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Would you rather live in Divergent, or The Hunger Games?

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Lrubin I personally would live in Divergent (I would totally be in Amity);)

Molly Waites I would be Amity in the Divergent world, or District 4 in the Hunger Games world

Abbeygail Abella I would rather live in Divergent. I mean guys, srsly. I think Divergent is better than Hunger Games. And btw, I would be Dauntless. ;)

Sammie Jurdy Divergent definetly. At least you have a chance to survive. Hunger games is like impossible....and I would be dautless so yeah. :P

Lectora Compulsiva I personnaly like The Hunger Games more, but... I don't think that I would preffer live in a society having to participate in the Hunger Games itself. :D

Bipasha{is eviscerated by fiction} both...depends where i belong in both places...in divergent, definitely erudite...in hunger games...district 1/capitol(what? i like luxury, not so fand of dying?!!!)
personally i prefer divergent, it is more organized and people and not a hellish gallows like panem!


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May Divergent. I would be Amity or Erudite.
I don't really want to live in a world were you could end up in a game to the death. I mean what if I was in the games? I don't want to die...

Reyhaneh Divergent. I would be in Amity and I would be a painter there.

Solangie I would be Abnegation according to the Faction Quiz in Divergent, but District 1 on The Hunger Games. I have read both books and love them dearly, but I can't decide.

ʟ ᴀ ᴜ ʀ ᴀ I absolutley LOVE both books!!! So District Four in The Hunger Games, and Erudite if they weren't totally evil, and if they were, I would be Dauntless!!!

Samiha Azim Divergent! Neither world is appealing to live in, but there's a higher chance I'll starve or be picked for the Games in the Hunger Games. I would never pick Dauntless though, I would probably die trying to get on the train. Either Erudite or Amity :)

Kirstin I'm no fan of Divergent, but I think it's safer to live in Roth's dystopian Chicago than in Panem. I would be in Dauntless not just because I think it's the coolest of all factions, but because I really am dauntless. I like Erudite as well, though I can never be intelligent enough for their standards. If I were in Panem, however, I'd choose to be in District 2.

Mackenzie Divergent, and I would probably be...Amity.


Binari Divergent simply because I value my life :)

Gabss A MF Divergent by far


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Lila Divergent (duh!) at least you have a chance to survive! I would so be an Amity BTW! :)

Breanna Divergent! I love the hunger Games but I would be too scared to be picked as tribute

Aline Of course divergent! my life would be safe and i don't have to worry whether tomorrow i still able to breath or lay inside a coffin.
But i think it's fun to throw a spear to another tribute :D

Destiny Lynn Divergent hands down.. If you choose Hunger Games, you're just crazy.

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I like the Hunger Games trilogy more than the Divergent Trilogy, but I would definitely rather live in the Divergent world.

Mitch Holmes Duh Divergent. I wanna be dauntless!

April I would live in the Divergent world and I took the test online and I would definitely be Amity and I think that would be great :)

SHINY♥ I would want to live in the Divergent World.

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Elif Yz Divergent world love the factions i would ant to be dauntless but i wish i was divergent because then life just got better ;)

Lauren Divergent as a Divergent
District 12 as a Victor in the Hunger Games

Angel Divergent because at least there would be a chance to survive.

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Sarah Divergent.... probably because you could actually survive...

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Sarah Divergent.... probably because you could actually survive...

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K.C. Divergent. Because I would most likely be in Amity and have a chance of survival. If I was chosen for the Hunger Games I would die within the first few minutes.

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The Hunger Games, no doubt about it.

SprinkleSomeSunshine Your Day Today❤ Quick question: if either book was how you were raised, **then** what would you choose?

Lrubin Powla wrote: "Quick question: if either book was how you were raised, **then** what would you choose?"

Yeah, amusing you were born and died in that book...

Cassidy Divergent- I would be Erudite.

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Jane Horner Totally Divergent. I would love to be Dauntless but would probably be Erudite or Amity.

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Ruth Divergent

Gretchen I would choose Divergent and be Erudite. But if i lived in the Hunger Games, I would live in the capital.

Claire Divergent.
Because duh, Divergent I personally hink is a better series!

I would live in the Divergent world as a Divergent Dauntless member!

Rosella The divergent world would probably be the safer except prior to the events which take place in the book. Also for those of you saying that you'd want to be divergent or a victor, do you really want to go through the danger which either have to face?

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I would, because it would mean I would end up doing something in the dystopian world that would help people.

Coolgirl2000 divergent would probably be safer so yeah. and though i would love to be dauntless i wouldnt be able to handle the violence so amity.

Maggie Divergent.

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Nour Asa'd Divergent, and I'd love to be Dauntless

Brittany No question, living in Divergent would be way better than living in Hunger Games. While I would like being Dauntless, I think I would end up in Erudite (obviously not with the bad Erudite though...)


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Renae Richardson It is my belief that most people would probably prefer to live in a divergent world. The divergent world most mirrors a class system where people are separated into strata based on personality traits or proclivities rather than economic ones or racial ones. I think most would not find it too hard to exist in such a world as it closely resembles our current one.We tend to gravitate and form close connections and ties to those who are most like us.

I tend to think it would be harder to survive in a society that resembles that of the hunger games. Many will also say that our current society has components of this as well. Trivializing the essence of life, and subjugating the the human populace to death games to keep people under subjection seems so barbaric to me.

The fact that people are hungry because there are a group of people who esteem themselves better or higher than others is really sad. They gorge themselves incessantly on food and consumerism at the expense of others.This is a society that is at its core heartless.

Most have no choice. You are doomed by circumstance. Every year you live with a fear that you may be sacrificed in efforts to stifle freedom but maintain oppression.

In a divergent world at least you are free to choose. Even those who are divergent whom threaten the status quo are still free to choose. That is the crux of freedom no matter what oppressive system one may find themselves under. That is the freedom to choose.

Casey Divergent and according to the faction quizzes I've taken, I'd be Amity

Petya Divergent because I personally think it was a cool way of living. Having different factions and when you are sixteen you choose one. It would have been great.
I personally would have chosen to be a Dauntless because I love adrenaline and extreme stuff.

Jessica Ummmmmmm......... neither. Why on earth would you want to live in a dystopian world?

Michelle I would definitely rather be in Divergent then the Hunger Games

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