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message 1: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy i'll leave you guys to this one. try to get your songs edited before you put them on here though!!!

message 2: by Sunny (new)

Sunny D (partygirl123) | 86 comments Mod

message 3: by Bianca (new)

Bianca (otakuninja) ok i really hate this music but actually i like 4 songs. pokerface, just dance, disturbia, and right round.

message 4: by Bianca (new)

Bianca (otakuninja) is that even hip hop...or pop

message 5: by Bianca (new)

Bianca (otakuninja) well i only like right round. and lady gaga is pretty good but i dont really like messages. i just like those 2 and then disturbia. but mostly i like that stuff like what the fray makes.

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