with just about any one

History as a player:He came into the game cures to see how games are now played being a pro gamer he already new how to do most things from playing a lot of rpgs and mmos


Other:Like to work with peple to help them get some were in a game but will get realy ticked off if the queston you ask him is realy oves

message 5: by [deleted user] (last edited Nov 18, 2013 02:15PM) (new)

Name: Jakk Winters
Age: 19
Appearance: http://moe.animecharactersdatabase.co...
Eye color: http://24.media.tumblr.com/458162deb0...
Weapon: Sword

One-handed skill master
Wind attack

Personality: He is very pessimistic and usually angry and quiet. He can be very flirtatious with girls and is a calm guy most of the time. He loves to be alone but can stand being with friends.

History: He has stayed on the game for weeks on end playing and training. He lost his family as a child and now tries to stay in his room with the game. He has hoped to one day beat it and get the ultimate prize.

Level: 37

Guild: Solo but hangs around with guilds from time to time

Crush: open

Other: He hates being vulnerable and in the open. Also he loves to challenge people and be the center of attention and gets very angry when people start to talk about personal lives

message 6: by Saber (last edited Nov 24, 2013 04:18PM) (new)

Saber (sailorsaber) Name: Hunter

Age: 20


Weapon(Sword, Spear, Mace): Sword

Abilities:Equipment Appraisal
Tool Appraisal
Slash weapon Forging
Thrust Weapon Forging
light Metal Armor Forging
Metal Refining
Familiar Communication
one Handed Straight Sword
Blade Trowing

Personality: He a bigger strong man who most people are afraid of. Everyone thought he is in a gang but all he does on his free time in play video games. He very care, loving, and outgoing but people say other thing that is why he doesn't have any friends in the real world. He makes friends in games because he knows some of the people in the game doesn't judge how people look. He's loving to animal and loves looking nature time to time.

History as a player: He played many games in his life time. He started this one when it first came out. He gained many level and skills. He want to beat the game and have the Unique Skill called Holy Sword. He's a beast tamer but doesn't have a Beast yet.

Level: 93
Crush: None
Guild: Solo Player

message 7: by Diź (last edited Nov 25, 2013 07:24PM) (new)

Diź (dimal) Name: Crow
Title: Gwynbleidd
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Level: 95



• One-handed master
• Medicine Mixing
• Searching
• Tracking
• Listening
• Detection
• Night-vision
• Sprint
• Battle healing
• Parry
• Flash - unique (can teleport, distance and speed gets better with higher level)

He's quiet, quick thinking and flirtatious. He loves reading and when he's not working he's either training his skills or sleeping, usually with some random girl. He's very sarcastic and has a great since of humor.

History as a player
Most of his past is unknown to all, besides his only friend, Tempest. He gained the title Gwynbleidd when he single handedly won a team tournament on his own. Ranking him among the top 5 fastest characters in the game. He has a unique skill called "Flash" it is a skill given only to players who have been dubbed as one of the fastest characters in the game.

Guild: None

Crush: none (might open later)

Other: He doesn't go easy on anyone, if they attack him he'll go for the kill without warning and hates people who bother him.

message 8: by Diź (new)

Diź (dimal) Waiting to be accepted -.-

message 9: by Diź (new)

Diź (dimal) Lol no prob bro!

message 10: by Diź (new)

Diź (dimal) Cool, well dont let me stop ya! continue

message 11: by Reiko (new)

Reiko  (reikohitomi) Name: Rio Kotomi

Age: 17


Weapon(Sword, Spear, Mace):

-> Tracking (view spoiler)
-> Listening (view spoiler)
-> Night Vision (view spoiler)
-> One-handed Straight Sword (view spoiler)
-> Blade Throwing (view spoiler)
-> Emergency Recovery
-> Detection (view spoiler)
-> Battle Healing (view spoiler)

He's a quiet person and is solo mainly because of his character that most cannot take. Rio isn't shy and is very bold in that case but he does not show it unless necessary. Rio likes to keep to himself but when someone is in need, he is kind and helpful to them for only that moment.

History as a player:
He's always a solo player and Rio climbs up the floors easily, defeating bosses because of his knowledge as a beta player before this. Rio doesn't really have a history because he doesn't like to create one and stays at a very low profile all the time.


Level - 78

message 12: by Ben (new)

Ben | 4 comments name: Leo Silver
age: 19
appearance: Longish blond hair, blue eyes, about 6'2", decent muscles, probably the palest person you will ever meet
-brass knuckles (secondary)
-long crystal rapier (primary)

-loot bonus
-light armor
-unarmed/brass knuckles
personality: Leo is independant. He doesn't work with people unless necessary, and when he does, he prefers to be a leader. He does have a soft spot for underdogs, and when he has extra loot, he often goes to lower floors to donate to the n00bs. He is cautious and knows his limits despite going to high level areas to train. Understands the importance of the "strategic retreat"
history as a player
crush: to be determined
other: Was friends with a beta-tester irl. Because of this he knows the basics of the game and a few tips and tricks.

message 13: by Ben (new)

Ben | 4 comments can i use brass knuckles? plz?

message 14: by Maveric (new)

Maveric | 167 comments name:Zephyr Xeny



appearance: short ruffled black hair, dark gleaming eyes, usually happy grin, tall, average build, always wears a pitch black robe, skin a shadowy cream

weapons: a single broadsword, 1 foot wide with a width of 2 inches, length-6'4", pure black sword with slight grey embroidery, embroidery runs down the length of the sword, hilt expand to form a dome on it's side facing the side of attack, wielded in both hands.

-loot bonus
-night vision
-battle healing
-emergency recovery
-leather equipment
-fighting spirit
-two handed straight sword
-darkness blade
-slicing shadows
-corruption blast
-snake bit
-armor pierce

personality:he is a cheery fellow that is often seen as a guardian angel as he would leap into fights to help anyone who needed it, he trains on higher levels but usually gets the last kill bonus from lower levels when they go to fight the bosses, he is seen fighting on the front lines but doesn't go to any strategy meetings, sometimes he purposely got his health into the red zone to level his battle healing for when he truly needed it, he is frequently seen giving his spare materials/money/food/items/crystals to lower leveled players that he had recently saved, he has also interrupted a couple duels to make sure neither player died.

crush:a women named Tina.

Other:his blade is coated in a toxin so that when he makes a single cut the toxin will find it's way to your blood at which point it travels to your eyes temporarily blinding them. his girlfriend Tina was a beta tester that made it to floor 97 in the original version before everything went wacko but was unable to join him for this game because of works previous arrangements.he joined a guild called "the angels" which was run by a player named Zenaru Zeltru, it has 151 members, he was given the ranking of angel of darkness which was a high ranking position, all members show they are part of the guild by wearing wing-shaped cloaks colored in association with their respective positions, Zephyr received a black wing-shaped cape with each wing reaching an arms length away.

message 15: by Maveric (new)

Maveric | 167 comments does mine seem acceptable?

message 16: by Maveric (new)

Maveric | 167 comments when i say he got the ranking 'Angel of Darkness', that would also be his title. just saying to clear any suspicions.

message 17: by Maveric (new)

Maveric | 167 comments i forgot the abilities
-crushing blow
-blackened blade
-sliding shadows
and last but not least
-hidden tutoring

Raven Stormcaller (shadowfire638) | 98 comments Name: Charles Bekket
Game Name: Shadowfire638
Age: 19
Appearance: (Game) In-game Charles has mid length brown hair and stunning blue eyes. He stands at just under six feet tall. He weighs in at 150 lbs exactly. He wears light armor suited for moving fast. His armor is a dark blue-purple color and he is distinguished by his dragon designed shoulder armor. (Out of game) looks the same except he wears black jeans, a white tee shirt, and a black hoodie
Weapons: long, lightweight sword with a dragon etched into the blade. Also has a Greek styled short sword. (Also may I have throwing knives?)
Abilities: Agile, able to land multiple strikes in quick succession. Is exceptional at evasion and remaining undetected. Also a great climber and free-runner
Personality: Charles is shy most of the time but gets more energetic as he gets to know people. Fights for his friends even if that means taking a fatal hit for them. His loyalty is one of his best features. He is also very stubborn, which is arguably one of his worst traits at times.
History: Charles was never good with people, and spent a lot of time playing video games. When sword art online came out he immediately got it. He spends all of his time in the game, working towards completing the game, but also got sidetracked working and aiding others. He now stays in a tavern, searching for others to continue on his journey with.
Crush: NA
Guild: NA
Other: NA

message 19: by Drax (last edited Mar 15, 2014 08:37AM) (new)

Drax RavenKnight (draxhollowknight) Name: Sōdo Umareru
Nickname: So
Title: The Living Sword
Age: 18

Gender: Male

Replace the blue with purple.

Personality: Trapped in his ways as a pro MMORPG player, So tends to just enjoy the game when fighting, and deals with his sorrow later in the night, while he's alone. This paints him as a crazily obsessed player, only concerned with leveling and winning. Maybe he is a little snapped, but, in truth, he's completely aware of the situation, but, at the same time, half of him never wants it to end. SAO seems to be the only joy he's had in awhile. which saddens him.

History: So was a pro gamer for much of his adolescent life, and it still hasn't left him. Other than that, he's completely ordinary, aside from his personality of being nearly psychotic when it comes to fighting. He doesn't speak of his history much, but he comes from an abusive household, and that's all anyone ever will know.

Guild: Solo Player, currently.

Crush: Open

Level: Unknown.

All of So's abilities are offensive, and devastatingly powerful. He's fast and strong, and favors the one-handed sword, with no shield. His abilities, in specific, are a mystery. However, he is an expert, and knows how to counter many playing styles. A tank, in simple terms.

Other: He has a thing for purple. It's easy on the eyes, and soothes him. Also, he thinks it makes incredibly appealing clothing, for ANY situation. His skill charge color is purple, and so is his armor trim.

message 20: by Matthew (new)

Matthew Peper (seathethescaleless) | 2 comments Name:UNDER CONSTRUCTION
Game Name:


Weapon(Sword, Spear, Mace):

Abilities: -


History as a player:




message 21: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (katekid) Name: Sorro Tamagami
Game Name: Long Shot

Age: 17



~ Enhanced Hearing (He acquired these after defeating a strong enemy in a dark forest.)
~ Enhanced Aim (He received that after defeating one creature that could move faster than light itself along with going and heightening his level by training.))
~ Enhanced Perception (With both of these above, it increased this stat to where it was now part of his abilities tab.)
((He takes an increase of these three because he sacrificed one of his other senses, seeing.))
~ Running
~ Stealth
~ He can mimic voices and other animal sounds. He can throw his voice, but can't throw it to far.

Personality: He's very reserved but loves to have some fun. He doesn't like talking about his disabilities or his real life because it was bad. So he isn't one that whines all the time. He is head strong and will always do what's right even if it will risk hi life. He helps his group members whenever they are in need.

History as player: He was just like all the other players when the announcement went off, telling them that they were now stuck in the world until they defeated the final boss. He didn't know what to think, what to believe, what to do. So he did what everyone else did but some, he started fighting his way, gaining levels, trying to get to the top. Though, some players didn't gain their levels by killing the creatures but by killing people instead. He got away before they could end him but lost most of his eyesight. He walks around now with a blindfold over his two burned out eyes. With this though, he gained more experience with his perception and his hearing because his site states went down to where they could not be fixed. He's now the only blind player, and he's one of the bests.

Crush: Open

Guild: NA

message 22: by Oreo (last edited Mar 12, 2014 07:13PM) (new)

Oreo (smore_oreo) All characters are APPROVED

message 23: by [deleted user] (new)

Name: Eren Hiroto Yeager
Age: 18

Appearance: http://img-cache.cdn.gaiaonline.com/2...

Weapon: Sword

-Detective mode
-Dual Wielding
-Health regen

Personality: Eren is quiet, calm, and collected. He almost never let's his guard down. He is determined to stay on the front lines and get everyone out of SAO. Being a beater doesn't affect him much emotionally despite the constant abuse. He is loyal to no end and is afraid of loving anyone, even his friends.

History: Eren played as a beta tester and made it half as far as Kirito, only because he got bored. He played during the official release, and got trapped. He did kendo and martial arts outside of SAO, making him a formidable foe to all. He also played MMO RPGS before SAO, like Ever quest and World of Warcraft. He would always level up faster and try harder than every other player. He soon reached the top leaderboards of each.

Level: 50

Guild: None

Crush: Open, reluctantly

Other: He only uses broadswords with one hand, no exceptions.

message 24: by Oreo (new)

Oreo (smore_oreo) APPROVED

message 25: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Drax wrote: "Name: Sōdo Umareru
Nickname: So
Title: The Living Sword
Age: 18

Gender: Male


Replace the blue with purple.

Personality: Trapped in his ways as a pro MMORPG player, So tends to just ..."

Is it okay for Tomako to have a crush on him?

message 26: by Drax (last edited Mar 15, 2014 08:23AM) (new)

Drax RavenKnight (draxhollowknight) It's cool.

message 27: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Cool :)

message 28: by [deleted user] (new)

You guys wanna rp?

message 29: by Ken (new)

Ken (kensamcampo) | 5 comments I'm up for it soon, but i have something important to do

Raven Stormcaller (shadowfire638) | 98 comments Name: Corbin Adams

Game Name: Rag1ng Maraud3r

Age: 15

Appearance: dark brown hair and dark green eyes. Medium build. In game he wears lightweight plate armor and gauntlets out of game he wears casual clothes.

Weapons: Roman gladius and a katana

Abilities: great close range fighter. Practiced roman sword technique, kendo, and many forms of martial arts before the game. Also a great cook

Personality: Corbin is fun and energetic. He often moves around because he hates sitting still and doing nothing. He is very upbeat and often tries to be comedy relief

History: Corbin was a gargantuan nerd even before SAO. He played card games and board games and video games. He spent a lot of time gaming and cooking. He mostly took care of himself since his parents were always busy with work. He was at the store buying SAO as soon as it came out and started right away.

Crush: NA

Other: NA

message 31: by [deleted user] (new)

Want to RP?

message 32: by Maveric (new)

Maveric | 167 comments when do you want to rp?

message 33: by Dragon (new)

Dragon Master | 3 comments Name:Leo Droon
Nickname:The Red Dragon
Weapon:Sword Of The Flame Dragon
Weapon Info:The sword can be only applied if killing the flame dragon.It is only one sword in the entire game.This gives bonus skills like:after effect flame damage.Having bonus speed and agility.Also having a skill called dragons rage which makes the character have slits in the eye like a Dragon and boosting all skills by 20% but only last for 10 seconds and slowly drains health.
Character feats:He has bright red messy hair that goes down to his eyes and since obtaining the dragon sword has has given him thick slits in the eye.His armor is like a jacket that is made out of the dragon scales his paints are the same except looks tight his shoes are dark red not containing dragon scales.
Character personality:He is very quick to make decisions.Though he fights hard to protect the innocent but does it A's cruelly as he can which makes him sort of an anti hero.
History:before Sao he always wanted to be a super hero ever since he was a kid he ways see thoughts shows but he would always screw it up like when trying to help someone he would injure the other person to bad.But now in sao he doesn't need to worry and kind of likes it.He's earned his nick name by being cruel and terrifying and for how his red eyes and hair gives him a stare that could terrify a Dragon.He's always been a up close and personal person.

message 34: by Maveric (new)

Maveric | 167 comments hello

message 35: by Dragon (new)

Dragon Master | 3 comments Forgot to put that his age is 18

message 36: by Dragon (new)

Dragon Master | 3 comments His level is 86

message 37: by Maveric (new)

Maveric | 167 comments *whistles*

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