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Abigle wandered the hall, looking for trouble. Hoping it would come crawling to her like some poor, lonely, begger. At least it would make her life some what less boring.

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Criss was walking the hall not really wanting to be there. He wished his mom would of let him stayed home and played his drums. So know he was just going have to bear this out.

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Abgale screamed, "ANYONE THERE! HELLO! I'M NOT SUPPOSED TO BE OUT HERE!" She stopped yelling and sat on a bench, waiting. She didn't move, she just listened to her voice echo throuh the halls.

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Abigale kicked her legs back and forth. She really needed some friends, some that she could talk too. She sighed, all of the girls were idiots, and all the guys ignored her. She was doomed to a life of lonelyess.

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"Did i hear someone yell?" Criss asked turning around, seeing a girl.

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"YUP I DID!" Abigale shouted.

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"Oh." Criss laughed. "Why?"

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(right here)

"My name?,"Abigale smiled. "Abigale, Abligale Dashwood"

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"Hi Abigale" Criss said.

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Abigale smiled again. "Hi!" she paused, "umm, your name?"

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"I'm Criss."

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He smiled. "Hi Katie."

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"Hi Criss." Abigale smiled. Then she turned to Katie, "Yea. I know who you are, I have been going to the same schools as you ever since third grade, but I don't really expect you to remember me."

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"Well look at it this way Katie," Abigale paused, "You learn something new everyday."

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"I don't want to be here." Criss admitted.

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"Nor do I, but you can't fight your parents! They are like the dictators of lives!"

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"I'm fine." He answered Katie. Then turned to Abigale. "They really are! My mom freaks out when i play my drums to much."

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"It's like out lives are our own! Let us live them!"

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Criss looked down. "I have english."

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Abigale laughed. "I am supposed to be in english but I don't care."

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Criss laughed. "I don't care."

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Abigale watched as Katie hurried off.

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"I think she likes school a little to much." Criss laughed.

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Abigale nodded her head and laughed along

((brb, dinner))

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"Hey Katie." Criss said.

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"Where are you going now?" He asked, walking by her.

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"Hey, Katie."

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Criss looked behind him. "Hi Abigale."

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"Hey Criss!"

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"What is up with the dude stuff?" She asked Katie, then she leaned into Criss and whispered to him, "I think Katie like you!" Then Abigale laughed.

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Criss blushed. "No.."

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"Yeah" Abigale said loud enough for only Criss to hear. "Then she whispered to him, "You like her back don't you!" Abigale folded her arms.

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"No!" He said to fast.

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Abigale huffed and began to walk away. She thought to herslef he is just another boy who likes the same girl as everyone else. Just the populars. She sighed.

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Abigale turned around to see the most popular boy in the school giving Katie a kiss. She slowed her walk. take that criss! That'll teach you to like the most popular girl she thought.

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Criss stopped Abigale. "I really don't like her! I just meant her!"

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Abigale lied quickly "Well it's not like I cared. Like her if you want, you'll just get your heart broken, everyboy does, poor Nicholas doesn't know what's coming!"

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Criss shook his head. "I don't like her. I don't even know if she likes me as a friend. Believe me."

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"I DO NOT" Abigale yelled after Katie!

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"I am so confused." Criss said.

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"Whatever Katie" Abigale blushed and began to run off.

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Criss grabbed Abigale before she ran off. "Are you okay?"

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Abigale's face was red when she stopped. She took a seat by the bench and tried to keep from crying. She took deep breaths and thought about how much she hated the public. This cheered her up a little, but the tears still wanted to come.

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"Whoa Abigale." Criss said, sitting next to her. "Don't cry. She didn't mean. I know you don't like me."

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Abigale stood up, wiped a tear that had broken through her carefully masked facade and smiled. It was fake and she hoped Criss knew that. She like him, but she wouldn't admit it. She knew that if she did Katie would tease her forever, and she wouldn't let that happen. Withought a word Abigale stormed off.

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Abigale smiled at the text. She sent back if you wanted to be friends then you wouldn't have said that

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Criss sat there confused. He did like Abigale and he didn't like to see her hurt.

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As Abigale roamed the halls as she had earlier, she was lucky enough to run into a teacher. "What are you doing out of class young lady?" She squaked. Abigale smiled and answered, "I think that all of the teachers aren't properly teaching, now I know they can't teach us on a one on one basis, but lecturing us about algebra when it is spanish class is pathetic! I am filing a complaint to the principal." The teacher stared in disbelief, nodded her head and squaked again, "Carry on."

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Criss walked to class. He hoped Abigale would be in his class so they could talk.

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