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Jessi ((I hope this is ok... if it is, great thanks. If not, well, um. Sorry?))

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Abigale walked in line with all the other girls. Her heart pounding.

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Jessi ((Yes, well, um there are no uniforms, but you can have one. if you want))

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Jessi Lucy sat on her new bed, which was freshly made. Her luggage was right next to her, and she opened it up, to go put all the stuff away, when something caught her eye. It was a picture of her parents and her and her twin brother, Alex. They were all smiling and laughing. Tears welled up in her eyes.
Just then, someone knocked on the door and came in. She looked up, and saw her Alex standing in the doorway. She turned away quickly, then thrust the picture back in her bag. Blinking her eyes rapidly, she turned back to face him. He was looking around.
"Nice, who's your roommate?" Alex asked, looking back at Lucy. She shrugged, and began taking out clothes and belongings.

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Abigale opened the door to number 17. She looked across the hall, a boy was standing in the front of it. She walked inside her room. She decided she need at least one new friend. She marched across the hallway to Drom #18. The boy was still in the door way. Abigale knocked on the wall.

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((YOu don't know me, this is the beginning of the school year))

Abigale knocked again on the wall, wondering if the boy would move, she wanted to introduce herself.

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"Eh hemm" Abigale cleared her throught. She was standing behind the boy blocking the entrance to Dorm #18.

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Abigale was unsaticfied with the response. She turned around and went back into her dorm.

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((You are dorm #16, I am #17 so you aren't my room mate.))

Abigale turned around to see Krista, her best friend since Kidergarten! "HEY chicca! I didn't see you all summer!"

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"I know!" Abigale hugged Krista.

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Abigale smiled and said, "You and I have to catch up!"

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"It's interesting."

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Abigale smiled. "It's like so strange, in most boarding schools it's UNIFORMS! THis one has guys and girls mingling and dressing in their own style. But it has alot of downs sides too." Abigale explained.

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Abigale looked over at dorm #18, the boy was still there.

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Abigale smiled and turned back to Krista.

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((Okay I am dorm 17, katie is with her bf, and so the other person played by Jesi, idk if they have one))

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((oF COARSE! haha))

Abigale asked Krista, "What is your dorm number?"

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"NO WAY! Dorm 17!" Abigale was so excited!

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"This might actully be a fun year afterall!" Abigale squealed.

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"Let's go unpack!"

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Abigale walked into the room. She choose a bed at random and she then started unpacking her suticase.

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Abigale was done quickly.

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((i am keeping same charrie))

Kat was new and just got to her new school

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Nick was standing at his locker and looked around, bored. he then got out his cellphone, started texting, then headed to the library.

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Kat needed to get a book to read in her time she had she went to the library

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Nick hopped on the computer to do some research for his history class.

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Kat went to the History section to look for a good book

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Nick couldn't find anything so he had to go to the history section to get his research.

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Kat saw Nick and then went back to looking

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Nick found what he wanted then went to check out. Once he was checked out, he went back to his dorm room.

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Kat couldnt find anything she decided to just leave

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Nick stopped before he got to his dorm. He ran back to the library, forgetting his notes from other books. On his way back, he bumped into kat. He appologized, explaining he was in a hurry.

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"its fine"she said

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((sure, but Mackenzy is also his sister. oh well i'll make mackenzy a younger age and not his sister))

"Again, i'm sorry." he said, before walking into the library

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"its fine"she said"hey do you know any good books"

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"Yes. You could always read Wuthering Heights. Or Romeo and Juliet" he said. "I heard Romeo and Juliet is our next assignment for English"

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"Romeo and Juliet it is then"she said as they walked back into the library

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(only a kids dreams, his parents fighting about his grades. lol jk sounds kewl)

"I'll help you find it" he said. He knew where every classic book was in the library. He loved the classic books.
Nick grabbed romeo and juliet for Kat. "Here you go" he said. Once he gave the book to her, he ran and got his papers. He waited for Kat to check out.

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"thanks"she said she checked out and walked out with Nick

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Nick rolled his eyes. "See you later, Kat. My mom is mad at me, yet again." he said.
Nick rushed to the office. "Yes, mom?" he said when he got there.

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"Bye"she said walking back to her dorm

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Nick glared at Kaite, warning her to shut up.
"I've been working my hardest, and I barely get any sleep now. I'VE BEEN GETTING STRAIGHT A's" he said. This was the twentieth time in the past school year. He was getting really annoyed, especially when he's been getting straight a's all year.

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Kat knocked on the door the priciple was suppost to tell her where her dorm was

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Nick glanced over the paper. "Mom, I think you need glasses. These are Kaite's grades" he said. He knew his grades. He has kept a record of them from every report card. ((go along with this!!))

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Kat knocked on the door again

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((you really suck right now kaitlyn))
"Clearly, I can read and you can't." he said. He looked back at the paper in his hands. It clearly said Torrez, Kaite. He asked his dad is it read what he said it read and his dad agreed. ((i get straight a's in real, come on PLZ!!!))

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"hi the principle is suppost to tell me where my dorm is"Kat said

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Nick showed his mother again. He clearly showed her that they where Kaite's grades, not his. She agreed.

"Nick, I mistook you. It's Kaite who needs you tutoring" mom said.

Nick looked over at his sister and smirked. She set it up so their parents thought HE had the bad grades and she didn't. Then Nick saw Kat and smiled , but it being more of a kind smile then anything

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Kat smiled back

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