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message 1: by Ruth (new)

Ruth | 6 comments A few years ago a read a cute book about a man that inherited (i think) a tobacco company and what happened when he went with popular opinion and stopped making cigarettes. The results were disaster for the economy the government etc.. does anyone remember the title of this book and author?
Thanks Ruth

message 2: by April (new)

April Ardito (sera1231) Could it be "Smoke Screen" by Kyle Mills?

Through a series of unwanted promotions, Trevor Barnett has become the lead spokesman for the tobacco industry-just as a two-hundred-billion-dollar lawsuit is about to bankrupt it. Now, Big Tobacco is going on the offensive-and Trevor is caught in the crossfire.

message 3: by April (new)

April Ardito (sera1231) A better description from Amazon.com:

With this sixth novel in as many years (following last year's Sphere of Influence), Mills departs from his usual suspense thriller format of mass murder, conspiracy and terrorist threat. What he presents instead is a timely and chilling tale hinging on the power of Big Tobacco to bring the American government and economy to a standstill. Trevor Barnett, 32, is heir to a giant tobacco conglomerate called Terra. He is also a lazy ne'er-do-well who works for the company only because his trust payments are tied to his employment in the tobacco industry. He knows cigarette smoking kills people, but doesn't really care, believing that smokers have the right to make their own decisions. The tobacco industry is about to lose a $250-billion class-action lawsuit, a judgment the industry cannot appeal. Such a ruling will permanently bankrupt all of the tobacco companies, and Terra's ruthless CEO, Paul Trainer, is not about to let that happen. After making some snappy and irreverent comments at a board meeting, Trevor suddenly and unwillingly finds himself spearheading a tobacco offensive that shakes the nation. Big Tobacco closes all its plants and recalls all its tobacco products in a clever game of chicken, facing down the courts, Congress, the White House and the antismoking lobby. The result is a catastrophic loss of tax revenue and political donations, and an angry population of smoking voters who want their cigarettes back. The novel's plot is carefully crafted and original, filled with corporate and political intrigue, treachery, betrayal and the complex backroom deals that keep big companies humming along. With a refreshing lack of sanctimony, Mills turns the tobacco wars into grist for an absorbing business thriller.

message 4: by Ruth (new)

Ruth | 6 comments thank you so much that is the book i was trying to remember thanks again Ruth

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