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message 1: by Eva (new)

Eva Etzioni-Halevy | 6 comments Is biblical fiction taking too many liberties with the Bible, or can it be faithful to the Bible while adding a legitimate interpretation to it?

As I am an author of novels about women in the Bible, my view is clear, but what is yours?

Eva Etzioni-Halevy

message 2: by Misha (new)

Misha Crews (mishacrews) | 4 comments Hi Eva,

Personally, I think it's very legitimate, from both an artistic and an historical perspective. Stories in the Bible are echoed throughout every society on the Earth. Taking a character or piece of those stories and making them your own is in the grand tradition of storytelling through the ages!

In other words, go for it! :)


message 3: by Eva (new)

Eva Etzioni-Halevy | 6 comments Dear Misha,

Thank you so much for your encouraging message.

I am writing novels about women in the Bible, and it is wonderful to get support from another woman author!

What is you own area of creativity?


message 4: by Misha (new)

Misha Crews (mishacrews) | 4 comments You are so welcome, my friend! I will check out your website as soon as possible.

I write "timeless tales of heart and home." :) My first novel was published last year, the second one is coming out sometime around Thanksgiving. Here's my website: www.mishacrews.com. I also just posted an old short story of mine on my profile. Check it out if you have a chance!

Have a great 4th, and keep us updated on how your book is going!

message 5: by Sharon (new)

Sharon (scpennington) | 16 comments "Lurked" in on your conversation and visited both websites. Hope you don't mind. Both sites are very well done, nice use of color and design, easily navigated and informative. Excellent cover art.

Good luck to you both.


message 6: by Eva (new)

Eva Etzioni-Halevy | 6 comments Dear Sharon,

On the contrary: thanks for visiting my website.

Misha, I visited yours and I agree with Sharon: it is beautifully done and I wish you much success with your books!


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