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message 1: by SerA (new)

SerA Mo (saramoazamian) where is our vote?!!!?!!

message 2: by Hamideh (new)

Hamideh Mohammadi (hamide) PURE FREEDOM in Iran is nothing but a delusion! Now we're enthusiastically waiting to see for how long this stability will endure!

message 3: by Mansor (new)

Mansor Pooyan (wwwgoodreadscommansor-pooyan) | 23 comments What happened in Iran was not an election, it was a coup d'état. The international community needs to acknowledge it and not accept Ahmadinejad as the legitimate president of Iran!
The EU unanimously condemned violence and repression against opposition protesters. Ominously, it seems the Iranian regime is making headway against the people's Velvet Revolution. A strategy of intensification on crackdown combined with arrests of opposition figures, who could give coherence to the protest, is being followed.

message 4: by Mansor (new)

Mansor Pooyan (wwwgoodreadscommansor-pooyan) | 23 comments Iran is being rocked by violent clashes today (Wednesday:24/June/09) as demonstrators defied their Supreme Leader's warnings of 'bloodshed'. In the south of the city Tehran defiant protestors today torched a building used by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s backers.

message 5: by Mansor (new)

Mansor Pooyan (wwwgoodreadscommansor-pooyan) | 23 comments The situation in Iran is now critical. There will be arbitrary arrests and excessive use of force. Iran can never be the same again because of the up-risings we witnessed within the last two weeks. Now people are directly rejecting Khamenei and challenging his legitimacy.
The reformist opposition figures mobilized millions and raised expectations in the first place, and now it is time they live up to the expectations of their supporters.

message 6: by Mansor (new)

Mansor Pooyan (wwwgoodreadscommansor-pooyan) | 23 comments When a gunshot rang out and Neda collapsed, amid blood bubbling up through her mouth, her last words were: "I am burning". This is what all Iranians are feeling right now!
People of Iran with preparation to pay heavily for their audacity will rise soon as phoenix from the ashes again.

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