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Enclave (Razorland, #1)
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Becky (beckycolcord) I'm opening a discussion board in the Razorland Series! First, we have Enclave, followed by Outpost, and then Horde.EnclaveOutpostHorde.

If you've read one or all or are simply curious, let the discussions begin!

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Becky (beckycolcord) I've read up on the potential love triangle between Stalker and Fade.

Which do you prefer and why?

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Tyler (trogers) | 6 comments I almost started this series but was curious to know more about it. After reading several postive reviews I was ready to dive in when I saw your proposed discusssion. I'm glad you mentioned the possible love triangle because I have to admit, I cannot stand them. I don't mind romance as long as it doesnt take away from the plot. Without too many spoilers, how much a L.T are talking? Hunger Games type, carefully done where the protagonist doesnt actually admit they cant decide or is it full on, good heavens just pick one and keep the story going!!

Thanks for any insight you can provide.

Becky (beckycolcord) It was barely even noticeable. I hardly felt that there was going to continue to be one after the first book. But then again, it's the first book. To my knowledge, it's not even close to the Hunger Games, but others may disagree. I'm not one for love triangles either, but this one I could tolerate.

Without spoiling anything, I will admit this: there is too much of a clear winner to really have a love triangle. If you're an attentive, not blind, normal person, you'd see the clear winner.

My advice is this "love triangle" shouldn't get in the way of the novel itself. It's too good a read for it to intervene. Hope you consider it!

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Tyler (trogers) | 6 comments Sounds good. Thank you for the advice and I will add it to my "must read" list.

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