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Ikr! And ya Id live to!

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Could we do 2 &7 with doubles (Great ideas by the way I had trouble picking just one) If we could I prefer girl on 7 and guy on 2 if that's ok.

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Then rather do 9 & 10?

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Ya totally, so charries?

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(Sorry had to leave gr for a little bit, I'll do them now)

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{{Full name: Trinity Grace Johnson
{{Any Nicknames:

{{Birthday: April 1st
{{Age: 16

{{Gender: Female

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~✿ ~ ♥ ~ ✿~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

{{Personality: Trinity is the most outgoing and ditzy person you will ever meet, and people love her for it. She's incredibly likeable and has tons of friends that she's gathered over the years. She has many friends, but not many know who she truly is. She comes off as outgoing, and she is, but she can also be very shy and insecure. She has major trust issues, but once she's attached her self to you, she has trouble letting go.

•Seen as a leader
•Can be convincing
•People don't tend to question her

•Trust issues
•Keeps her real problems bottled up

Trinity is the definition of beautiful, she could honestly get any guy she'd ever want. She's just incredibly attractive, and no one would disagree.

{{Hair Color: (Natural) Platinum Blonde
{{Hair Style: To her butt, and wavy
{{Eye Color: Piercing blue
{{Skin Tone: Lightly tanned
{{Clothing Style: Very in-trend, girly
{{Height: 5 3'
{{Weight: 121lb.
{{Any tattoos, scars, marks (etc.): A tattoo on the small of her back of a butterfly that she got without her parents knowing, and a belly button piercing.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~✿ ~ ♥ ~ ✿~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Trinity has always grown up in a very loving and supportive family. She has 5 sisters and all of them are like best friends. When she was 8 her mom wanted another kid, so she had one, their first boy, but he soon died a year later, they were defistated. Two years after, their mom and dad began to fight, and soon enough a divorcee was upon them. Her and all her older sisters moved in with her mom and she hasn't talked to her dad since. Just last year at 15 her aunt and her 2 boys moved in, paying rent. This has completely changed her life, as her cousins are way over-protective,especially if a boys over, even if it's just her best friend. And it's even worse, because it's only her and the twins at home, the oldest four have already left for collage. Her mom also just started dating a man named David Track, that Trinity's not exactly keen about.
(Rosie Johnson) {Mother(44)-Alive}
(Daniel Johnson) {Father(45)-Alive}
(Emma Johnson) {Sister(23)-Alive}
(Demetria Johnson) {Sister(21)-Alive}
(Angel Johnson) {Sister(20)-Alive}
(Sophie Johnson) {Sister(18)-Alive}
(Chloe Johnson) {Sister(18)-Alive}
(Samuel Johnson) {Brother(1)-Deceased}
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~✿ ~ ♥ ~ ✿~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
{{Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Alexander Smith


{{Full name: Tyler Spears

{{Any Nicknames: Ty

{{Birthday: December 7th
{{Age: 18

{{Gender: Male

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~✿ ~ ♥ ~ ✿~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Tyler is a very "Go with the flow" type person. Whatever life throws at him, he throws it back harder. He is one of the most mentally strong people you will ever meet, and you'll never catch him having self pity. His motto is "Optimism is key"
•Being optimistic
•Can make friends quite easily
•Makes the people around him feel happier
•Has little to no sympathy
•Can be blunt and rude at times

Tyler would defanity be considered attractive, and it's true. He has something about him that makes you want to smile.
{{Hair Color: Light brown
{{Hair Style: Longer, kinda just everywhere
{{Eye Color: Dark brown
{{Skin Tone: Pretty deeply tanned
{{Clothing Style: Casual, the "I don't care" look
{{Height: 6 0'
{{Weight: 175lb.
{{Any tattoos, scars, marks ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~✿ ~ ♥ ~ ✿~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Tyler was the first and last born, he's an only child, and so his parents are constantly focused on him and only help him, there's no one else to help. So 2 years ago when a baby shows up on his doorstep, he figures it was from the incident 9 months ago, his parents are more than happy to help.
(Paul Spears) {Father(45)-Alive}
(Elena Spears) {Mother(43)-Alive}
(Simon Spears) {Son(2)-Alive}

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~✿ ~ ♥ ~ ✿~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
{{Boyfriend/Girlfriend: None

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No problem||

(Something you should know, I do an ootd almost everyday, so here's what she wearing: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/13933080... )
Trinity smiled walking up to the school beaming from ear to ear, her heels clicking on the concrete and her platinum blonde hair sparkling in the sun. She sees her boyfriend and rushes over to him, imeditaly he grabs her waist pulling her into a kiss which quickly turns into full on making out, nobody even turns a head, everyone knows they're going out and it's certainly not the first time they've done it. And also like the other times, she has to grab his hands and remind him that they're in public, even though he never cares.
(OOTD: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/31131139... )

Tyler smiles at his mom and dad as he straps his son into his seat. Thankfully, they support him money wise, but that means they have to work and he had to go to school, so Simon has to stay at the day care. He hops in his car after strapping Simon in and drives to the nursery, listening to the music and giggles of he son, he can't help but smile to himself.

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Trinity eventually pulled away with a sigh, "I have to get to class." She whispers. "No stay" He tells her back, grabbing on to her arm. She just pulls away and runs away towards her locker, running straight into Tyler. "Oh my gosh I'm so sorry!!" She says not realizing who it was, and leaned down to pick up the things she had made him drop.

(Hey, I'm really sorry btw. When I made my charrie I couldn't remember your guy's name and I just named mine Tyler, I didn't mean to copy. I'll change his name to Brett-not right now though because I'm on mobile :/ ))

Brett took his little boy out of his car seat, smiling to himself, he was already falling asleep. He walked in with a smile, greeting the front desk lady. "Hello Miss. Grace!" He says kindly to her, his southern accent distinct. "Hello Brett, how's the little toot doing." He gives off a small laugh. "He's great Miss. Grace."

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Brett realized he forgot something in his kids baby bag, after dropping him off he was walking back to his car digging through the baby bag, which ment he didn't see it when he ran into a girl at the front door. "I'm so sorry!" He says dropping his bag.

"Omg Tyler!" She exclaims realizing who it was, and pulled him into a bear hug. "How's life? Where were you just now? I wanted to say hi, but I didn't see you in the court yard.." She rambles.

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Brett put his hand on her shoulder, "No, like I'm I'm really sorry, I need to watch where I'm going, but you know I've just been under a heck of a lot of stress." He admits apologetically, running out the door.

She rolls her eyes. "Ohh you know him and eye, we do that all the time, I really wouldn't have minded if you said hi." She tells him honestly and stands up, it's almost embarrassing, her heels make her almost not even an inch shorter than him, a big difference from normal.

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Brett ran back in making sure his kid was ok, he looked up and gave an award winning smile at the girl he'd just run into. "I'm Brett by the way."

She crossed her arms and gave him a smirk. "Tyler, you seem almost jealous!" She says teasing him, and giving him a light shove,

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"Likewise" He says, flashing her a crooked smile and ruffling Simon's hair.

She giggled and gave him a light punch on his arm and turned to her locker to get her supplies out for chemistry, having to stand on her tip-toes since she has a top locker.

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"Yeah, Simon." He says with a smile looking down at him. "That yours?" He asks motioning to the little girl on the floor.

She quickly grabs her stuff and heads over to meet Tyler at his locker. "Come on Tyler, we only have 2 minutes, Ms. Chapman is gonna kill us if were late, especially since it'll be the third time!" She exclaims with a giggle.

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"She's precious" He says honestly looking down at the little toddler.

She laughs and jumps into the door right as the bell rings. "Not late!" She exclaims as the teacher gives her a scowl, but she just laughs it off and sits in her seat.

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"Sure is.." He said beaming, "Well I have to get to school, wouldn't wanna be tardy!" He exclaims.

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"Alright see you around" He exclaims giving her a polite wave and walking to his car sliding in and turning his music up pretty loud.

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((How do you want to get them to meet up again?))

Trinity face palms "Oh my gosh, Tyler! I totally forgot about the homework last night!" She exclaims frustrated. The teacher turned around, obviously eased topping. "What was that? Didn't do your homework, again!?" She exclaims and Trinity shrugs.

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Trinity just sighed and shrugged. "Oh well it won't be the first time.

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After school Brett climbed in his car and cruised down to the daycare to pick up Simon.

((Maybe skip to lunch or something g where there's more freedom to talk and stuff?))

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As he got out of his car he saw the same girl he'd seen that morning so he gave a friendly wave. "Hey" he tells her as he casually walks over to her, a goofy grin on his face. "You were the girl I saw this morning right?" He asks friendly like.

Trinity walked hand in hand to lunch with her boyfriend and as they approached the lunch table he lifted her up underneath her butt and set her on the lunch table bench. He gripped her hips and pulled her forcefully toward him kissing her hard, luckily for them the school didn't have big rules about PDA, but Trinity still pulled back and whispered to him. "Honey we're in public" "You think I care?" He grunted back. "Now make out with me or you'll pay for it later!" He snaps at her under his breath, trying not to let anyone else hear. She quickly squashes her body against his and kisses him deeply, even letting him grab her in uncomfortable places in fear she'd have to "pay for it later."

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Brett smiled at her and laughed "Awesome!" He says enthusiastically as he starts to make his way inside, opening the day-care door and smiling at the the desk manager.

Trinity comes up for air. "Ben really..." She pleads. "Shut up Trinity!" He snaps at her and leans in to kiss her again. "Ben..." She pleads again leaning away from the kiss. He gets angered at this and squeezes her arm hard enough for pain to show in her eyes but for anyone looking on I'd just look like a compassionate squeeze. "Ben...ow..ben" She squeals in pain. "If you don't want that than make out with me!" He demands again. "Ben I'm hungry!" She pleads yet again. "Then taste me!" He yells at her and kisses her hard pulling her up onto his lap and slowly slipping his hand up the front if her shirt. "Ben!" She whispers angrily. "What nobody's looking" he tells her and smashes her face against his before she can talk again and tightly, painfully grips her stomach to keep her to keep kissing him.

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