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message 1: by Lorraine (new)

Lorraine Taylor (lorraineT) | 6 comments Hi all! I'm looking for dark fiction authors to feature on the Dark Souls page of my blog. Writers must be published with dark material (horror, thriller, suspense.) No YA or romance stories.
If you're interested please fill in the form on the Contact Me page of my blog so I have all entries in one place. When I receive your form, I'll email you a set of questions and request your picture, a picture of your latest novel, a short bio and links to your website, facebook etc.
I'll look forward to hearing from you :)

message 2: by Patrick (new)

Patrick Zac | 48 comments Thank you Lorraine, I sent you an email as you instructed. Please feel free to check out my Goodreads profile and my website. All my work is on display in full for free:


I look forward to hearing from you!

message 3: by Patrick (new)

Patrick Rutigliano | 136 comments Sent and thanks.

message 4: by Justin (new)

Justin (justinbienvenue) | 2849 comments Just filled it out

message 5: by Adam (new)

Adam Light (goodreadscomadamlight) | 964 comments My novel isn't finished but I recently self published a short story collection. Is that good for you?

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