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Did they even read the book?
Jaime Jaime Nov 15, 2013 08:51AM
Okay, the reaction to the new film, The Book Thief has many asking if the film-makers actually read the book? The movie is awful and downplays the horror of the Nazi regime. Also, having a British actor narrate as the character of death does not work at all. I could not understand how such a great book was made into such a bad movie. This movie reminds me of other awful films based on great books.

the book in general didn't really, IMHO, emphasize the horrors of the Nazi regime - while I liked it, I didn't love it for that reason...there was really only the one scene (view spoiler) where I think the author tried to address it, but even then, it just showed how the towns people really did nothing

deleted member Nov 18, 2013 08:48AM   0 votes
The book itself isn't about the horrors of the Nazi regime so I don't understand that criticism. And why does the British voice not work? What accent would?

Feliks (last edited Nov 18, 2013 02:15PM ) Nov 18, 2013 02:14PM   0 votes
Bwaha ahaaha a aha a aha aha

Fools! How many times have I told you, don't trust that bunch of sly, slimy, sniveling bunch of poltroons out there on the west coast! They haven't got the guts or the competence necessary to adapt anyone's favorite book into an adequate movie, these days. You place your faith in them at your own risk!

Did you honestly expect it to live up to the book? I knew it wouldn't.

I really hated this book and I'm not surprised at all that the movie sucks.

i liked the book, movies never do justice to a book. have not seen the ads for the movie yet.

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