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Lisa Greer I have a question. So, is the implicit idea here that Michael O'Meara was the one who disfigured his wife (since we know that he survived and his twin did not... possibly by his own doing)? That Lee Roy Sears did NOT disfigure her?? What do you all think?

Lynne Lowe I just finished the book. I thought that Michael might be the one that disfigured his wife, BUT Lee Roy did make references to Gina during that final fight between the two men. As if he knew what had happened. Also remember, Michael didn't know he had a twin. Just weird feelings/memories that he couldn't explain. I couldn't believe that his mother, and later his sister keeping such important, life-changing information from him. It was a great story, I want to know what happened to the boys down the line. It's a shame that Michael doesn't seem to think they need mental help. Sadly, they are going to grow up being evil killers like Lee Roy. I can just feel it. I wish more people would make comments about the book.

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