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Them! (Gordon Douglas 1954)

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message 1: by Phillip (last edited Jun 10, 2009 01:01AM) (new)

Phillip Them! (Gordon Douglas)

I put this in the player about half an hour ago. It opens really well, that little girl they find in the desert reminds me of the little girl in Aliens...and later when she loses it as her memory of Them! is awakened....nice.

And there's all that Hollywood talent swimming around in the desert in sand storms armed with machine guns, bazookas, and flame throwers (didn't that whole burning of the queen's chamber also remind you of Aliens when Sigourney takes out the queen's nest?). There's James Arness, James Whitmore, and Edmund Gwenn! There are Joshua trees in groves, sand dunes and hella big ants that look like they were made at the local community center. Good times, kids...

message 2: by Alex DeLarge (new)

Alex DeLarge | 342 comments Mod
I loved this film as a kid but haven't seen it in years! Did this version have the title THEM! in red while the rest of the film is in B&W?

message 3: by Phillip (last edited Jun 10, 2009 09:36AM) (new)

Phillip Yeah....big bright title letters in red. I was worried for a second it had been colorized.....

I recommend folks go back and have a look at this one. I saw a lot of scenes that would seem to have profound influence on David Lynch and the first two Alien flicks...

message 4: by Phillip (last edited Jun 10, 2009 04:27PM) (new)

Phillip I grew up less than an hour's drive from the Mojave desert so these films have a special place in the ol' dad and I spent a lot of time out there and both my parents requested I put their ashes to rest there. I visit that place at least once a year, and yes: it looks great on film.

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