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That catch your attention?

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I love all of them!

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Are we doing doubles because there's two that I really want to do if you don't mind that too much.

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#1 & #3

Could I be the Male for #3 and Female for #1?

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You first please

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Would you make your characters first?

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{Name}Angelina Kingston

{Personality} Angelina is a very talented painter and singer who loves to be expressive and talk about her oppinion. She's loving,loyal and very outgoing when she gets the time to be.
{Background} Raised in a family that expects the best for their "Little Angel" but don't realize she has her oppinion about what is best for herself but being selfless she goes with what her parents want.

{Name}Brandon Morissey
{Personality} Brandon is very loving, family oriented,and helpful. Unlike his brother he stayed home to pursue his teaching degree.
{Background} Grew up with his brother and developed a close relationship with him after all the years they spent being rivals

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Angelina Kingston is just your ordinary 21 year old girl beautiful, talented, and expressive. One night while her fiance Bryan Reynolds went to work she decided to drive out to this cafe down town. The cafe was always open and the neon lights always attracted her attention when she was driving past it. It was called, Ray's great food and she often doubted it because she's never heard of the place other than by passing it on the road. With that she got out of her car and walked into the very clean looking cafe. Once she was in she was very happy to see that she was the only customer at the moment. She moved to sit at the counter and waited for a waiter to take her order.
Brandon Morissey got a phone call from the hospital when his niece was born and decided that it would be best to go see her with her mother. Sadly he hadn't met his future sister in law until this day because he was very busy with his schooling that he couldn't afford going to see them much before his brother went to the army so he could earn more money for his kids and future wife. "Here we go Brandon. Don't blow it." He told himself before getting out of his car and heading into the hospital. Once in he texted his mother to get him and take him to Holly and the baby. That didn't take very long and when they walked into the room he smiled at Holly. "Hello Holly, I've heard so much about you. I'm Brandon, Joe's older brother."

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