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Pitfalls of distant learning

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Minnie | 2 comments Hi Bevt
I'm a distance learning student with a slight advantage, the university where I'm studying is right next door. So I have immediate and personal access to the professors and lecturers. However I still find it an isolated method of learning, no friends or co-students to compare notes with or even just to share a few ideas. Do you experience this as well?

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Minnie | 2 comments Hi Bevt
I'm doing my MPhil in Bible Interpretation. This entails studying the history of interpretation of the Bible as well as doing your own interpretation. I'm studying at the faculty of Theology at Stellenbosch, but this course isn't theology. I won't be a preacher but I will be somewhat more able to interpret the bible or at least that's the intention of this course. I'm very lucky because I live here as well so I can contact the lecturers but the best of all is that I have easy access to an excellent library and wonderful librarians.

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