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This is where we can talk about our characters...obviously

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hmm ill b Sierra, a popular,mean,rich girl (if were doing a high school/drama roleplay thing)

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Well, I am thinking I will start a folder for roleplaying, but this was for character structure from anyhthing you are writing.

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ohhh okay

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lol.i forgot about role playing at first...but i added a folder for it just now

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lol kay

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♫Krista♫ (kristabobista) =D

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i repeat...random smileys

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Tia Todd StJohn (firedancer) | 96 comments -.-

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Musical♥Writer (musicalwriter) | 323 comments Mod
I love making my characters and spend a lot of time thinking about who they are: there names, there interests, there enemys, etc ♥♥♥

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characters are the best part of a story! its fun being able to put them with whatever personality you want them to can even make them similar to people you actually know

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Yeah! I do that sometimes...!

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I did that in "...And Then I Died". The main characters that save the day are 2 of my best friends and the evil person (murderer) is someone who gets on my nerves at my old school.

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