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Eclipse Rehearsals in August, Filming in September

Acting411 has some new info on the schedule of Eclipse, including news that rehearsals will begin in August and filming in late September–

Rehearsals are tentatively slated to begin August, 2009 with actual filming starting in late September, 2009. The release date for Eclipse has been announced as Wednesday, June 30, 2010.

Roles Currently Casting:

Leah Clearwater: Female, 19 years of age. Seth’s big sister, and the only female member of La Push wolf pack: “She is tall and slender with beautiful skin and short cropped black hair. She would be considered gorgeous if not for the perpetual scowl she carries due to a broken heart and her anger issues.”

Seth Clearwater: Male, 15-16 years of age is a “tall, gangly-limbed boy with a huge, happy grin, Seth idolizes Jacob.” Black hair, lean muscle type, think swimmer type body.

Riley: Male 19-21. Good looking, blond, clean-cut, muscular college guy who falls victim to Victoria. He’s in his early to mid 20s and Riley was a newborn that was created by Victoria to act as the leader of her recently formed newborn army. He accompanies Victoria in her attempt to murder Bella Swan.

Maria: Female mid-20’s, Hispanic, petite figure, brunette, dark eyes with a soft and musical voice. Maria looks for humans that she could turn to vampires to create a “newborn army”.

Bree: 14-17, beautiful, 5′1″ - 5′3″, short dark hair, fair skin. Has a high pitched shrill scream. She is one of the newborn army who ravaged Seattle, killing many with her fellows under the guise of a serial killer.

Royce King II: Male, late 20’s, out-spoken, comes from wealthy family. He was a human who lived during the time of the Great Depression. He was engaged to Rosalie Hale for a short period of time.

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What I would give to have a role...*sigh*

message 3: by Arabella (new)

Arabella (arabelladelune) Wow, I'd love to audtion, but I guess I could only fit the part of Bree.

message 4: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (rachel-g) ha I don't think I could fit any of those. Not that I would try out anyway, but it would be cool I guess. I wonder how many girls they get who just want to be part of it

message 5: by Michelle (new)

Michelle (michellerobins) i could do leah if i felt like it, cuz ive been told i can pass for 19, which scares me, but i'd epically fail at it, lol

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Hundreds a day probably make it to the auditions, hundreds, of Actresses with porfolio's and prior credits.

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It sucks not being able to act. It plays in a lot of areas.

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♥BookGeek♥ (bookn) | 781 comments I know someone that has been asked to audition for Eclispe for Bree and in Breaking Dawn for Renesmee. I'm so jealous! I'd love to act in movies so bad!!

message 9: by Asia (new)

Asia | 5 comments I could fit bree...I want her part!!!! and perfect, I'm gonna be in vancouver before august

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