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message 1: by Drax (new)

Drax RavenKnight (draxhollowknight) Drax is here!

message 2: by Ken (last edited Nov 17, 2013 11:10AM) (new)

Ken (kensamcampo) | 5 comments Oli is here and ready to play

message 3: by Diź (new)

Diź (dimal) Yo yo, Apex in da houws :)

message 4: by Saber (new)

Saber (sailorsaber) Hi, I'm Ivy!!

message 5: by ArcaneSage (new)

ArcaneSage 117 (arcansage117) Hey mate, ArcaneSage here :)

Danual (aka pikmin100xx) | 2 comments the names pikmin am a big fan of the show

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

Hey I'm jakk winters guys

message 8: by Saber (new)

Saber (sailorsaber) Apex can my new character be the vice leader of Social'Tael?

message 9: by Diź (new)

Diź (dimal) :) sure, post it in the topic and i'll edit mine

message 10: by James (new)

James Loftus I am James John Loftus author of Celtic Blood

I have a Giveaway on Now!



message 11: by James (new)

James Loftus None taken I am just trying to connect with young adult males who I believe will really enjoy my story because it is fast paced and full of combat.

I myself am an ex boxer and Karate champion so am a very realistic writer of fighting.

Hope you don't mind me dropping in to trying & reach the cool kids.

message 12: by James (new)

James Loftus Thanks you champion.

Also my book has strong supernatural themes so it isn't for the faint hearted.

message 13: by Diź (new)

Diź (dimal) Hey guys I just edited the Scoia'tael guild "roster" under the topic: list of guilds, check it out and id love some feed back. XD

Raven Stormcaller (shadowfire638) | 98 comments Hey guys, names Corbin, glad to be in your group!

message 15: by Reiko (new)

Reiko  (reikohitomi) Hi! I'm Clairene (: Nice to meet you!

message 16: by Reiko (new)

Reiko  (reikohitomi) Thanks^^

message 17: by Reiko (new)

Reiko  (reikohitomi) Absolutely love Kirito :D Btw, I'll create my character later today because its 2.25am here at my time :p

message 18: by Reiko (new)

Reiko  (reikohitomi) Haha(:

message 19: by Reiko (new)

Reiko  (reikohitomi) Mind adding me as a friend?

message 20: by Reiko (new)

Reiko  (reikohitomi) o.o that was fast! *grins*

message 21: by Reiko (new)

Reiko  (reikohitomi) ^^ I shan't spam this anymore. See ya in a few hours time for my character (:

message 22: by Raven (new)

Raven (Kawa808) | 88 comments Hello! My name is Raven!

message 23: by [deleted user] (new)

Hiya guys, I'm Kate.

message 24: by Raven (new)

Raven (Kawa808) | 88 comments Hola Kate :D

message 25: by [deleted user] (new)

Holla Raven XD

message 26: by Diź (new)

Diź (dimal) Welcome to the group girls!

message 27: by [deleted user] (new)

Apex, I'm not really new here, you know,me :3

message 28: by Diź (new)

Diź (dimal) I know that K-chan :p

message 29: by [deleted user] (new)

Hehehe :3 yup, wanna RP? Yuki is in the forest with Jakk and Ivy.

message 30: by Diź (new)

Diź (dimal) Sure

message 31: by [deleted user] (new)


message 32: by Raven (new)

Raven (Kawa808) | 88 comments Can my character party up with anyone who is on the first floor ;___;

message 33: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (katekid) Hello, I go by many names Kate/Kat/Katniss. I watched this show with my friend in one night when we had a sleepover and it was awesome!

message 34: by Ilsa (new)

Ilsa (eruaistaniel) Soy Ilsa.

Raven Stormcaller (shadowfire638) | 98 comments Hi!

message 36: by Ilsa (new)

Ilsa (eruaistaniel) Howzit?

Raven Stormcaller (shadowfire638) | 98 comments Pretty awesome, and yourself?

message 38: by Ilsa (new)

Ilsa (eruaistaniel) Really great!

Raven Stormcaller (shadowfire638) | 98 comments That's good

message 40: by Ilsa (new)

Ilsa (eruaistaniel) How is life?

Raven Stormcaller (shadowfire638) | 98 comments Pretty good, you?

message 42: by Ilsa (new)

Ilsa (eruaistaniel) Same. It is pretty annoying. 'Maintenance.

Raven Stormcaller (shadowfire638) | 98 comments Maintenance?

message 44: by Ilsa (new)

Ilsa (eruaistaniel) Gr was down.

Raven Stormcaller (shadowfire638) | 98 comments Ohhhhh

message 46: by Ilsa (new)

Ilsa (eruaistaniel) Uh huh!

Raven Stormcaller (shadowfire638) | 98 comments Okay. Yeah I didn't notice that it went down

message 48: by Ilsa (new)

Ilsa (eruaistaniel) Lol.

Raven Stormcaller (shadowfire638) | 98 comments Yeah

message 50: by Ilsa (new)

Ilsa (eruaistaniel) How's life?

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