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Mayberry's masterful work

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Rhone While reading the first four chapters, I am quickly understanding that this is a masterpiece. I just wish Mayberry could have mentioned more of the way Son upset the balance of Valerian's household in her discussion of Tar Baby. -RF.

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Monalesia Ooh! I totally didn't even know this book existed! I love Toni Morrison's work and think it epitomizes what literary greatness is all about. (Well, Susan Sontag's work is right up there, too, but for different reasons.) Anyway, I am so going to buy Mayberry's book!

I just had to find out if Mayberry has written other interesting things, so I logged off and found an old article she wrote in 1989 for the South Atlantic Review, vol 54, No.1. The article is entitled: Symbols in the Sewer: A Symbolic Renunciation of Symbols in Richard Wrights "The Man Who Lived Underground."

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